Magento 2.4.2 New Release & why Magento is still the top choice of the e-commerce industry?

Magento 2.4.2 New Release

What is new in the Magento 2.4.2 New Release ?

As an online store owner or service provider, selling your product or your service online can be stressful if you are using a normal website. Normal websites are awesome if you want to promote your business but there is the disadvantage that people won’t be able to pay for the product on your website as doing so requires optimizing payment processors and shipping companies. 

The easier way is to have an e-commerce platform. E-commerce platforms come with web hosting capabilities, payment processing, cart tools, and shipping options. You can even have bulk purchasing options and stock availability. 

E-commerce offer so much but Magento offers so much more. You have a lot of benefits from using Magento. You enjoy a large and powerful platform, creative content management, mobile phone optimization, higher SEO rankings, seamless third-party integrations, security and so much more, without breaking the bank. There is just so much to do with Magento and the best part is, they are always looking to improve. 

Recently, they have made a new update and you should be super excited about it. This is particularly impressive after 2020 has been such a challenging year. 

The Magento 2.4.2 New Release & New Update

This Magento 2.4.2 new release was made from the lessons Magento has drawn from 2020, especially the fact that people had to go digital to get things done. Magento as a company is dedicated to improved e-commerce for the sake of its merchants and their customers. The new upgrade has come to boost the positive shopping experience of their merchant’s customers and by extension, their merchant’s revenue.  

This new update is quite impressive and it is just what you expect from Magento. This latest Magento version is an expert blend of both performance and security improvements. As an online shop owner and someone looking to get an e-commerce website, you can boast of giving your customers a brilliant shopping experience. 

There are new possibilities with this update for you as a store owner and you should download it now. 

Magento 2.4.2 New Release

Key Update Highlights

This update Magento 2.4.2 New Release comes with a lot of superb upgrades. The highlights of these upgrades are:

  1. It supports SameSite attribute for cookies.
  2. Compatible with Redis 6.x and elastic search 7.9.x
  3. Versatile Content now compatible with using web-optimized images 
  4. Supports Composer 2.x. 
  5. It has Adobe Stock Integration v2.1.1. 
  6. AMAZON S3 improvements are involved. This helps save cost and promotes infrastructural optimization 
  7. Cloud to assist with storage. 
  8. Upgraded PWA studio
  9. B2B purchases Upgrade
  10. Media Gallery enchantments. 
  11. And other bug fixes.  

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Why this Update Cements Magento’s like the Number One E-commerce Platform. 

Improved Security

This Magento 2.4.2 New Release comes with over 35 security fixes that close remote code execution (RCE) and cross-site scripting (XSS) problems. The most important cookies now work with SameSite. Also, harmful uploads are not prevented as file uploading functions have now been strengthened across the Magento platform. 

Improve B2B Capacity For Online Payment

This delightful new Magento 2.4.2 New Release is now compatible with online payments. Now, the purchase approval is better as payment does not need to be offline alone. There is now an option to choose from. Merchants choose from the available options of also choosing payment policy notwithstanding payment method. Buyers also benefit by using this easy payment verification procedure for all their orders. That bulk ordering is now seamless as during checkout you can make the payment online with onscreen reminders requesting your to put your payment details. 

GraphQl APIs which support B2B have now been deployed for use in the processing of online payments. There is also a purchase to pay later feature, community codes for shipping and SMS texts bearing transaction details. 

Enhanced Storefront Performance

This Magento 2.4.2 New Release comes with a new feature for the Gallery. It builds on the first gallery update which came to your first 2.4 updates of Magento. The 2.4.2 update improves the gallery by introducing new image optimization features. This feature when activated means your storefront would use a quality web- improved version of a picture. This is as opposed to using the full high-resolution image saved in the gallery. Your original image will still be intact. Your storefront would have better performance when it is rendering for your customer

This enhanced media gallery comes with state of the art privacy restrictions. This means you can define how you want your media to be accessed.

Enhance Content Management

This new Page Builder that comes with this new update brings the ability to see how your content would be like in either on any mobile device or desktop. 

Improved PWA Studio

The new and improved PWA Studio is geared towards cost reduction while improving the amount time spent on product marketing. With this new update, merchants can  have access to PWA’s studio multilingual and multi-currency compatibility. This means starting overseas websites as fast working PWAs is now speedier and easier. 

This new PWA studio update is sure to make you and your customer have a comfortable experience with Magento. 

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Product Guide

The new 2.4.2 Magento update brings to life the product guide feature. The goal of this is to help convince your customers why they should buy your product. The interesting thing about this product guide is that, it is personalized and proactive. This would help your customers and the prospective ones see the core value of your product. Your customer would even envision themselves having a certain kind of experience with the product. 

Upgrade Compatibility Tool 

This tool helps you to know what to expect in terms of compatibility with your currently installed custom modules and tools. Currently, the functions of the compatibility tool are restricted but with more to be done depending on the customer feedback

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