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Talking about Magento 2 Marketplace solution, so the big eCommerce case studies must be mentioned such as Amazon, eBay, Esty, Tiki… At these e-commerce platforms, customers can experience many different utilities. Many product vendors themselves publish product information, sell and manage them. These merchants are also supported with order management and credit card linkage. For shoppers, they can choose or compare the products they need and pay. Customers are allowed to give reviews and ratings to any seller, product or service provider.

With your own requirements, you should select a Magento 2 Marketplace solution with many extensions or add-ons. This article gives information about how to distinguish between extension and solution, after which you give a suitable decision.

Magento 2 Market Themes

I. The difference between Magento 2 Marketplace extension and Magento 2 Marketplace solution

1.1. Not only extensions but also solutions

Firstly, you can disguise from Magento 2 extension to the solution. If extensions are core features of e-stories, solutions are the process of dealing with the adds-on arrangements. 

Take Landofcoder Company, one of the most heading Magento 2 Marketplace extensions as an example. The developers‘ team always manages to update a lot of add-ons for our Magento 2 Marketplace Extensions. Some extensions you can reference are Market place seller Membership, Marketplace Social Login, Marketplace Blog and News or seller live chat, and Maret place shipping per Product. Also, you can learn more about how to create a seller in Magento 2 Marketplace. This is a large effort of the technical team to demand the customers’ requests. 

However, each client has its own requirements, the company is ready to advise a flexible plan for Magento 2 Multi-vendor extension module. As that, businesses are able to increase in the eCommerce ecosystem and purchasers. 

1.2. Benefits of Magento 2 Marketplace Solution

Build a multi-featured e-commerce site with extensions supporting it. Each extension brings its own benefits, all of which are necessary to own a professional website. Most of the recent websites often need:

  • Scalability and reliabilty have been always improved 
  • Create a very powerful platform for customer persuasion
  • Compatible with Mobile devices
  • Advance search engine optimization feature which is one of the most fundamental factors, businesses manage to target.
  • An extensive community is of importance to launch an eCommerce website.
  • Security features that can be customized, resulting in personalization options without limits.
  • Connection of the Market system Lookup Methods with Intellectual capacity
Magento Livechat

These are all the significant conveniences of a Magento 2. Besides, using Magento 2 Marketplace can extend other adds-on with extensions:

  • Check security for contact form, and seller ratings
  • Adding more conditions for seller ratings
  • Improve seller dashboard listings
  • Add Shipping Commission features
  • Add Admin configuration
  • Improve Admin Menu
  • Fix minor bugs
  • Fix security issues
  • Fix common issues as customer reports
  • Updated core marketplace code

You are a challenge in choosing the right extension for your website, a total Magento 2 Marketplace solution that is designed according to your requirements will help you effective-time and optimized work. As a result, you have owned the most reasonable adds-on for your site. 

1.3. Why need to use Magento 2 Marketplace Solution

Magento 2 Marketplace solution takes direct effects on eCommerce stores, vendors and customers due to designing a comprehensive online shopping site. This is also the online shopping trend of the technological world  4.0.

Vendors who take the use of the marketplace to approach both domestic and international customers and boost sales. They must not spend so much expense to market an owned website. Because purchasers can access eCommerce platforms and experience selling products and windowing shopping a variety of items from multi sellers. Therefore, they can compare different options to choose the highest quality products at an affordable price. As improving sales for small-scale retailers or stores in this platform, the eCommerce company takes a desirable commission from commodities sold by vendors.

Therefore, Magento 2 Marketplace extensions create a total shopping process from seeing, choosing, paying to ship. Besides, customers can feedback to vendors quickly and sellers collect them to market themselves.

Magento 2 Multi-vendor solution with Account extension

II. What kinds of Magento 2 Marketplace solutions

2.1. Magento Multi-vendor adds-on

If a seller needs to manage team members & sub-accounts, there is an appropriate add-on being Magento 2 Marketplace Sub Accounts & Permissions. This is a must-have extension from the Lanofcoder developers’ team who help vendors build a list of members’ accounts by simple drag-n-drop actions. By doing that, they are able to decrease the online workload. 

