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Magento 2 live chat extension Free has always been a hot extension on the marketplace ever since it was released. The ecommerce competition these days are fiercer than ever. People get all most updated support and build perfect portfolios to earn customer’s attention. And you don’t need to be an expert to know that customer service is an effectively competitive edge. 

According to surveys, more than 38% buy a product after a live chat session. Over 63% of consumers said they are more likely to return to a website that offers live chat. And compared to email or phone, a platform providing direct communication with customers gets the satisfaction level of up to 73%.

Being such a great extension, Magento 2 Live Chat is always on LandOfCoder’s top seller list. 

But we have a great news for you. It’s glad to inform that Magento 2 Live Chat Extension is NOW available for FREE DOWLOAD !!!

Without further ado, we will give you most outstanding information about this best live chat for Magento 2. How does it support you ? What are other compatible FREE extensions that you can consider? 

How amazing is Magento 2 live chat extension Free ? Why is it a must-have extension ?

Free live chat for Magento 2

landofcoder magento 2 live chat extension free

Magento 2 Live Chat Extension allows you to chat directly with customers. More importantly, you can conveniently answer to customer’s questions  and support their shopping process. The efficiency of this best live chat for Magento 2 depends on the immediacy and usefulness of the chat session you provide.

Highlight features:

  • Directly Online Chatting
  • Convenient Login & Signup
  • Clean & Clear Interface
  • Flexible Join & End Chatbox
  • Reminding Chat Notification
  • Auto Record Customer Information
  • Instant Chat Box
  • Actively Chatting With Desired Customers

Magento 2 live chat with benefits

magento 2 live chat free benefits
  • Live chat is convenient for customers

No need for writing emails or having a phone call, customers can still have a conversation with the agent.

Live chat gives them feeling of care because their time is saved and their questions can be answered right away. Moreover, over 51% customers love live chat because they can multi-task. While waiting for response, they can keep exploring your business web. Like in-store shopping, customers always prefer having advisors even when they don’t have a demand. Because during the shopping process, many small personal questions would come up. They would need someone to help them rightaway.

This may result in higher conversion rate because all hesitation from customers are solved. They can make a purchase right after the chat session.

  • Live chat saves money

Live chat is an ultimate choice when you need to find cost-effective customer service solutions. Email and phone have been traditional methods, but they cost. Instead, with Magento 2 Live Chat Extension FREE, both you and your customers can benefit because of free and immediate talks. Besides, these days, making a phone call or sending an email to ask a question seem to be exhausting. Don’t lose a chance to bring merits to you and your customers.

  • An unexpected competitive advantage

An interesting statistics show that 80% of businesses think they provide superior customer service. But only 8% of customers think these businesses truly provide something better than normal. The fact is that even though businesses now all pay attention to customer service, they hardly do properly. Live chat seems to be something you see everywhere, but its efficiency decreases by half if you neglect it. Only a small number of businesses can provide 24/7 service. 

There lies a great opportunity. Take advantage of Magento 2 Live Chat Extension FREE. Make it your brand’s identity. Once you master customer service, you naturally have loyal customers. Don’t underestimate this chance. 

“If you do build a great experience, customers tell each other about that. Word of mouth is very powerful.” – Jeff Bezos Founder & CEO, Amazon

We hope that very detailed reference above can help you. Now it’s time to upgrade your business with amazing Magento 2 Live Chat Extension FREE

✔️ Top 18+ Magento 2 Live Chat Extensions | Free & Premium 2020

Magento 2 Live Chat with high compatibility

compatibility with live chat free for magento 2

Here we inform you some compatible extensions that go well with live chat for Magento 2. They can also be useful for your store enhancement. 

Also, we are glad to inform you that almost all below extensions are in a SALE-OFF event.

LandOfCoder generously discount 30% for all Ecomteck Extensions to support businesses during Coronavirus disease. Remember to apply code: ECOMTECK30 before April 30th to earn the benefit!

  • Magento 2 One Step Checkout
landofcoder magento 2 one step checkout

Studies have shown that customers tend to abandon cart due to: unexpected price, site speed and complexed checkout form. Long and over-complicated checkout process accounts for 23%. How many revenues have you lost? It will no longer a problem with Magento 2 One Step Checkout. It provides shorter checkout process with 2 steps instead of 6. The only one-page form and 75% faster speed can save your customer’s time and effort. Therefore, it boost your sales and revenue.

