Customers’ Satisfaction With Marketplace For Magento 2


How far a simple “thank you” can go is very amazing.

Research shows that “the more customers spend and employees accomplish, the more vendors are likely to pay on time”, if they receive regular thanks.

Customers are the motivation for sellers to create more interesting products that can meet their demand.

Landofcoder is very appreciate with all your love and support for our products and company. This is a huge motivation for us to keep moving forward and create products with high quality for our beloved customers.

Especially, our product – Marketplace for Magento 2 have been received a lot of love from our loyal riders that means you believe in us as a best friend, a reliable partner. Thank you for allowing us to be your sanctuary.

Remember that our doors are open 365 days a year to welcome all of our besties. We hope you carry the joy and pleasure when we’re together in the future.

Here are some customers who are trust in using our product – Magento 2 Marketplace. Thank you for choosing our Landofcoder products – Magento 2 Extensions. Wish your business become more successful with our product.

1. LeMerk 35. Desertroad69. A big sales
2. MedAlert36. Blendfeel70. Phpwebstore
3. Ginyl37. Labviva71. Mallo
4. HeyDepot38. Moolalah72. Kommerce
5. ProsperFair39. Qasir73. Ewlizo
6. InCraft40. Loyalto74. Artscouter
7. WharfSeafood41. Mycliks75. Eclipse Express
8. Joka Mainos42. Ataua76. Cymods
9. EFS43. Hylosh77. Control Mall
10. Tobabak44. Everybody Shops78. Bazar
11. Glassboxx45. Check79. Erectorcoin
12. Dakkaken46. Medbrandimage80. Ddspier
13. Mobeed Care47. Crescendo81. Buythevalue
14. Salestay48. Localhost82. Drezzer
15. 24 Hour Estate Sales49. Photonmall83. Lion computer
16. Buy More Today50. Freepaa84. Poc Project
17. Yobyyo51. Goodnoob
18. OTR Tire Market52. Mojooodc86. Lemerk
19. Shopmytribe53. Joqoqo87. Cymods
20. Mercadito54. Mycliks
21. Mariages Futes55. Galgo89. Locahost
22. Exchange Gymnastic56. Axxavv90. Eorganic Mart
23. Eproducatori57. Store91. Kite People
24. Souq58. Starstock92. Food2book
25. Shop N Jazz59. Otengo93. Mondo Ecommerce
26. Virtual Maqazin60. magento-130207-37517094. Earthczar
27. Ownai61. Tengai95. Prime
28. Italy by Shopping62. Pmarket96. Nowna
29. Najiha63. Satoshi Garage97. Dolceviva
30. Ssaw Store64. Payporte98. Prime
31. Nytentsale65.
32. Inagrab66. Qasir
33. Food2book67. Foodina101. Prime
34. Kitepeople68. Multivendor

Once again, we are very appreciate with all your love and support to our Magento 2 products. We will try our best to provide more best modules. Hope you will go along with Landofcoder longer in the future.

Thank you for reading.