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Do you know? A majority of the online sites usually add on the FAQ page which stands for Frequently Asked Question. WHY? 

First, let’s have a look at its long history. In the early 1980s, an administrator working in the mail department of NASA invented an acronym “FAQ” which has become the most essential section of many websites at the moment. Are you wondering why it is so viral while there are various ways supporting customers and retailers’ communication?

Here is the answer. Initially, a well-organized FAQ pages save both buyers’ and sellers’ time when they do not have to get individual contact on basic information relating to products. Besides, it raises customer satisfaction when every client query is addressed and answered carefully. It is also extremely good for site navigation because each question can be hyper-linked to relevant products, services, sales promotion program and so forth. Furthermore, an FAQ includes many related-product keywords and content which helps to rise up ranking in search engine results. In fact, it drives more traffic to your site and converts to customers because you can turn negative questions into the positive reasonable explanation. And so many more benefits an FAQ page can bring to your online site!

Magento 2 FAQ Extension is designed to create useful, informative and SEO-friendly FAQ pages for customers easily solving all common issues. Customers now do not worry about asking and finding all the information on goods or services. 

The blog includes a list of many DISCOUNT CODES from various Magento 2 providers. You also can be equipped with great knowledge on key features that should be built in a Magento 2 FAQ Extension before coming to decisions. Let’s check it out!

Table of Discount Codes for Magento 2 FAQ Extension

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1. For Customers:

  • An automatic question form: In general, there must have a form with basic information for clients to type queries. With the LandOfCoder module, buyers can see a nice popup form that appeared on the screen with a single click on the “Ask Question” button. Moreover, you can freely change any question icons as your expectation.
  • Searching Process: It is very critical that almost Magento 2 FAQ Extension should include that is “searching for questions and answers” features. As for LandOfCoder’s product, it has got Search Box for keywords. Besides, the Ajax searching tool is integrated for the faster-seeking process. Another supporting element is “Sort Questions and Answers” into different categories. With this feature, customers can save time to focus on specific groups to look for queries or answers. 
  • Vote “Like” or “Dislike” for each question: It is optional however it is good for visitors show appreciation for previous customers who dedicated time on posting questions. Besides, admin can see which queries are favored the most to give immediate answers.
  • Display most asked questions and related questions: Some extensions do not have this function, but this really helpful if customers would like to have a look around common issues about a specific item or service before making up a final decision.
  • Appealing and neat Interface: It always should be on every page, not only FAQ. According to the Marketing Week newspaper, the store’s appearance is much more viral than customer services. With LandOfCoder’s module, FAQ page looks more organized with expand/collapse features to see long answers
  • Share to Social Networks: With LandOfCoder’s product, clients can share their posted questions to over 220 social networks from Facebook to Twitter. It is really amazing when your issues are maybe similar to others and you can get advice from previous buyers.
magento 2 extension
Magento 2 Extension with endless features for you to explore

2.For admins:

  • Easily manage from backend: With respects to LandOfCoder, it supports users on creating, editing and deleting an FAQ topic. Besides, all question categories like name, URL, layout and so forth can be effortlessly modified with an admin account. Moreover, registered users have a right to arrange the order of queries in the admin panel. Store owners are also able to softly add or remove question tags from the FAQ page.
  • Lightning-fast import and export data: LandOfCoder speeds up the process of importing or exporting sample modules, CMS page, CMS static block, Widget. 
  • A great variety of page layout: If you do not have a page style in your mind already, there are available layouts like list, grid, list category and grid category for your wide choice.
  • Freely customize your FAQ page: LandOfCoder offers various font size, text color, background color, border color that you can design a well-matched store’ theme page.
  • Choose to show FAQ on the product page: This special function helps customers pose questions directly and conveniently from the goods page. It allows admin to insert the FAQ button on your desired items. Only LandOfCoder’s extension offers you this unique feature.
  • Easily change FAQ position: LandOfCoder’s module is quite flexible for users to move the order of FAQ between categories for customers easily find it out.

3.Other Features:

  • Supporting SEO driven FAQ page: Admins are allowed to add anything from title, meta description to meta keyword to win in Google searching race.
  • Mobile Optimization: Both admins and visitors can see FAQ pages on a small smartphone’s screen.
  • Animation Effect: FAQ page builder can use animation to catch customers’ attention to posing questions.
  • Safe Recaptcha Setting: This extra function is very useful which protects your site from spam and abusement with ReCaptcha.
  • Fast Loading Speed: Like other Magento 2 Extension, LandOfCoder integrates Block Caching in this module that quicken your  loading site.
FAQ Extension for Magento 2

*Let’s have a look at Magento 2 Page Builder Extension to build up all appealing pages!

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