9+ Best Websites Using Magento | 2024 Updated

Top case studies of Magento websites

Why is Magento one of the most popular eCommerce platforms? How to become the best website using Magento in 2024.

The following list refers to well-known online shops or brands in the world having content management systems (CMS) for online shops worldwide. Besides, they have a great amount of traffic, and all of these businesses create an eCommerce place based on Magento. Through Magento, they can easily set up websites equipped with modules or utilities which give a happy client experience.

Let’s now explore the best website list!

why are the best website using Magento to design

I. Why are the best websites using Magento to design?

1.1. Friendliness of SEO

Are the best websites using Magento helpful for eCommerce activities? Do you care about which products or content have a high rank on Google, and that you can create many orders in the online shop every day?

Nothing is more wonderful than a website that can deal with product management, mobile devices, customer segmentation, SEO-friendliness and security. As you know, Magento stays focused on the high level of usability and customization. As a result, customers of Magento can fully own their web app or website and are supported with the integration of many on-page SEO features. There are many best websites using Magento in 2022, which achieve high rankings, making business more and more efficient.

2.2. The open-source PHP-based eCommerce platform

Magento is PHP (a general-purpose scripting language geared towards web development) open-source eCommerce platform, which permits developers to implement the core files and extend the functionality by adding new plugin modules. Especially, if using Magento2.3, guys will give a host of extensions of the top eCommerce platform as there are 4,136 extensions available at the Magento marketplace. This is a platform suitable for big businesses and merchants and also it has shopping carts available for individuals and enterprises. 

Nowadays, companies that use Magento are allowed to opt for thousands of themes and templates, which are through independent developers. Businesses can get more specific data about their customers’ demands than many other competing eCommerce platforms.

2.3. The powerful and versatile CMS 

According to W3Techs, Magento powers 0.7% of the internet, which means being the only powerful eCommerce solution unlike WordPress or Drupal, but this brings along a certain degree of complexity. In other words, in total 1.5 billion websites, there are 6 million ones using Magento already. 

Being the significant figure, 11% of the websites using the Magento platform are based in the US, which was derived from BuiltWith. The usage data shows it is widespread across the world, such as South America, India, Africa, and Russia. In addition, it accounts for 1% shares of the CMS (content management systems) markets. According to data from Magento, more than 250,000 merchants rely on this powerful CMS to run their online businesses. Therefore, Magento becomes the second most common eCommerce platform globally.

top website Magento in the world

II. The best websites using Magento Commerce 2 in the global

2.1. American Chemical Society (ACS)

The American Chemical Society is the world’s largest nonprofit scientific website informing and responding for publishing 65+ peer-reviewed journals. They selected Magento commerce to modernize their membership experience. In doing that, they have boosted more than 13 000 members, and it is surprising to decline by 50% of developers’ time and by 10% TCO.

2.2. Regalraum

Regalraum is a specialist online retailer with usability and performance and integration of 3D shelf planners in their website through Magento for many years. After success in using Magento 1 to grow dynamic and reach a new level, the company re-platformed to Magento Commerce 2. Their website can refer to a technical and a performance viewpoint, so viewers can see the integration of its connected 3D shelf planner, and experience simplifies of the checkout process and speed-up load times. Regalraum would increase by almost 40% sales, so it is the best website using Magento.

2.3. Prediger

Prediger is a provider of interior and exterior lamps in Germany. In 2020, it won the prestigious Shop Usability Award in the category Electronics & Software due to using Magento in shop management and customer experience improvement. To be special, when accessing Prediger’s website, buyers can see automatically exciting vouchers and regularly updated information about items.  Furthermore, lightning advisors are ready to suggest decor ideas for clients, but also they help the customers shape their personal style.

2.4. EGLO

The way for the future which EGLO paves is providing contemporary lighting solutions. It always gears towards the customer’s requirements through their web apps and websites using Magento Commerce. As a result, in 2022, it was exacerbated by 40% in the Google ranking, which made it onboard further with 15 country clients. Moreover, there are 110 category pages designed with more than 60 new keywords.

case-studies of best websites using Magento

2.5. Zadig & Voltaire

Zadig & Voltaire is developing the luxury ready-to-wear fashion with the vision of adding to its 350 current stores, especially in high-growth  Asian markets. The company selected Magento as they contend that setting up new websites is quick with language packs, and modules are used for shipping and payments that take local specificities into account. Zadig & Voltaire, consequently, is now ahead on their digital transformation in three years consecutively. Besides, by using Magento Commerce, it shortens load times by only two seconds.

