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Did you know that 93% of business-to-business buyers prefer to purchase online, with self-serve information, direct from vendors? Having a multitude of B2B marketplace, buyers want to have an easy, intuitive online buying and account management.

Thus, retailers endeavor by launching multiple channels for customers to fulfill their demands. Besides improving the experience of a customer, marketers are also focusing on the Omni channel to stay competitive. It is predicted that by the end of 2019 almost half of all the retailers will adapt the Omni channel eCommerce platform and is expected to increase their profitability by 30%.

Magento is definitely becoming the next generation and world’s leading digital commerce which is built on an open-source technology, which says it could be used by anonymous users freely. 

Magento helps you create an authentic, localized brand experience for your customers across multiple websites and gives you the leverage to handle day-to-day tasks smoothly. Ramified globally Magento’s ecosystem ensures quick customization of your merchandise according to location, offers shop-the-look, cross-sell recommendations & much more for your customers.

With Magento open source, you will not have to drift your large volume of the budget in tailoring site design and product mix as per local customs and shopper’s expectations. Magento offers over 150 language packs to local system integrators and regional extensions so that you can integrate regional technologies to your local business without any obstacle.

To have a successful business there are certain attributes to be taken care of like – the culture, language, customs, currency, tax, and laws. Managing these attributes, even when change occurs, could be difficult thus, Magento has a multi-site architecture to deal with it. This architecture uses common codebase and database for all versions for your divergent sites to quickly configure and launch in global markets without the assistance of any developer.

Magento 2.3.2 Magento open source
Magento 2.3.2

With numerous features, Magento inherits feature to streamline customers quote & price negotiation. For website development, Magento eCommerce platform allows you to launch faster, respond to market shifts and gain maximum from new developments.

By 2020, it is estimated that almost 50% of online sales will come from mobile and in some markets that number is already over 80%.

Contemplating the future of any business will be through mobile and Magento will help to build the foundation for that future.

Moreover, Magento builds next-generation solution upgrading its tools and technologies to lessen the strain and enhance the capabilities of yesterday’s commerce platform. Recently, Magento published its Open Source 2.3.2 version.

This Release Notes consisted of some 200 functional fixes to the core product over 350 pull requests and around 75 security enhancements. Other independent releases by Magento were Page Builder, Inventory Management and Progressive Web Application (PWA).

Magento lately launched several patches to correct the vulnerabilities in the system. To upgrade your Magento store and keep it malware-free, you must install any security-related patches. Magento open source has come up the Async/Bulk REST API to execute the message queue and store scopes as well. Further, highlights of the latest release notes hold enhancements in security, boost-up performance, improvements in the infrastructure along with other tools and extensions enhancements.

Magento 2 open source
Magento 2 open source

1. Substantial Security enhancements

This update has been released after a careful watch over the possible danger which is capable to harm your store. It includes:

  • 75 Security Enhancements- This security enhancement will help close the door for vulnerabilities such as cross-site scripting (XSS), remote code execution (RCE) and any sensitive data. All eCommerce sites are the most attractive targets for hackers to breach in for personal and payment-related information, which is an important part of the sales process completion. However, other vulnerabilities can potentially exploit the store in order to have access to the administrator sessions. Therefore, Magneto’s comprehensive security center is filled with the necessary security patches to withhold these breaches.
  • Google reCAPTCHA module for PayPal- This enhancement has been released over the originally used security module – Google CAPTCHA. With more robust security, Google reCAPTCHA is meant to target the malicious, trying to fail Magento deployments of Pay flow Pro. This upgrade performs regular checks, without potential errors, after a series of letters & numbers entered and encourage cart conversion without any impediment. Google reCAPTCHA with increased security verifies users and the number of reduced clicks for each completion using an on-click ‘I am not a robot’ feature. There is an invisible reCAPTCHA also that performs background verification without user interaction or without clicking anything.

