FREE 9+ Magento 2 Membership Extension Discount Codes 2024

Magento 2 membership extension discount code

When you look around and pay a little more attention to the business strategy of successful corporations such as Netflix, Redbox or Amazon, you’ll notice that they all use this one strategy in common. That strategy would be ARB, “automatic recurring billing”, or in other words, you can also regard it as membership. There’s no better and more satisfying way to enjoy personalized care and services than to join the membership community of a brand. 

Since Magento 2 membership extension is such an essential part of enhancing the customers’ shopping experience and the business’s bottom line, many Magento providers have come up with their own Magento 2 Membership extensions. The primary use of this kind of extension is for Magento vendors to create and manage membership packages, and it comes with both free and paid versions of different features and purposes. Therefore, choosing one must be a difficult task for anyone who wishes to use this extension due to the plethora of available Membership Extensions at different price ranges.

For that reason, Landofcoder has summed up and created this list of Magento 2 Membership Extensions from different Magento third-party agencies along with the discount codes for holiday season that each agency provided.

Magento 2 Membership Extensions & Discount Codes FREE

ProviderProduct namePriceDiscount detailDiscount codePurchase
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Magento 2 Membership Extension $99.00
  • -10% for the first purchase
  • Buy 2 products get -15%
  • Buy 3 products get -25%
  • Buy 4 products get -35%
  • DC10FAE
  • B2PLE15
  • B3PLE25
  • B4PLE35
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Membership for M2 $139.00
  • Discount -10%
Buy now
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Membership Subscription For Magento 2 $249.00
  • Discount -20%
  • MAGE20%OFF
Apply now
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M2 Membership FREE
  • N/A
  • Updating
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Our Team – Extension For Magento 2 $49
  • Discount 20%
  • locsw20
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MAGENTO 2 Membership $149.00
  • N/A
  • Updating
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  • Updating
  • Updating
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  • Updating
  • Updating
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Highlighted Features of Magento 2 Membership Extension

Generally, Magento 2 store owners can use the Membership extension to make a customer become a member of your store and receive special care and other privileges that regular customers don’t get to. By providing members with worthy experience, store owners can definitely increase customers’ loyalty and benefit their own Magento stores. They can create membership plans, set up strategic pricing for each plan level and do many more things.

The most highlighted features of Membership Extension are:

  • Create strategic membership plans: Create business plans with duration, name, price and benefits to boost sales and attract not only members but also potential customers.
  • Email notifications to members: Members will be sent emails to when they purchase or cancel membership, membership plan expires or to set display email names for the customer to gain more trust.
  • Membership package and payment history check: Store owners are able to check the status of their membership package and the payment for that package in the membership tab.
  • Limited access to products for member only: The Magento 2 Membership subscription extension allow you to set access limitation to products that only customers with membership can see. Moreover, you can set duration for the membership access, which means that the customers will have to renew the plan when it ends.

Package purchase with special offers: In addition to the normal price, with this Membership Extension you can provide your customers with the discount prices for the product or other attractive benefits. Customers, therefore, will know and choose what the best is for them.

Choose what fits you the most

We hope that from this list of Magento 2 Membership Extension’s providers along with discount codes of each one, you will be able to find the best option for your business which is appropriate in terms of both purpose and cost.

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To conclude, we would like to express our sincere appreciation to all the vendors that have contributed to the creation of this Collection of Magento 2 Membership Extension and also for the discount codes that were provided here!!

This is the most comprehensive list of Magento 2 Membership Extensions on the Internet and we are grateful to have you as a part of this collection.

If you want to add or remove any item in the extension list, don’t hesitate to submit your opinions and your extension at the Submit form.

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