10+ Best Magento 2 Social Media Extensions

magento 2 social media tools

The Magento 2 platform has grown to be a foundation for management and delivery ever since its introduction in 2015. It was created specifically to ensure businesses can have a reliable eCommerce solution that provides scalability, extensibility, and flexibility. The many features offered by Magento 2 have been raved about endlessly. Among powerful extensions, we absolutely need to count to Magento 2 social media extensions. So, let’s jump down to exploring the top 10 extensions that will breathe new life into your social media. 

1. Social Login

This Magento 2 extension was created for users to login into the Magento 2 stores quickly. Downloading this extension will allow you to save your precious time by completely avoiding the processing of registration steps. Benefits commonly associated with the Social Login are: 

magento 2 social media extensions

⦁ It will gather login information from pre-existing social media networks like Instagram or Facebook, so the users don’t have to create a new account to access a third-party site. It ensures a simpler sign-up on the new site, unlike the traditional ways that take too much time. 
⦁ The extension aids in creating target market campaigns to target the right buyer and subsequently increase sales. 
⦁ Users can access the customers’ updated social media profiles as most don’t regularly update their website profiles. 
⦁ The extension will increase the number of registrations by 30%.

Free Magento 2 Social Login extension from Landofcoder:

Magento 2 Social Login extension offers a wide range of preeminent features that suit your web page. Some outstanding can be named as the number of social networks it supports, more than 15 including most popular one such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, Linkedin, Vimeo, etc. Next, comes the conversion rates improvement. This feature helps you reduce the abandonment rate and increase customer’s registration due to its rapid speed and convenience. And if customers don’t like logging in via a social network, this extension still offers conventional standard registration at the same time.

2. Shop By Brand

This Magento 2 extension is perfect for building a healthy brand-to-customer relationship easily. A shopper becomes quickly invested in brands once they have realized the brand’s quality meets their needs. Therefore, locating said brand becomes their top priority when shopping online. 

shop by brand

Hence it is always advised to allow to be within reach of their favorite brand. Benefits commonly associated with the Shop By Brand extension are:
⦁ You can generate unlimited brands with logos and names. 
⦁ The extension allows making brand search instantly possible 
⦁ You can import brands
⦁ You can include a brands page and all the products they offer 
⦁ You can improve the shopping experience 

Shop By Brand extension from Landofcoder:

Magento 2 Shop By Brand supports in creating individual & unique brand pages with brand logos, descriptions, and related products to showcase brand products separately.
In fact, customers come to their favorite brands to shop and get style inspiration regularly. Magento Shop By Brand add-on makes the brand-to-customer connection a lot smoother and well-directed by updating: not only help shoppers effectively search for their preferred brands but also bring customers more of that picked-just-for-you feeling.
Landofcoder Magento 2 Shop By Brand supports shoppers to filter products by brands & spend less time on reaching the goods they are looking for. Make the brand go viral by generating the brands’ own space which contains the description, logo, products, and image.

3. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a good medium for making sure your business is a part of the lucrative mobile marketing network. Using the Share on WhatsApp extension for social media is perfect for businesses that market and sell their products online through social media.  

Benefits commonly associated with the Share on WhatsApp extension are-
⦁ An increase in the word of mouth promotion 
⦁ You will not have to invest a lot of capital 
⦁ The WhatsApp icon can be placed underneath the product, so customers can easily share information with others. 
⦁ It is compatible with all mobile phones. 

4. Blog

Blogs are always engaging and tend to shine a fresh light on a business, thereby boosting sales! A blog could help you increase your reach and interactions as well. Benefits commonly associated with the Blog extension are-
⦁ You can boost engagement by integrating the services of DISQUS comments on different engines. 
⦁ Allows the integration of a WordPress blog on to the website 
⦁ Make the website visible to new customers through their modern SEO settings 
⦁ Can integrate a blog sitemap or the Magento sitemap.

Blog Pro for Magento 2 from Landofcoder:

Magento 2 Blog extension is an amazing option for you and your business. First of all, you can communicate with your customers more by providing them with additional or further details about the products you’re selling or to give them some tips on how to use them; therefore significantly increase the customer’s engagement with your brand.
Furthermore, the blog is also a brilliant way to express and transfers your business and marketing message to your customers, helps you to attract target customers, and boost page ranking on Google through rich content.

5. Advanced Report

Online businesses selling services or products need to track and manage them regularly. With the integration of the Advanced Report extension to their website, this tracking and management can be made easy. Benefits commonly associated with the Advanced Report extension are:
⦁ You can collect data in a customized fashion from all orders, customers, and products.  
⦁ The data is presented in the form of charts. 
⦁ All the report dashboards are android or iOS-friendly 
⦁ The data is informative and helps the business owner in making better marketing decisions. 