 Note: Magento is expected to release Common Vulnerabilities & Exposure (CVE) numbers with each security bug reported. This will benefit users to detect unaddressed vulnerabilities much easily.

2. Performance Boosts

Magento’s latest release will boost your store’s performance which will turn every shoppable moment of your customer memorable. Thus, there has been:

  • Improvements to storefront page response time- The latest release has assured that the page response time for the catalog, search and advanced search pages will be significantly very low.
  • Improvements in concurrent access to block cache- For performance improvement, the latest release unfolds the optimized concurrent access of block cache, which successively will improve the responses of storefront pages by approximately 20%.
  • Optimized product gallery page- Previously, Magento’s pre-built store images used to take a few seconds to load but, the latest release of the optimized product gallery loads faster.
  • Delays being improvised and parsing storefront JavaScript – Magento has made all possible improvements to give an excellent performance to the store. Improvements are made in page rendering by locating all the non-critical codes at the bottom and inactive all the non-essential things to speed up the storefront pages.

Note: To enable this enhancement you must navigate to Stores > Configuration > Developer > JavaScript Setting and then enable Move JS code to the bottom of page option.

3. Infrastructure Improvements

This release too has 130 enhancements that have made improvements in the core quality of the framework. Further, it has updated modules – Catalog, Sales, checkout/One Page Checkout, UrlRewrite, Customer/Customers and UI. Additionally, there have been improvements in the core enhancements:

  • Braintree payment method supported for multiple address checkouts- One of the major updations has been made in the multiple address payment gateway. Unlike the former version of Magento payment gateway, you can now integrate and use Braintree & Braintree PayPal during checkouts.
  • CGI URL gateway in UPS module is updated from HTTP to HTTPS- Another step keeping security in mind, Magento has shifted its payment gateway service of CGI URL in UPS module from HTTP to HTTPS. Thus, it has become even more secure with an SSL certificate.
  • Google chart’s API upgraded to image-chart- Formerly, Magento used Google Image charts which was not much liked and was disapproved in the year 2012. After it completed turned off in March 2019, Magento relives the use of Image-charts but, as a free service so that the static charts could be relocated in the Admin dashboards.

There are many other enhancements that have been improved and upgraded by Magento in its latest 2.3.2 release notes.

4. Merchant Tool Enhancements

Magento open source has freed the burden of manually completing each task into an automated system – the common administrative tasks (CAT). This asynchronous background process lets the Admin focus on other crucial tasks leaving elementary tasks to CAT for better output. Moreover, it provides:

  • Discount Coupon.
  • Mass editing of products.
  • Fast Data export with no timeout issues.

5. Vendor-Developed extensions enhancements

Contributors have offered a lot of enhancements to upgrade Magento for better performance and robust security so that you can make happy and loyal customers. Thus, other third party contribution includes:

Amazon Pay-  This is a turning point in Amazon as it is now compliant to PSD2 directive to UK and Germany. Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2) is a European Union regulating payment service provider enabled with the 9 largest banks of UK which will share customer details to the authorized online businesses but, in a secured form.

This change will definitely broaden the payment horizon for Amazon. Further, Amazon plans to offer services to the merchant to help them grow their businesses. Amazon will be able to have the insights of merchants’ bank information which will further help in making immediate decisions for lending money knowing his/her legitimacy.


With a highly active global community of more than 300,000 developers, Magento open source has a universal network of 1150+ technical solutions and partners. Magento is one of the leading eCommerce platforms working hand-in-hand with the world’s largest retailers, brands as well as branded manufacturers across various B2C and B2B eCommerce industries. Developers strive hard to build a seamless and bug-free platform for Magento users. Thus, these release enhancements with power booster performance and robust security will help you to work flawlessly in this competitive market.

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Astha Sharma is a content writer at MAAN Softwares INC. She has been with this company for the past 2 years. She has good experience and knowledge in writing articles on mobile app development, web design, and technology trends. She finds covering the tech world an exciting and engaging experience, as each day brings new and groundbreaking technologies to explore and write about.

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