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Happy Halloween 2021 – Enjoying Spookiest Code Right Now

Happy Halloween 2021 to all our beloved customers around the world! Did you know Halloween is one of the...
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Happy Lunar New Year 2021 – 15% OFF on All Magento 2 Extension!

Happy Lunar New Year 2021! Our 2020 has been passed with lots of difficultues and achievements as well. Landofcoder would like...
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The Best Christmas Deals & Sales 2020 for Magento 2 Extensions

The Best Christmas Deals on Magento 2 Extensions We're officially one week away from Christmas, which means you...
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Magento Black Friday Deals 2020: Best Shopping Sales Season For Magento 2 Extensions

Black Friday deals - Are you ready for the biggest sales season of the year? Landofcoder offers you to shop and hunt...
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Magento Halloween Sales |Best Deals For All Magento Extension (2020)

The biggest shopping events of the year, Halloween is around the corner. Just like last year, all the greatest deals and discounts...
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Magento 2 Live Chat Extension FREE is ready to be added to your cart

Magento 2 live chat extension Free has always been a hot extension on the marketplace ever since it was released. The ecommerce...
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How Magento 2 Image Gallery Extension FREE Download Can Satisfy You

Magento 2 Image Gallery extension has been one of the best-selling extensions on LandofCoder even it's not free. Up to 90% of...
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30% SALE-OFF for all Ecomteck Magento 2 extensions on Landofcoder Site

Ecomteck is a smart market leading provider of Magento 2 extensions. Being LandOfCoder’s member for 3 years, Ecomteck serves the best Magento...
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Magento 2 Page Builder is now available for FREE | Landofcoder

Magento 2 Page Builder FREE is a five-rating product by Landofcoder’s customers and consecutively ranks high on best-seller list. 
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Happy Lunar New Year 2020 – 30% OFF ALL Magento 2 Extension!

Happy Lunar New Year 2020! Magento 2 New Year Sale Offer Our 2019 is passed with lots of effort...