2.6. HÖGL

HÖGL has been producing high-quality, stylish women’s shoes, so it is becoming a popular ladies’ footwear brand in Europe. HÖGL could easily offer both the B2B and B2C customers a highly personalised experience from Magento Commerce, while the B2C platform focuses on end customers via a webshop.

2.7. Hallhuber

Hallhuber GmbH is a Munich fashion company with over 400 stories of sales in Germany and seven other countries. Its customers tend to get a range of high-quality, latest fashion trends at attractive prices in an online shopping environment. After using Magento to set up a website, Hallhuber could reduce 30% time to load the page, but increase 10% mobile sessions. Moreover, there is no doubt that the rate of bounce hit a fall by 1%.

2.8. Transmarco Group

Leading footwear and lifestyle retailer market in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore, Transmarco Group has been using Magento Commerce in order to scale their eCommerce experience in the parts of Southeast Asia. Now, their basket size scaled by 30% and there was a threefold increase in transactions. All of them result in raising by 2.5% of the conversion rate. It is surprising that Transmarco Group is one of the best websites using Magento in 2022

2.9. Carou

Carou aims to deal with the different demands of purchasers when they go across the stores and online shop. Being a provider who has been selling second-hand clothes of any kind of new life, Carou used Magento to create a broad portfolio of styles o from designer fashion pieces to fast fashion brands and authentic vintage clothes from the 60s to 90s. Most customers feel easy and fun as they experience shopping for affordable designer pieces.

top Magento providers

III. Top 6 of Magento providers in the world | 2023 Updated

1. Landofcoder

Landofcoder, now, is a leading company in the field of Web PHP open-source, Web-based design & development Magento platform.

After more than 10+ years of launched, the firm has over 20000 customers, who need providing e-commerce websites and handling BIG problems of retail and chain management (B2B & B2C). Besides, Landofcoder continues to develop modules, and expand applications to give clients comfortable experiences and useful digital solutions. There are plenty of companies being the best websites using Magento from this provider.

The priority of the company is to extend Magento developers, especially Magento Marketplace and Mega Menu, so you should take into account Landofcoder as a potential partner. You also can find out Magento website templates here.

2. Magenest

Magenest has been a Magento Extension Provider since 2015.  Customers which it has focused on a lot, are both in B2B and B2C. Moreover, the company has evolved into a top-tier end-to-end digital solution, delivering a wide range of digital services to global businesses. Magenest is currently considered as one of the best Magento development companies due to its one-stop solution package, including business process & workflow design, CRM & ERP onboarding, accounting chart of accounting setup, payment gateway security consultation. 

3. MagentoBrain

MagentoBrain is a Leading Magento Development Company Since 2014 Offering Custom Magento Extensions and Various Magento Services like Magento Customization, Migration, Upgrade, and Custom Development as per your business need. Visit our company website to get more info about our extensions and services. Magento Development Services helps one in the procedure of eCommerce development of the capability of appealing to new customers as well as delivering them a shopping experience that is completely satisfactory.

4. Magently 

Magently Started in 2013, and it is officially certified as a Magento Solutions Partner.  A significant outcome of Magently is to help SMEs develop to the next level. Specifically, Magento-based solutions, such as web development, customer modules, and migration to Magento 2 provided eCommerce retailers.

With a team of experts from Magently, users can easily set up Magento-based stores and modules and customize extensions with the best UI & UX standards. 

5. Magento IT solution

Magento IT solution is a great offer in a comprehensive range of services, from business strategy, consultancy to app design and development.

With the high rate of positive customer experience, Magneto IT Solutions could be a decent choice to help with a little bit of everything. However, if Magento eCommerce is the ultimate goal you want to target, then you need to take a careful look before deciding to opt for Magneto. 

6. Panda Group

Being a web development company based in Poland, Panda Group was founded in 2013. Its mission is to deliver eCommerce development, SEO, and web development to SME clients in the e-commerce industry. If your agency needs an optimal, there is no doubt that Panda is a pretty choice. 

You need to research top companies using Magento more here

IV. Last words

In conclusion, if your business wants to have a switch in sales in the future, you should make at least an eCommerce website or web app. By doing that, your brand will easily get access to buyers, and you can provide more services, such as advice from experts, experience buying for buyers. It is wonderful since Magenta can demand many different requests from businesses.

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