How To Fix Magento issues easily that can ruin your webstore

magento issues and how to fix

A Magento-based webstore can power a business enterprise by fulfilling its multilateral requirements. However, there can be some issues entrepreneurs or business admins may face during a normal process check or operation. These Magento issues can be detected by Magento’s support team or the organization handling the application.

Such discrepancies in the process are considered major loopholes that can impact the complete workflow of any business. Since Magento Webstore is a complete package of server, database configurations, custom code packages, and external tools and extensions, upgrading a Magento-based Webstore can be challenging at times.

Due to incompatible upgrades, the website may show error codes or process halts while performing the user-defined tasks and actions. To keep the overall performance of your Webstore up to the mark, it becomes necessary to detect or counter the Magento issues.

In this blog post, I shall help you comprehend the main Magento Webstore issues, the reasons for their occurrence, and the ways to rectify these issues.

Significant Magento Issues & Different Ways to Eliminate Them

The more customizable and scalable the Webstore you develop is, the more are the chances that it may exhibit incompatibilities. 

Let’s point out some major Magento issues that arise through the Webstore. 

1. Upgradation Incompatibilities

In an age when everyone seeks scalable applications, your eCommerce webstore can not go away from the trend. The key issue that many Magento webstores generally face is the incompatibilities caused by untimely, disordered, and complex upgrades.

Using extensions to upgrade the webstores is common. However, it depends on the type of upgrade you are indulging in. If you are only making changes in some parts of the code, it should ensure compatibility with the latest Magento version.

There are a few ways through which you can deal with the issues caused by incompatible extensions. The first of these resolutions is to find compatible extensions, functionality, testing environment, and regular analysis so you can troubleshoot the discrepancies in time.

2. Speed Issues

A common topic of discussion that has been witnessed a number of times are, why webstores developed on Magento are slow. The foremost clarification for this argument is, not all Magento webstores are slow. Also, it is not really Magento that is slow, rather they are the key factors that work along with the platform in order to develop and function a fully-fledged webstore.

The speed of a webstore developed on Magento is affected by factors like disordered configuration, caching issues, heavyweight pages, and optimization of content.

To counter speed issues, you can enable Magento Compilation function. It reduces the load time from 25 to 50%. Choosing the right hosting solution is another crucial factor that enables the organization to escape any speed-related issues on the Magento webstore.

magento issues related to website speed

3. Security Issues

Since Magento is an open-source eCommerce platform, some of its components are accessible to everyone. Those having bad intentions to harm an eCommerce platform to steal user data may hamper the security attempts in major.

Overlooking security practices on your website can lead to multiple dilemmas that can not only ruin your Webstore but may also create severe impacts on your business vision, and make your customers take legal actions against you.

When it comes to security, it becomes necessary for webstore administrators to indulge in regular monitoring and testing. Apt customization, regular maintenance, testing, and expert support to counter malfunctions are the key assets to counter issues related to Magento webstores.


4. Configuration to a New Domain

Configuring your Magento Webstore to a new domain can be a challenging task if not performed feasibly. 

There are primarily two ways through which you can configure your webstore to a new domain. The first way to do it is through the MySQL database where you can make direct changes in the core configuration of your Webstore.

It is possible to alter your old domain name to a new one. There can be a few process issues therein. To counter any of these issues, you need to keep deleting or clearing your cache for a period of regular intervals.

5. Access Denied

You may face the “access denied error” at times while trying to access a particular set of data. In such cases, there can be issues related to the roles and authentication assigned to limited users.

The first way to counter the access denied problem is by logging out and re accessing your account. You can reset the account system privileges given by your account. You need to ensure the data accessed by you has a public access authority.

Another way to counter the problem is by creating a web service account. The web service account is not the same as the admin account and provides you the authority to create new roles for you.

The objective of such resolutions is to let you alter your access authority to the one that can be authenticated or recognized by the system.

magento issues related to access

6. Integrating Blog to Your Webstore

Integrating blogs in Magento could seem problematic to a few users at times. This is because blog page integration in Magento is accomplished through custom extension, not being a default function.

Blogs help webstore outreach a larger audience and generate more revenues. To counter any issues related to the integration blog pages, you can adopt a custom extension through the Magento store.

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How Do Conflict Checkers Help?

Comprehending the need for tools to troubleshoot fundamental issues in the webstores, the platform launched an extension that would primarily analyze the complete webstore in one go. These extensions can detect Magento webstore development issues, software bugs, errors, modules, and monitoring tools.

These extensions are lightweight and user-friendly interfaces that may cost anywhere starting from $50. These code checkers will help the webstores to detect if the code is running well. If there seem to be any errors existing in the applications, they can be detected and rectified accordingly.

The conflict checkers detect and add the issues you face with the Magento webstore to the system. These issues are given resolutions through troubleshooting and a set of instructions that could be helpful in order to eliminate the loopholes that existed in the webstore.

There are detecting modules that compare a designated issue with the problems that have been tacked before through a set of processes. It is considered the most apt procedure to provide web store with the right technological resolution on the issues.

Although there is a possibility that the conflict checkers can miss a few discrepancies at times where the webstore is highly customized.


Like any other platform, Magento also exhibits a lack of perfection in a few areas of Magento eCommerce development. To detect the issues and eradicate them timely is what every aspiring business administrator seeks. Magento provides dynamic customization and security features that help businesses create robust webstores.

If there are issues that exist in multiple phases of a webstore, it may lengthen the processing time to create valuable web products for your customers using Magento. To create sustainable solutions, it is considered the best approach to keep analyzing the platform and webstore at regular intervals.

We have discussed plenty of issues in Magento web stores here in this blog post. However, it never means that Magento is less efficient than any other platform because it has many significant features that make it stand out among the best eCommerce development platforms. Also, consulting with a Magento development company can be very handy as custom Magento developers can easily pinpoint any issue or glitch that hinders the site’s functionality and start debugging it to improve the site performance. Furthermore, Magento development professionals also help identify new areas of opportunities and new features that enhance user experience and visitors retention”. 

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