Highlight features:

  • Google address & customers’ account auto-suggestion
  • Optimized ONE step checkout page only
  • Optimized for mobile checkout
  • Neat and clean interface
  • Easy to set desired delivery date & order comment
  • Support the most popular shipping & payment method
  • Instantly apply coupon and gift options

Explore our amazing Magento 2 One Step Checkout

  • Magento 2 FAQ Extension
landofcoder magento 2 FAQ

To build an intensive customer service, apart from the support of Magento 2 Live Chat Extension FREE, FAQ also can help. If you are worried about the design, it isn’t a problem. Because this extension allows you to set up nice, informative and SEO-friendly Magento 2 FAQ page. Your customers will find it convenient and quick to solve common issues.

Highlight features: 

  • [New] Fully Support REST API for Magento 2.3.x
  • [New] Free Magento 2.3 FAQ Graph Ql
  • Optimized for Mobiles
  • Amazing ajax live search based on content, keyword, tag
  • Create unlimited FAQs divided into categories
  • View the answers to each question with expand/ collapse feature
  • Show most frequently asked questions to save customer’s time

Explore our amazing Magento 2 FAQ Extension

  • Magento 2 Ajax Suite
landofcoder magento 2 ajax suite

Magento 2 Ajax Suite supports customers to go through the shopping process without waiting page loads. They can buy products, add to shopping cart,log into their account and even compare product price. This extension also decreases 95% page reload issue and increases customer shopping experience. 

A smart way to wipe out interruptions or delays from the shopping process, making it quick and effective!!

Highlight features: 

  • Support loading lazy image
  • Clever navigation in layer
  • Smart Automatic Search
  • New account registering
  • Efficient Ajax Login
  • Support advanced Ajax requires login

Explore our amazing Magento 2 Ajax Suite

  • Magento 2 Recommended Products
magento 2 recommended product

Customers often come to your store for a certain product, but the trick to keep them stay longer and even boost sales is to recommend other products. This must be familiar to you. And supposed that you have Magento 2 Live Chat Extension FREE as well, this extension helps customers to kill time while waiting for response, doesn’t it?

Highlight features: 

  • [HOT] Recommended Products blocks can be arranged at any place of your site
  • [HOT ] Related items exposed on a shopping cart, category, product page & custom positions
  • [HOT] Offer up-selling, cross-selling and similar products on a product page
  • Automatically suggest related products right after adding products into cart
  • Offer multiple recommendations based on the number of views, shares or purchases
  • Boost sales and increase order with the mobile responsive interface
  • Manage related product log and relation
  • Regulate items display with flexible rules

Explore our amazing Magento 2 Recommended Products

  • Magento 2 Reward Points
landofcoder magento 2 reward points

Once creating brand’s identity about customer service, an extensive loyalty programme is important. This extension helps you build a network of loyal customers. By giving them reward points for purchases or activities (registration/product reviews), they can benefit from exchanging points to cash. A survey suggests that 90% of all customers redeem their reward points at the checkout. Being fully compatible with Magento 2 Live Chat FREE, Reward Point keep old customers coming back to your store and drive even more sales.

Highlight features: 

  • Reward customers who come to your store in various ways
  • Apply pre-made events accordingly to customer’s behaviors
  • Set up specific and easy-to-apply as well as easy-to-follow rules for earning points
  • Professional and customer-oriented design makes Magento 2 Reward Points a perfect option
  • Facilitate Magento 2 store admin in managing and keep the point rewarding system intact
  • Help customers to engage in Magento store’s activities by providing convenient and optimized features
  • [New] Reward points supported by REST API

Our Magento 2 Reward Points is now offered with a good deal. Click not to miss a 15% discount for this combo. 

Free Magento 2 Extensions on Landofcoder

recommendation to free extensions on landofcoder

Apart from Magento 2 Live Chat Extension FREE, you can freely have a look at other free extensions. There are tons of them, but in this article, we will give you a recommended list.

  • New FREE extensions: 


We hope that our Magento 2 Live Chat extension FREE is helpful to your ecommerce store. We also believe that if you pick any of above recommended products, it will be beneficial as well.

Take a moment to check our Landofcoder marketplace and blog for useful extensions and sale tips.

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