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In the eCommerce business, Magento 2 Landing Pages extension is an indispensable method to drive traffic, improve your SEO, and build your brand. It can also build part of an effective PPC strategy. Generally, 68% of B2b businesses use landing pages to generate leads for future conversion. With Magento 2 Landing Pages, customers will be led to a specific product, service, or offer and encourage them to take action instead of landing on your home page. This is your opportunity to create conversions and build your customer base.

So if landing pages are so important, why aren’t there still some businesses using them? Well, most of them think that it would be hard to create and maintain a landing page. Fortunately, that simply isn’t true. Building an effective landing page with Magento 2 Landing Pages extension is less about flashiness and more about getting the consumer what they’re after.

What is a Landing Page?

Before we proceed to more specific matters, it is crucial to know the definition of a landing page in mind.

A landing page is any web page that a consumer can land on, but in the marketing strategy, it’s a standalone page that serves a single and focused purpose. It’s also a follow up to any promises that you’ve made in your content. Especially, it’s the next step toward a visitor becoming a customer.

Landing pages can be click-through, navigating to another page such as your e-commerce site, or lead generation based. Lead generation landing pages literally provides items such as an eBook, free trial, contest entry, or webinar registration, whereas customers return their contact information. A good landing page aims to convince a potential customer that it is worth to provide personal details in exchange for whatever you have to offer. Landing pages will appear in a general search or via your company website, increasing the likelihood that a potential customer will end up there.

It’s better to have more than one landing page at a time as experts in marketing would probably suggest that you maintain multiple landing pages, targeted toward segmented customer populations.

Why do you need Magento 2 Landing Pages?

The main aspect of a landing page is to generate requests, collect information about potential buyers, and in the long run, convert visitors into leads.

Furthermore, there are more benefits of landing page you may be want know more:

  1. Landing pages attract new customers:

When you run a brand new marketing campaign, it is crucial to create a landing page to accompany it. Many companies increase traffic from social networks and search for traffic to their home page and instantly get results. Magento 2 Landing pages extension offers a very simple way to attract potential customers and increase the possibility of segment and redistribution.

2. Landing pages collect value demographic information:

Whenever a customer fills in a contact form on your Magento landing page, your marketing and sales team will receive valuable information about your potential customers. Then your team can use this information to understand which types of visitors convert into customers and focus on specific product properties.

3. Landing pages are great content for marketing channels:

A successful marketing strategy depends properly on the content. Landing pages in Magento are a great method for your marketing mix due to its multitasking. They are easily shared via social networks or used as a base for an email campaign and even utilized for PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising.

4. Landing pages allows to measure your marketing campaign success:

On the landing page, you add a new data asset for your body of marketing content. You can get wholesome and genuine information about your marketing efficiency by tracking and analyzing these ratios of your landing page and learn how users react to your offers. All this information will be the best reference for marketing strategy optimization and improvement.

Find more powerful Magento 2 extensions for amazing SITE MANAGEMENT!

Until now, you may have known about the importance of a landing page for a Magento shop. Won’t make you wait any longer, here are some top Magento 2 Landing Pages extensions:

Detail Infor
magikcommerce call for price magento 2 extension

Landing Pages
Let customers explore your store goods goods via multiple landing pages. Boost sales with custom selection of products for each page. Improve your site search engine ranking building SEO-optimized unique content.
  • Improve your store SEO with unique URLs and metadata
  • Use flexible conditions for adding products to each page
  • Display custom CMS blocks at any place of the page
  • Add landing pages to the sitemap for better visibility
  • Create as many landing pages as you need
  • Enjoy full compatibility with the Jet Theme
magikcommerce call for price magento 2 extension

Magezon Landing Page for Magento 2
Looking for a way to build a Magento 2 landing page that actually converts? So, why not choose Magento 2 Landing Pages Extension from Magezon? With more than 15 elements, 4 pre-made templates, and a bunch of advanced features, this powerful tool helps you create tons of SEO-friendly landing pages for your marketing campaigns easily and quickly. Now, increased sales and higher site search engine rankings are no longer a dream with Magezon Landing Pages Extension.
  • Easy to use with drag & drop builder
  • Support flexible conditions to add products
  • 15+ elements supported
  • Come with 4 pre-made templates
  • Fully control responsive design
  • Make landing pages SEO-friendly
  • Compatible with Magezon Page Builder
magikcommerce call for price magento 2 extension

Landing Pages extension for Magento 2
Create unique landing pages to convert site visitors into solid leads and buyers. Design pages for the best user introductory and shopping experience in your store, and make these type of pages ultimately SEO-friendly.
  • Create landing pages for your marketing campaigns
  • Make the custom pages search engines’ favorites
  • Generate landing pages for different locations
  • Conveniently customize page design
  • Set advanced conditions to create custom content
  • Get access to the advanced SEO functionality
magikcommerce call for price magento 2 extension

Landing Pages for Magento 2
Create separate pages with your products. Display images, text or content from cms blocks above and below products list.
  • Improve your store seo – each page has unique url and meta information
  • Create as may landing pages as you want
  • Show products selection on cms pages or above products category
  • Increase sales conversion. Let your customers see exactly what they want
  • Create custom breadcrumbs structure per each landing page

Choose your best fit with Magento 2 Landing Pages Extension

We hope that this review can give you a big-picture of the available landing pages extension in the market. Now make your own decision – choose for yourself the best fit extension.

To conclude, we would like to express our respect to all the vendors that have made this Top 4+ Magento 2 Landing Pages extension list! This is the most comprehensive list of best extensions on the internet and we are honored to have you as part of this!

If you want to add or remove an item in this list, feel free to submit your extension at Submit form.


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