2024 Updated Overalls: Best-Selling Magento Extensions & Top-Requested Services

Best-Selling Magento Extensions & Top-Requested Services 2021 By Landofcoder

With the new year fast approaching, it’s time to take stock of your business and identify any areas that could be improved upon. Of course, there are tons of apps and extensions for this, but how do you know which apps and extensions are the best? No need to waste time searching in many places, this article will cover all the Best-Selling Magento Extensions and Top-Requested Services in 2021 from the Landofcoder team.

Read on to our list and let us know if there are any you’re missing on your website.

I. Best-Selling Magento Extensions from Landofcoder | 2022 Updated

1.1 Mega Menu

Mega Menu Basic

mega menu basic - Best-Selling Magento Extensions & Top-Requested Services

Magento 2 Mega Menu Extension helps you to rearrange your entire product list in a neat and spectacular way by creating dynamic navigation menus without code. We provide various effective features to enable customers to find all desired products at first sight.

Key feature:

  • Drag & Drop Menu Builder
  • Vertical and Horizontal Menu
  • Mobile Menu: Off-Canvas Menu & Accordion Menu, Drilldown Menu
  • 7 Submenu Types: Anchor Text, Dynamic Category Listing, Product Listing, Product Grid, Child menu., Default Category Listing, Content
  • Unlimited Menu Possibilities
  • Widget Support or add code to file XML on any position

Mega Meno Pro

Mega menu Pro

Magento 2 Mega Menu Pro has all the features of the basic version, but this version has more outstanding features.

If you are still looking for an effective and comprehensive solution to organize the products on your website into a transparent and professional order, look for it no more because everything you’ve ever wanted is founded here!!

Key feature:

  • Drag & Drop Menu Builder FEATURED
  • [New] Auto Data Backup
  • [New] REST API Support
  • Fastest Load Time & Cache Supported
  • Enhanced UI / UX & Ajax load
  • 16 Premade Menus & 7 submenu

1.2 Request For Quote Pro

Magento 2 Request for Quotation (RFQ) allows both guests and logged-in customers to submit quote request forms on product pages. Customers can add multiple products to quote with custom prices and quantities. Facilitating two-way interaction between sellers and buyers, the module personalizes customer orders and increases their retention and loyalty.

New feature:

  • [New] Import and export request quotes by cron job
  • [New] REST API Support
  • [New] Estimate shipping rates & tax rates
  • [New] Admin adjust price for all items in the quote
  • [New] Convert to Request for Quote

1.3 Marketplace

Marketplace extension

Magento 2 Marketplace extension turns your eCommerce store into an online shopping mall with numerous suppliers. By letting multiple vendors sell and manage their products in your store, you can provide the customers with a wide range of products and services to choose from without adding any stress to the admin’s task. Just attract more and more sellers and buyers to motivate sales and your store’s brand.

Marketplace Basic

Magento 2 Marketplace Extension / Magento 2 Multi-Vendor Extension helps to transform your eCommerce store into a fully functioning multi-vendor marketplace like Amazon, Etsy or eBay, etc with many suppliers and customers making transactions.

It allows unlimited vendors/vendors to upload, sell and manage their products. At the same time, enhance the shopping experience of customers by giving them more choices to buy from a multitude of products in different categories. In addition, customers are allowed to give reviews and ratings to any vendor, product, or service provider. Rest API is supported.

Marketplace Pro

Magento 2 Marketplace Extension Pro supports Magento 2 store to achieve success and reap off ample benefits just like eBay, Amazon, or Etsy. The module enables multiple vendors to sell & manage their own products on your website. They can, in specific, optimize & take full control over the products, sales, invoices, shipment, and credit memo via using a Seller Cpanel.

Moreover, the customers who come to the website can also leave their feedbacks as well as rating about your products & services.

Marketplace Pro-ee

With Landofcoder Magento 2 Marketplace Pro EE, you can completely automate your e-commerce store like many famous marketplaces in the world such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy… This extension is specially developed for Enterprise. By working with Seller Cpanel, suppliers can fully manage products, sales, invoices, shipments, and credit alerts. At the same time, products and services can also be evaluated by customers through the review and rating functions.

1.4 Form Builder

This module helps to quickly and efficiently create multiple website templates to collect customer information. It won’t take the store owner much time and effort to get used to the system even without professional knowledge or coding experience.

Key feature:

  • Drag n Drop Magento 2 Form Builder FEATURED
  • 20+ Premade Form – 14 pre-made form templates
  • Visual Design Options: Background, Font, Icon, Border
  • [New] Support PWA, REST API, GraphQL
  • [New] QR code scan view submitted messages on frontend
  • [New] Digital Signature form field

1.5 Reward Points

‘90% of all customers exchange their reward points during the checkout process
Magento 2 Reward Points builds an automatic point earning and spending system. It’s a comprehensive solution to enhance their customers’ loyalty.
Let’s engage shoppers, keep the old customers coming back to your store and drive even more sales.

1.6 Auction

Magento 2 Auction Extension helps the admin to equip your e-commerce store with auction features. Participating in Online or Traditional Auctions for products and services such as on eBay and Amazon auctions, buyers can bid on those products to increase product competitiveness.

In addition, Landofcoder’s module helps you to edit, manage auctions, and set Auto or Standard Auctions that support all product types easily. Increased time on site, a wide range of customers, about all, and sales increased rapidly!!

1.7 Membership

Magento 2 Membership helps create and manage membership packages efficiently. It is extremely useful in creating an unlimited number of members with various and miscellaneous offers.

The Magento 2 Membership extension is designed to give Magento 2 store owners a user-friendly configuration to increase customer loyalty and greatly enhance their shopping experience.

