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One of the best e-commerce platforms today is Magento. It has varied presentations and aesthetics that can make your store stand out. However, you cannot use it plainly to generate traffic-you need to maximize the returns on investments with some Magento extensions.

The Magento SEO extensions can give your e-commerce store a great appeal that can remain on top for a long time. There are many extensions available, but the best ones in 2021 are enlisted below. 

Magento SEO Extensions

Magento SEO Extension optimizes and improves your Magento site’s performance. It includes a meta and Link tag that can allow you to control the Google shows that are associated with a specific search. You can therefore filter the pages that you need to show and separate them from the others.

This extension also allows for social integration. Social media and SEO are connected and for that reason, this extension comes with a Twitter card and Facebook OpenGraph implementation. Soon, it will have the Google+sharing tags options.

You can include the extension’s breadcrumbs functionality in your theme so that the site’s structure can easily be reached by the search engines. The features of Magento SEO Extension are auto-active upon installation and it does not require code modifications. 

SEO Toolkit

SEO Toolkit is a great Magento Extension suitable for fixing Magento issues including improving URLs. It has site-building capabilities and can facilitate the generation of relevant meta tags. SEO Toolkit can quickly import and export product tags and enhance the SEO friendliness of your product reviews.

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One of the most amazing things about SEO Toolkit is its ability to prevent product duplication on the site. It can enable the search engines to index the store pages properly. As such, you are free to select the URL path for every product even when it appears in many categories. You may not be able to change meta tags manually but you can automate the process using the SEO Toolkit. 

SEO Suite Pro

SEO suite Pro can allow you to manage your Magento robots.txt file effectively and provide open graph support. It also provides some ideas for Magento creation and canonical meta tag. SEO suite Pro also comes with the following powerful features.

  • It creates a roadmap to allow the search engine spiders to index the important pages on your Magento store
  • It identifies and fixes any site duplications fast
  • The rich snippets can make your site visible in search results. 

SEO Suite Pro can discover ways to optimize your site in minutes and has backlinks building capabilities. It incorporates Dynamic Submission Software and Web Ranking Software. 

SEO Layered Navigation 

SEO Layered Navigation is a great extension for improving the site’s performance. If customers cannot navigate a site easily, they are likely to bounce. SEO Layered Navigation comes with SEO-friendly URLs and smart filtering tools to make your site navigation accurate and easy.

This extension can expand attributes and has multiple options for selection with a checkbox. The Default Magento only allows you to select one option of an attribute at a time, which can be very challenging.

With the SEO Layered Navigation extension, you can select many options of an attribute using the multiple select checkboxes. It also features a Load product and user price slider to allow users to search within a defined price range. 

Advanced SEO Suite

Advanced SEO Suite makes it easy for your online users to access products. Through this extension, you can streamline the product search process by optimizing the various categories and groups of products on a template. This can help you to improve your site’s performance for search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Advances SEO Suite allows you to set up meta tags and create search-engine-friendly product descriptions and layered navigation results. Templates can differ with the categories and can use different variables. 

It controls all redirects easily and quickly and can check the SEO health of your page in real-time. The extension is suitable for generating H1 headings, setting unique Meta tags and search engine descriptions for any of your store pages. 

Defer JS

Defer JS addresses the issue of speed to influence ranking positions in your online store. Increased loading times can annoy users and damage your online business. Optimizing your store using various methods may not make sense until you ensure that the store is quick enough. With Defer JS, you can speed up your online store and enhance the PageSpeed Score. 

This extension lets you download CSS and HTML content first before moving on to the JavaScript files. This will get you a higher ranking position and an optimized webpage. It features the Defer JavaScript loading and is compatible with Magento 2.

Defer JS has the bottom of page move JavaScript feature. Its configuration is simple with a clear interface. The extension has an additional filter that can exclude pages or controllers from deference.


The above Magento extensions can improve your Magento site and boost your e-commerce business in 2021. Making use of these options can make your page navigation easier and reduce the loading time, thereby improve the site performance. They have more functionality, enhance the wider reach and improve the visibility of your online store. The extensions enhance user experiences and are cost-effective in the long run. 

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