Magento 2 Marketplace Seller Badge System has just been updated for admin focusing on easing badges. Meanwhile, badges refer to a signature of a particular quality or status of a website.

There are many adds-on for customers to choose from through their requirements like as, price comparison, seller live chat, COD, table rate shipping, FAQs,….. Magento 2 Marketplace solution providers depend on the clients’ demand to develop and provide the most helpful extension. For brands or companies using Magento, they should ask precisely themselves if they need any features or add-ons, after that, they give them to providers to support. 

2.2. Magento Multi-vendor packages

Magento Multi-vendor packages are a total solution to create a website for a new business or traditional store. Many customers feedback satisfaction as using Magento 2 Market solution. They said the extensions give detrimental effects on webshops, and they are true to get optimizing ones in Magento 2.

III. Best Magento 2 Marketplace solutions providers

Social login in Magento 2 Marketplace

3.1. Landofcoder

With over 10 years to build and develop, the technical team of Landofcoder usually manages to release other extensions, themes to meet the customers’ needs.

At the moment, Landofcoder company is providing five types of adds-on and three categories of themes in the Magento 2 Marketplace solution.

In while, there are two essential adds-on such as Marketplace Sub Accounts, Seller Membership, Flat-Rate Shipping, Marketplace layer Navigation, SMS notification,… These are must-have extensions to build a versatile and comprehensive online store. Market Social Login, Facebook Livechta, Seller Coupons, Seller Slider, Split Cart, Split Order, Auction, Verification,… are designs in PRO adds-on with the function being to extend, optimize and specify websites. Besides, customers can be free to choose 18 diverse themes like as You see Bicomart, Ves Evolution, see Globla, or Ves Fresh,…

So that, a multi-vendor eCommerce platform can spring up to have amazing experiences for vendors and buyers.

All of them will be equipped with a flexible plan for the Magento 2 Multi-vendor extension module based on their own businesses requirement. All you have to do is give Landofcoder your expectations, they are ready to suggest ideas and support how to install and operate effectively. This is a great solution in Magento 2 Marketplace from Landofcoder.

3.2. MageDelight

Rocket Bazaar Marketplace Solution by MageDelight is an all-in-one solution that helps the store owner to build a thriving multi-vendor marketplace or transform your existing Magento 2 store into one seamlessly. This spectacular enterprise-class solution brings everything to one place – A robust admin and vendor panel, amazing storefront and marketing features, seamless order and payment management, and various other enhancements to help you emerge as a successful marketplace in today’s cut-throat competition.


  • Short Turnaround Time
  • Cost-effective Solution
  • Includes Mobile App (Retail & Vendor)
  • Flexible Solution
  • Easily Customizable

3.3. Amasty

Magento 2 Marketplace extension of Amasty creates you an own multi-vendor e-commerce store but onboard an unlimited number of vendors at your store. One of the best solutions is Magento 2 Multi-Vendor Marketplace Platinum one which is a set of marketplace extensions. 

The benefit of it is to increase revenue with flexible commission configuration, but decrease management costs with process automation. In general, it can improve sales by providing vendors with tools to sell more.

This is a prestigious provider you can take into account to get good services and supports.

3.4. Magetop

Magetop offers 28 distinct extensions for a variety of businesses. All of Magento’s basic payment methods, as well as others, are supported with the Marketplace extension. Stripe, Reddot, PayPal Adaptive, and other significant ways are available in Magento 2 Marketplace. On the Vendor Cpanel, the vendor may also establish their own tax laws, promotion discount codes, and shipping rates for their goods. In addition, Magetop also provides the TOPMarket theme exclusively for the Marketplace extension. TOPMarket is built to fit all devices, it has an outstanding search bar as well as a product slider that makes your website stand out and many attractive features.

Best Magento 2 Market solution

IV. Conclusion

Overall, you can understand the difference between Magento 2 Marketplace extension and solution. As a result, you will make a precise decision for your own businesses, but also know what you need or what is the best. Everything is ready, and you? Choosing an appropriate solution or selecting a responsible provider will help eCommerce business develop further. In the last one, don’t hurry, reference from three to four developers before having decided about them.

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