Magento PWA – Best 7 Examples

Magento PWA Examples

The web has evolved over the years. Websites are becoming more interactive and engaging with features like rich media, video content, and live chats. It is due to the growth in mobile usage, which has caused people to spend less time on desktop computers. The next logical step for websites is Progressive Web Apps (PWA). These apps look like traditional applications but run right in your browser without needing installation or downloads.

They can be installed directly from a website’s link via an app store icon without going through an app store search process like Google Play Store or Apple App Store. These sites also have increased security because they don’t use personal data when you visit them, so no one will know that you’ve been there unless you tell them.

Magento PWA Examples

Magento PWA functionality is continuously evolving, and it’s vital that your site can keep up. Below are the latest Magento PWA examples which you may use as reference when designing a new mobile experience for visitors. Firstly, let’s get started with the PWA definition!

I. What is PWA?

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are a cross between web pages and mobile apps.

A Progressive Online App, as you may know, is a web app that uses web capabilities (HTML, CSS, Javascript) to create a superb user experience that resembles native apps. PWAs may be used in the same way as native apps, including having an icon on the home screen, a splash page (after starting the app), a full-screen display, push notifications, and so on.

All PWAs must meet three key requirements: they must be fast (respond to user inputs almost instantaneously), dependable (operate in bad network circumstances), and engaging (deliver smooth app-like experience).

II. Why Should We Apply PWA In Magento?

Magento consumers have been quite interested in Progressive Web App integration, especially since the advent of Magento 2 PWA Studio. Three main reasons to switch your website to Magento PWA are listed below:

  • Enhanced mobile user experience: Installing the PWA on a user’s mobile device is simple and requires no download, but that’s just the beginning of amazing features like offline mode (access the app even if your Internet connection is lost), background sync (defer actions until the network connection is stable), and other app-like features.
  • Compared to native apps, development and maintenance costs are lower: Native apps need the development of two independent apps (one for iOS and one for Android), double the time and effort required for app development and maintenance. A single codebase, on the other hand, is required to construct a PWA that can operate on every operating system.
  • PWA in Magento isn’t just a hot trend; it’s the way applications will be in the future: Many Magento businesses have used this technology and have seen a huge increase in mobile user happiness, as well as more.

Find more benefits of Progressive Web App for Magento e-commerce stores here.

2. Why Should We Apply PWA In Magento?

III. Top 7 Magento PWA Examples

The below examples give you insights into making the right decision for your business growth. Here, it would help if you took your PWA development seriously to see significant changes in your business approach.

1. Eleganza

As a fashion retailer, Eleganza has always been committed to delivering the best experience possible for customers. With mobile shopping becoming more popular than ever before and with brick-and-mortar stores only making up 10% of their sales online due to this trend. They must find new ways to shop on your website or search for Italian online tutors or apps rather than just visiting via laptop screen alone.

Eleganza was running an older Magento 1 store with support for four languages. Seeing as the end of life on this engine has come near, they counted on newer PWA technology to transform their mobile shopping experience. The new site developed by Team Experius surely didn’t disappoint.

2. Peter Jackson

The jeweler Peter Jackson found themselves in a similar problem as Eleganza when they too had an aging Magento 1 store that couldn’t keep up with the demands of their customers.

The company’s main concern was to provide a fast and welcoming experience for its users. They used eight seconds as an average load time on the site, which caused frustration among customers because of how quickly people are leaving websites that don’t work well or look good enough – though wayfinding wasn’t up to snuff when it came down to user-friendliness either.

All this is no longer a problem with their new Magento PWA site developed by everyone. The clever filtering methods and fast loading time make it easy to navigate for customers who want a product quickly without having too many options open at once – leading them down the right path faster than ever before.

3. Benecos

Benecos is the go-to for eco-friendly makeup that combines glamorous “conventional” cosmetics with certified organic beauties. And like many emerging brands at that time who put their customers’ trust and natural materials as top priorities.

Magento PWA is a new app-like interface that offers custom features. The company was especially pleased with the redesign of their website after switching to this platform for storefronts and managing inventory, adding an improved experience not only on mobile but also on desktop computers.

3. Top 5+ Magento PWA Examples

4. Organic

Organic is a leader in the green feminine product industry, which requires creating an engaging shopping experience. They are one of few organic brands that care about sustainability and customer service so much that they can be called pioneers for their efforts on both fronts.

The new PWA-powered site now looks modern, clean, and capable of effortlessly conveying the brand’s value to various screen sizes on the market. And since products offered by this particular company are periodic, Organyc also customizes features for an even more enjoyable experience while shopping with them.

5. Whisky Barrel

The Whisky Barrel is an Edinburgh-based whisky specialist famous for their exclusive bottling and the quality of their malt, blended scotch. Due to increased demand, they faced concerns over user experience as it was not up-to-par with what customers have come accustomed to from this high-end brand due in large part because people were “not getting what [they] paid twice.”

The solution provider needed a site that not only offers the best possible experience but can also withstand peak demand. It was not an easy challenge, but they’ve risen to meet it with their latest project: Digital Six.

6. Select

Selco, the builders’ warehouse, is one of England’s most established brands. With over 68 branches nationwide and an online presence that needed to be upped by going for a modern, more advanced storefront, naturally, they turned towards Magento PWA- which has been embraced with open arms.

Selco, a leading building materials and tools provider in the UK, has just deployed an innovative new web storefront of their online store: The Selco Progressive Web App. It’s built on top Magento CE 2.3 with PWA Studio support- meaning it can be accessed through your mobile browser or even desktop if you so choose! It indeed makes them one step ahead when compared against other B2B merchants out there who don’t have such features available yet (or only partially).

7. Shop Eddies

ShopEddies has been desperately trying to find a solution that will help them manage their inventory while still providing engaging customer service. They’ve tried a number of various ways, but none of them are efficient or successful enough, so they’ve come to us for help.

Magento PWA could remedy all Shop Eddies’ past problems, and they didn’t even know it. With a newly launched storefront powered by Magento’s latest update – which is faster than ever before with its new look and feel for showcasing brand identity and optimizing checkout flows, conversion rates increase.

III. Summary

The Magento PWA is a great way to make your online store more accessible and easier for customers on the go. Whether you want to improve your mobile experience or implement new technologies like Progressive Web Apps, this article will show you how some of the greatest examples in the industry are doing it.

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