1.8 Multiple Shipping

This module provides you with multiple flat rate shipping methods based on different conditions such as price, country of delivery, handling fee, product types, etc. Let’s add multiple flat rate shipping to your products and improve your service.

1.9 One Step Checkout

With 75% faster than default checkout, Magento 2 one page checkout speeds up the whole checkout process thus considerably boosting your sales & revenue. By using Google suggestions and displaying all information on only one page, Magento 2 One-step checkout automates all shopping actions!

1.10 Company Account

Magento 2 Company Account converts default single-user accounts into corporate accounts and supports customers in creating and managing corporate accounts. Add unlimited sub-users to corporate accounts from the user interface and organize role and permission levels.

1.11 Table Rate Shippping

Magento 2 Table Rate shipping creates an unlimited number of shipping methods with distinctive rates based on a combination of conditions.

These conditions can be delivery address, cart weight or product quantity, etc. Moreover, the Table Rate Shipping for Magento 2 module can be very helpful to you in assisting you in adding shipping rates through CSV files, confirming the order, tracking number, and printing invoice.

1.12 Image Gallery Pro

If you are looking for a comprehensive solution that can help you visually improve your Magento 2 eCommerce store, you can consider applying our Magento 2 Image Gallery Pro to your website.

With this Magento 2 Gallery Extension, you can select the best image of your brand, your products, or your services, make them more attractive by arranging them and showcasing them in a specific order. Our module can bring to your Magento 2 store the aesthetic value that you’re craving.

1.13 Magento 2 Nab Transact Payment Gateway

Nab Transact Payment Gateways offer you massive flexibility with the highest level of safety, security, and reliability. Also, it makes it easy for customers to use. It’s easy to integrate and extend. This payment gateway is perfect for all small, medium, or big-sized online merchants.

You can process Visa and Mastercard by default and can optionally accept American Express, Discover, Diners Club, JCB, etc

The gateway also supports Subscriptions, refunds, risk management, and pre-authorization.


Thisstunning module will well support the checkout process on the website by Mastercard. So that it can provide a convenient experience for customers on your website.

After your customers the MasterCard payment method on the website, they will be redirected to that payment gateway and make the payment in a snap-second way. Mastercard Payment Gateway supports both API for 2-party payment and hosted server for 3-party payment which gives more choice for customers when having a shopping experience on your website.

II. Top-Requested Services | 2022 Updated

Top-Requested Services in 2021 by landofcoder

Besides providing quality extensions to customers, we also provide you with varieties of website development and operation services. Bringing customers the best experiences and services on the Magento platform.

Here are the useful service packages that are chosen by the most customers in 2021

2.1 Module Development

Magento Extension Development service provides all tailored-made extensions that eCommerce stores need to upgrade web stores to the next level.

Every business has its own requirements and when there is not already an extension available that does what you need it to do, we can create a bespoke extension that fits the bill. 

  • Rate from $18/hour
  • Before you buy the service, please connect with our supporters for a better guide.
  • Please enter the customization fee discussed with our supporter and the requirement showing on the invoice.
  • Whitelabel support
  • This service applies to Magento 2 Community & Enterprise platform.
  • The extension is available on Lof Magento Store after finishing.
  • The policy is followed

2.2 Site Development

LandOfCoder offers the best services for complete Magento 2 eCommerce store development. We will develop complete Magento 2 websites from the beginning till they’re live. Our full services will include consulting, custom design & development, maintenance & support.

Strictly adhere to best practices for Magento 2 stores:

Discovery -> Strategy -> Plan -> Information Architecture -> Development & Integration -> Launch -> Management.

We also provide development services for Magento 2 multi-vendor marketplace B2C / B2B websites.

2.3 Extended Support Pack

Running a high-load Magento store is a complicated process and to support your business in operating the system, Landofcoder offers you the following 3 extended support packages:

  • Standard support:  $55/ ticket
  • Pro support:  $99/ ticket
  • Premium support: $199/ 10 hours

For Premium Support, we will assign a technical supporter who will work for you and respond to you immediately for urgent issues via skype.

2.4 Installation Service

Are you a shop owner but have little technical knowledge? Are you having trouble Installing the Magento extension for your eCommerce website?

Don’t worry! Magento 2 installation service from Landofcoder solves any problems during installation. Landofcoder handles the technical aspects of installing Magento extensions and makes the whole installation process quick and easy.

2.5 Customization Service

Is a website fully filled with extensions superior to a fully customized and streamlined website?

Choose how to optimize your website by customizing the appropriate extension, that is also a way for you to optimize costs.

III. Hot Marketplace Solutions

Hot Marketplace Solutions
Not Only Extension, But We Also Provide Solutions

marketplace is a platform where vendors can come together to sell their products or services to a curated customer base. The role of a marketplace owner is to bring together the right vendors and the right customers to drive sales through an exceptional multi-vendor platform – sellers have a place to gain visibility and sell their products, and the marketplace owner earns a commission from each sales.

Customers coming to Landofcoder can not only use great Magento extensions but also experience the marketplace solutions we offer to help you expand your business, increase revenue and optimize costs in the best way.

Let’s discover the almost endless possibilities Landofcoder provides for nearly all types of marketplace. We offer you solutions according to use cases, for example, Product Marketplace, Professional Services, Procurement, Offline 2 Online, Cross-Border Marketer; or specific industry marketplace solutions such as Retail & Fashion, Software, Health & Fitness, Wholesale, Shopping Centres & Markets, etc… Hence, kindly contact us and get the consultancy from our experts for our own business requirements.

IV. Thank you 

We would like to express our Big Thank You to all our dear customers for choosing Landofcoder as the provider of Magento extensions and Solutions for their stores.

We are always here and ready if you need us.

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