Top 5+ Magento CRM Solutions For Online Retail Business | 2024 Updated

Magento CRM Solutions For Online Retail Business

In this era of immense digitization, the Omnichannel approach is trending among the retail sector. Competition is increasing, and business survival requires a more strategic approach. Therefore, coherence of design, social networking, and advertisement is mandatory. Unfortunately, a mix of these front–end elements only contributes to 50% of engagement. To maximize this result, we need a solid back-end solution. 

Here comes the role of Magento CRM software. Embedded with a comprehensive database and analytical features, the tool can enhance engagement in no time. Though we have tons of Magento CRM’s, we need to extract the ones created specifically for the retail unit. 

5 Magento CRM Solutions

Here are the five best among them: 

I. 5+ Magento CRM Solutions For Online Retail Business

1. The Real Estate CRM

As the name suggests, the software is created for the real estate industry. But, its features are equally helpful for online retailers. Real estate CRM software offers great automation and provides instant reporting. Here are some of its key features: 

Business Automation

From day-to-day activities and meeting scheduling to task assigning and emailing, it can automate everything. Thus, retailers can save a lot of time and focus on their core tasks. Furthermore, when there is automation, chances of error and replication are automatically reduced. 

Real-Time Data Analytics

Retailers need prompt data analytical features for analyzing their current campaigns. This CRM for real estate instantly provides this data along with graphs, charts, and reports. Thus, retailers can make sound decisions, invest smartly, and increase engagement. 

Report Building

Be it an employee performance, sales history, former commissions, or consumer behavior; the tool provides comprehensive reports. This reporting feature reduces manual work, helps in having a quick view of the company’s performance, and forecasts sales. Moreover, it gives a fair idea about ROI. 


Depending upon the niche, every retailer has some customized needs. This CRM offers customized dashboards. Thus, you can have a quick view of your core elements. 

The Real Estate CRM

2. Hubspot

Hubspot is a perfect package for marketing, content management, sales, and consumer service. Having all the essential business tools, this software brings great efficiency and lets you stand apart. 

Hubspot features three main packages. They are: 

Marketing Hub

Marketing hubs help in growing traffic, converting leads, and creating campaigns. 

Service Hub

It lets you perform as per your consumer expectations, make them loyal, and let them spread the word. 

Sales Hub

Sales hub automates multiple tasks, provides insights about prospective clients, and assists in closing deals. 

Following are the key elements of Hubspot:

– It lets you create multiple sections for segmentation like file, date picker, score, calculator, etc. 

– It features coupon code generation, inviting more clients to visit the store. 

– Just like the real estate CRM, it is ideal for customization and automation. 

– It enables you to create cart-fulfillment plans. 


3. Agile CRM

Like the two mentioned above, Agile is also an all-in-one package. The tool is famous because of its affordability and automation. Besides this, even the newbie retailers can use it with ease. Yes, the intuitive interface requires no technical knowledge. It also receives good points in terms of integration with social networks and platforms. 

Twitter, Microsoft Exchange, Zendesk, Facebook, and Google apps, are some of its famous integrations. 

Moreover, it is equipped with a wide array of sales, marketing, and consumer service features. These features are listed below: 

  • It assists in easy working by providing the drag and drops feature. 
  • It has access to the contact list and synchronizes with Google Calendar. Thus, sending auto-notifications and emails becomes easier. 
  • Agile’s multiple reporting and automation features assist in increasing business efficiency. 
  • It can create highly responsive landing pages. 

4. Sugar CRM

Packed with marketing, data analytics, reporting, and automation, Sugar CRM is an ideal tool for retailers. Specifically, for those who rely on selected marketing channels, this tool is a great option. Though it has some negative reviews related to the multi-channel approach, many retailers are using it. 

Let us see the main features of Sugar CRM:


This CRM provides perfect segmentation of consumers, enabling marketing teams to work in the right direction. Furthermore, there is a dashboard that displays all kinds of data within minutes. Thus, we can invest in the right path, make sound decisions, and build the brand identity. 


No matter where you are, extracting consumer data is not a problem with Sugar CRM. Thus, it boosts consumer service as representatives have complete excess of data. Apart from it, it provides clear guidelines to the sales team. Yes, it picks up the leads, segments them, highlights opportunities, and transfers them to the sales department. 

Support Center

A retail business with multiple channels requires a solid support center. This is where Sugar CRM works ideally. It helps in analyzing the beneficial tactics of each campaign, comparing results, and getting feedback. 

4. Sugar CRM

5. Zoho CRM

Being a big name in the CRM industry, Zoho CRM has a huge list of users. Like others, it also provides all business automation features under one roof. However, it is not the right fit for retailers looking for a simple and intuitive interface. Yes, the tool has got some critics in this regard. 

You can find multiple features in Zoho CRM. Some of them include: 

Marketing Analysis

When retailers run multiple campaigns for multiple channels, a quick analysis is imperative. This tool provides these insights a lot more for bringing useful amendments. 

Webform Analytics

Details like the number of people who filled the form, where do these people come from, and how many filled it in the first turn are important. Zoho CRM provides all such information. 

Cohort Analysis

Retailers often use time-bound strategies for boosting sales. This tool provides data related to these tactics, like the number of sales and conversion trends. 

6. CRM is a real finding for retailers who don’t want a complex CRM. The platform offers a user-friendly interface and an intuitive set of features for successful outreach automation. With this solution, you can keep all your deals organized, find potential customers, and run your marketing and sales campaigns at scale.

Here are some of core features:

Deals and tasks management CRM allows you to create up to 100 pipelines and keep track of all your deals, so you won’t miss any chance of closing another deal with a potential customer. And when it comes to organizing your daily tasks, offers a super-easy integration with your Google calendar. 

Workflow automation CRM cares about your time, helping you find new customers, get their contact information, and organize them in well-segmented prospect lists. Meanwhile, an embedded Email drip campaigns tool allows you to reach out to potential customers with triggered email sequences. 

Statistics deal statistics feature helps you to analyze all your campaigns, providing data about won and lost deals, the total value of won deals, team reporting, and, what is important, deal loss reasons. The latter is very important for retailers as this analysis allows for finding bottlenecks in performance and coming up with necessary improvements.


For your specific business, has prepared an opportunity to add up to 200 custom fields to your deal cards, so you can add additional data to your deal based on your needs.

II. Final Words

With a rapid increase in competition, more and more retailers are adopting the latest CRM solutions. Today, we have the real estate CRM, Sugar CRM, Zoho ZRM, Agile, and Hubspot as some of the best options. Pick the right CRM as per your retail needs and get ready to beat your rivals. 

Which CRM are you using, and what is your experience with it? Share your views with us!

Thank you and stay safe!

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