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Without a doubt, the Magento 2 Countdown Timer is so useful a tool in marketing strategy to drive your product sales and repute brand image. It creates a sense of urgency that motivates customers to make buying decisions faster.

With a view to helping store owners on Magento 2 boost the efficiency of their businesses activities, we will explain the best 7+ Magento 2 Countdown Timer Extension in this article.

Let’s start without any hesitations!

I. What is Magento 2 Countdown Timer Extension?

Magento 2 Countdown Timer Extension is a virtual clock counting down to the beginning or end of businesses’ special offers, events on Magento 2. To have more clarity, Magento 2 is the world-leading eCommerce platform released in 2015 by Roy Rubin and Yoav Kutner.

This powerful tool creates the fear of missing potential chances of buying goods so that customers take less time to decide on purchasing. Not only boost sales but a good-looking countdown timer can also increase the website traffic and build up a reputation for the shops. 

II. Benefits of Magento 2 Countdown Timer Extension

magento 2 countdown timer extension

Magento 2 Countdown Timer Extension will benefit your business with various advantages. Let’s check out below!

2.1. Optimize the conversion rate 

Countdown Timer Extension for Magento 2 creates a sense of urgency, making visitors aware of time is running out. Since customers feel more expeditious to make a purchase, it is acknowledged that the conversion rate can increase up to 8%.

2.2. Drive more short-term sales

The countdown timer utilizes the fear of missing something as a motivation to make customers interested in products purchase faster. So that, visitors will be more likely to buy the products. The sales growth of your business will be improved effectively in a short time.

2.3. Increase customers’ time on websites

happy customer

As brand image always plays an important role in buying decision process, an attractive countdown timer will favor shoppers and make them spend time on websites. The longer visitors stay on-page, the more potential they are as a buyer.

2.4. Flexible management of sales campaigns

It must be difficult for the store owners to manage the sale campaigns with hundreds of stocks. Magento 2 Countdown Timer Extension helps users to schedule and display time for events more automatedly and easily than ever. You can save both the budget and effort for futuristic events, special offers.

III. Best Magento 2 Countdown Timer Extension



Main features


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landofcoder logo


Magento 2 Countdown Timer Extension

Magento 2 Countdown Timer Extension operated by Landofcoder allows store owners to use the attractive countdown timers on products and webpages. To make customers feel urgent to purchase, this tool will drive more eCommerce sales for your business. You can consult some highlights of the product below:

  • Attractive Deal Daily with Countdown Timer.

  • Easily Configure Countdown Timer on Products.

  • Flexible Countdown Timer on Sidebar.

  • Schedule Time for Daily Deals.

and more


Amasty logo


Countdown Timer for Magento 2

More than 11 years on the market, Amasty is one of the best Magento 2 Countdown Timer Extension providers. Boosting sales and decreasing decision-making time is much more possible with Amasty. You can consult some highlights of the product below:

  • Design catchy countdown timer with ready-made templates.

  • Create limited-time offers.

  • Attach to any products and store pages.

  • Easy schedule.

  • Manage all the countdown timers by one handy grid.

and more

From $119

Mageplaza logo


Countdown Timer for Magento 2

Magento 2 Countdown Timer by Mageplaza is a well-known tool that helps users to use extra countdown clocks for enhancing customers’ experience significantly. You can consult some highlights of the product below: 

  • Two automatic types of countdown timer: Before Start Countdown and Time Remaining Countdown.

  • Display countdown timer by conditions.

  • 5 ready-to-use customizable templates.

  • Schedule to display the countdown timer.

  • Support widget and snippet.

and more

From $99

webkul logo


Magento Countdown Timer Extension

Powr Magento Countdown Timer is one of the best go-to website services in the world with more than 1,2 million installations. With no coding skills required, your countdown timer is easy to customize and respond to mobile devices. Some highlights of products:

  • Display the remaining days, hours, and minutes of events, deals.

  • Count down to a specific number.

  • Count down to future dates to build up customers’ excitement for upcoming events.

  • Custom fonts, colors, backgrounds, etc. 

  • Adjustable sizing and spacing.

and more


FME logo


Magento 2 Flash Sales with Countdown Timer 

Magento 2 Flash Sales is the extension that helps you create limited-time discount offers on your online store. You can create multiple sales campaigns for events like Back-to-School, Black Friday, Christmas and other yearly festivals to sell your products. Some highlights of the product below:

  • Create Multiple Flash Sales Campaigns.

  • Option to Set Different Discount For Each Product in Flash Sale

  • Restrict Flash Sales to Store Views

  • Creates a Dedicated Flash Sales Listing Page

  • Set Fixed or Percentage Discounts to Flash Sales

and more

From $109

plumrocket logo


Countdown Timer for Magento 2

AheadWorks Countdown Timer for Magento 2 provides your business with a boost in the conversion rate, revenue just by basic and easy steps. You can consult some highlights of the product below:

  • Dynamic timer displayed by days, hours, minutes, and seconds.

  • One-time timer.

  • Able to schedule promos for discounts, special events, or time-related services.

  • Rich design options

and more

From $119


Countdown Timer for Magento 2

Mageworx Magento 2 Countdown Timer Extension for products is created to boost your business’s sales with a good-looking and mobile-friendly design. You can consult some highlights of the product below:

  • Unlimited numbers of timers.

  • Apply to all products or specific products.

  • Create a countdown timer for specific store views.

  • Add countdown timers to Magento 2 widgets and place them everywhere on your store, including CMS pages.

and more

From $149

SoftProdigy logo


Magento 2 Countdown Timer Extension

Magezon Countdown Timer is a must-have extension to boost sales and restrict the decision-making process of customers when purchasing. Using this code-free tool, you can create a appealing, mobile-friendly countdown timer for any promotion campaign.

  • Create countdown timer for any products and store pages

  • Schedule countdown clocks

  • 10 ready-made templates

  • Add countdown timers to any Magento widgets

  • Assign a countdown clock to specific store views.

  • Assign to certain customer groups

  • 100% responsive

  • Compatible with Magezon Single Product Page Builder

and more

From $129

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In conclusion

We have described the top 7 Magento 2 Countdown Timer Extension that helps users display products and web pages with virtual clocks to gain more revenue. Thanks for reading and please follow our websites to get more useful information.

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