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Create Better Shopping Experiences With Magento Commerce

If you are running your own online store business, then you probably know how tough it can get out there. On the one hand you have an IRS 1099k form and self-employment taxes, and on the other you have to juggle inventory, shipping, and marketing.

Once you have completed a Herculean task of getting people to your online store, most of them just end up never coming back or abandoning their shopping carts. This is why it’s so important to rely on a reliable platform and CMS such as Magento. In term of market share, it is the second most popular eCommerce platform, with 12% of the market using Magento.

However, as we have already mentioned, shopping cart abandonment rates are high, with up to 79% for desktop and up to 86% for mobile shopping. Now, while there are some elements that you can’t control, there are plenty of others that you can, such as lengthy checkout processes, lack of multiple payment options, additional costs, or asking your customer to create an account.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at five ways in which you can create better shopping experience using Magento Commerce.

1. Create a Faster Checkout Process

Lengthy and tedious checkout process can put a damper on even the greatest shopping experience. Regardless of how great your products or deals are, making your customers jump through hoops will only force them to leave. Fortunately, with Magento, you can simplify the checkout process thanks to different payment options such as PayPal, Google Checkout, Amazon Payment, or Simple Pay. However, in addition to all of these, you should also enable Amazon Pay

Why Amazon Pay? Well, it is very likely that most of your customers have bought something off of Amazon, which means they probably have Amazon Pay already set up with their preferred payment methods and address information. This means they can check out with a single click, which saves them a ton of time, and makes for a very fast and streamlined shopping experience. On top of that, it is optimized for use on all types of devices. Also, users won’t need to leave your site to do this.

2. Use Klarna for Flexible Payment

One of the downsides of online shopping is that, in most cases, you have to pay in advance. With brick-and-mortar stores, payment is more flexible. However, if you are using Magento, you can easily integrate flexible payment options from Klarna. What Klarna does is enable your customers to choose a payment method that suits their finances at the moment. In other words, they can choose to pay up to 30 days after delivery, which gives shoppers a chance to test the product they have purchased.

They can also choose to pay for goods in installments at low-interest rates. And this isn’t favorable just for your customers, either, because those that do use Klarna make larger purchases, which contributes to your bottom line even more. As for integration, it is pretty seamless, both in terms of functionality and design, meaning that shoppers will never leave your website. Also, since Klarna takes on all the credit risk, you will always be paid for your goods.

3. Offer Multiple Shipping Options

Offering flexibility when it comes to payment is a standard nowadays, so why not offer the same kind of flexibility when it comes to shipping? Today’s average customer expects free or very cheap shipping, which is why you should make use of Magento Shipping’s ability to present all the different shipping options inside the shopping cart. That way, shoppers can choose between different shipping carriers, as well as rates that fit their budget, time constraints, and location.<

On your end, you will use Magento Shipping to simply fulfillment and make your business more efficient by looking for the most favorite rates, automate shipment and its rules, and manage your returns right from the platform itself. Needless to say, shoppers will never have to leave your online store in order to choose their preferred shipping option, which means your conversion rate will grow.

4. Use Vertex for Tax Calculations

As we have mentioned before, online shoppers are almost sure to abandon their shopping carts once they come across additional costs during the checkout process. This is why free shipping matters that much, even if it’s already calculated in the price. But, apart from shipping, people also like to know how much they will be paying, including taxes. Of course, calculating taxes can be a bit tricky, but when you are using Magento, you can easily integrate Vertex, whose tax solution can calculate taxes in real-time right there on your website.

Not only are tax calculations accurate and automatic, but they can also be set up in such a way to take into account all of the latest tax rules, coupons, sales, and promotions, as well. On your end, you can use Vertex to generate returns in PDF form which are ready for you to sign right away.

5. Reward Loyal Customers

As you may have noticed, one of the best things about Magento is its flexibility and the selection of additional functionalities and extensions, which its competitors are lacking. One such extension is Loyalty & Gift, which provides you with the ability to track the activity of your customers, and then reward and incentivize them using the aforementioned records. Apart from enabling you to include customers into your loyalty programs, you can also use this extension to collect data on their preferences and purchases.

Final Words

We hope that these useful tips, tricks, and Magento features will help you make the most of your online store and provide an incredible shopping experience for your customers. Good luck!

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