Magento 2 Advanced Reports from Landofcoder:

Magento 2 Advanced Reports offer sales performance status with 28+ premade reports. Get new insights over how customers utilize and get predict sales trends. Using Magento 2 custom reports extension, you will get a variety of sale reports with priceless statistical data.

6. Out of Stock

Adding the Out Of Stock extension to your website/ online store will ensure your customers are notified of a product’s unavailability. Why is this important? So your customer is made aware! The extension will get visitors to subscribe to the stock up and potential price change on the product. 

Benefits commonly associated with the Out Of Stock extension are-
⦁ The customer has control over their subscriptions 
⦁ Customers are given ‘out of stock’ and price alert notifications. The customer can also subscribe to these notifications. 
⦁ The website creator gets access to the analytics dashboard to keep track of their user behavior.   

Out of stock extension from Landofcoder:

The module assists you in notifying the customers who come to your Magento 2 store about all the changes that happen to the stock on the store including stock notification, changes in prices as well as the status of the stock.

7. Google Recaptcha

If you want to ensure your online store’s safety along with the browsers, you must install the Google reCAPTCHA extension. It creates an invisible protective barrier against bots and spams to help you enhance your user’s experience.

Benefits commonly associated with the Google reCAPTCHA extension are-
⦁ The extension can be added to any form block to reduce spam. 
⦁ Implementing it to the module will help increase conversion rates 
⦁ The extension can easily support the invisible as well as the visible captcha. 


This extension can help you cultivate a healthy customer relationship while also ensuring you manage your business status effectively. You can do so by utilizing the extension’s up-scale and cross-sale abilities that create a seamless flow of information between the Magento system and CRM. 

Benefits commonly associated with the ZOHO CRM extension are-
⦁ The extension is customizable 
⦁ You can delete product and customer records from Magento after they have been auto-deleted in ZOHO CRM. 

9. Affiliate

The affiliate extension will act as a marketing solution and is perfect for online store owners who want to manage multiple website visits. Using it will help you boost sales, obtain quality leads for superior SEO ranking, and promote your product on the internet. 

Benefits commonly associated with the Affiliate extension are-
⦁ You can easily export and import the affiliate data 
⦁ It can easily adapt with layered navigation, rewards points module, and fast checkout. 
⦁ Initiate multi-level marketing by generating affiliate campaigns with their smart referral links. 
⦁ Users can invite friends by sharing links on social media 
⦁ Multiple affiliate groups can be generated 

Affiliate extension from Landofcoder:

Free: Magento 2 Affiliate Extension Free helps you to drive more sales from your affiliate channels and let your affiliate earn money. The extension is fully responsive, fast, and easy for affiliate partners to join your program.
Pro: Magento 2 Affiliate Extension Pro creates an effective and smooth affiliate program, which might be an excellent choice that you should consider adopting for your store. With this Affiliate plus Magento 2, store owners can drive more sales for the affiliate channels and enable them to earn more money. Modern digital commerce requires a modern marketing strategy, and affiliate marketing can be considered as one of the most effective yet economical marketing strategies nowadays to any eCommerce business, especially Magento 2 business.

10. Omnisend

 It is an extension that acts as a marketing automation platform through which SMS and email channels can be integrated.

Benefits commonly associated with the Omnisend extension are-
⦁ SMS and email automation workflows: order confirmation, browse and cart abandonment, welcome and more 
⦁ Sending product recommendations 
⦁ Performance and sales reports available 
⦁ Collection on behavioral data allows the creation of an advanced subscriber list. 

11. Promotional Banner

If you want to ensure the website banner remains optimized around the holiday season, you must install the Promotional banner extension. Benefits commonly associated with the Promotional Banner extension are:

⦁ Add the holiday cheer to the website 
⦁ Availability of 15 themes that can be plugged in 
⦁ The banners can be placed on any page 

12. Layered Navigation

This extension is perfect for online sellers that sell a variety of products. Benefits commonly associated with the

Layered Navigation extension are:
⦁ Adds filters to the website for ensuring easy search of products and navigation by a user 
⦁ You can add an AJAX loading page 
⦁ Addition of a quick lookup action 

Free Layer Navigation from Landofcoder:

Magento 2 Layered Navigation Extension allows your customers to browse your product catalog comfortably and impressively. Also, our new Layered Navigation Extension can satisfy you at the very first sight with its multiple filters, ajax load and user-friendly interface.


Those mentioned above are some of the best and easiest extensions that an online seller must use. If you wonder which one would be best suited for your website, let us tell you that you must TEST THEM OUT for yourself! 


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