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What to expect from Magento 2022

Recently, the rapid development of e-commerce is the motivation of many e-commerce site suppliers. Among them, Magento has emerged to be the prestigious expert in building online stores. Digital transformation is now promoted and predicted to grow faster than ever. Being one of the digital brands, Magento has huge prospects in near future. So what to expect from Magento in 2024 and beyond?

What to expect from Magento in 2024?

I. What To Expect From Magento In 2024 And Beyond?

At present, Magento is the open-source platform that is considered to be the strongest one to build e-commerce stores. It is easily found that a series of the big players in the whole market have chosen Magento to develop their online sites, such as Coca-Cola, Ford, IKEA, etc. This is an advantageous premise for its future expansion to the global market.

Up to now, Magento has undergone 13 years of establishment and development in the digital industry. Through its evolution, there are several turning points that made huge changes. The breakthrough of the I4.0 era might bring massive opportunities for Magento to push its growing faster than ever.

1.1. Magento’s Internal Strength

In order to evaluate Magento’s perspectives, perhaps, we should start with its outstanding features in comparison with other competitors.

  • Open-source enables us to flexibly build e-commerce websites, and to adjust or amend the extensions to develop the stores.
  • Online retailers freely choose the data saving platform. They do not have to attach with a hosting. This is convenient for online stores, because they can use the database as desired.
  • Understanding at present and in future, humans will access the internet via mobile phones for shopping, much more than PC and laptop, Magento supplies the mobile-adaption functions to maximize the customers experience.
  • SEO function is integrated in Magento 2 services, allowing websites to push their SEO to attract viewers without cost for promoting SEO in other platforms.
What to expect from Magento for e-commerce sites?

In spite of flexibility and customization, Magento is safe and prestigious. It seems to be conflicting, the two issues are resolved smoothly in Magento, leading Magento to become the most reliable platform for various e-commerce sites.

With the above features, Magento is considered to be the promising platform in providing e-commerce website development in 2022 and beyond.

1.2. External Impacts

In this part, we will figure out the external impacts which affect and bring opportunities for Magento in 2022 and beyond.

Four years under covid-19 pandemics has changed management, work, and commerce methods worldwide. The organizations and enterprises have realized that they could not maintain the traditional method, they must automatize, digitize their activities. Indeed, digitized organizations have been less affected by the crisis of coronavirus. Global and regional trade has grown sharply during this time.

Humans have gradually changed their shopping behaviors. And now, they use online applications or websites as the essential tools for their daily procurement. Accordingly, the suppliers of e-commerce services have had many chances to meet the online shopping demands in the globe, especially in emerging countries. Magento is no exception. Being a digital service supplier, there are surely huge opportunities for Magento to spread its market segment.

What to expect from Magento in the era of the Digital industry?

The world is transforming into the Industry 4.0 era, including cybersecurity, blockchain, cloud computing, machine to machine, etc. North America, Europe, and Asia are the regions expected to be the pioneers in the new age of hi-tech. The enterprises which are predicted to be the leaders include GE, Siemens, and Boing.

Working in the digital industry for decades, with its profound knowledge and experience, Magento is the well-adaptive unit in the multi-change time. Who is adaptive, who could survive in the new era?

II. What To Expect From Magento – Continuous Improvement For Adaption

So what do customers and website developers expect from Magento in 2022 and beyond? Lets discuss the following issue to express what Magento should improve.

2.1. Optimizing Magento Products

Security function for online stores is the most important for Magento optimization. Next, it should rapidly conduct mobile-first and cloud-first for boosting mobile applications. Moreover, the expectation from Magento might be the compact combos with options for many types of enterprises, including SMEs and big companies.

Currently, Magento is relatively heavy, requiring a heavy server. So it is only suitable for a huge store with long-term development orientation.

Magento also should pay attention to classifying its services to fit e-commerce industries like home & garden, food & beverage, or multi-business, etc.

It should smoothly combine the marathon strategy and sprinter strategy in developing a business plan.

2.2. Pushing Magento competitiveness

The price for Magento service is not rather competitive, even much more expensive than other suppliers like Shopify or BigCommerce. Perhaps, Magento should revise the cost of packages for each type of customer.

Furthermore, supporting training and approaching the Magento platform for SMEs might be the short-term solution that can help Magento promote and increase its competitiveness.

Pushing its competitiveness – Expect from Magento in 2022 and beyond

2.3. Developing Brand Identity

Magento has been present all over the globe, however, it is popular only in the US, UK, and Australia. In the rest of the world, Magento has not had a high rate of penetration. Returning to the traditional issue, enterprises should carry out brand advertisements before product advertisements. Based on these achievements, Magento can push its brand awareness in developing countries.

2.4. Being Pioneer In Exploring Emerged Markets

Magento owns flexible functions which are appropriate to the emerged markets. These markets love flexibility. The technical and commercial standards for the digital industry remain to loosen. Moreover, the governments in these new markets issued incentives for encouraging digitalization and gave prevailing rights for their big companies.

Entering these emerging markets, Magento might change its service packages with on-site technical support for the local companies. It should select the potential users rather than covering the whole national markets, in order to save resources and prevent unexpected fees.

On the other hand, there are risks of security leaks and database infrastructure weakness in the emerging markets. Magento or any online e-commerce website must find the solution for these risks.

What to expect from Magento – Entering the emerging markets

III. Last Words

Here above are our opinions for what to expect from Magento in 2024 and beyond. We hope this article can help you find the proper platform to build your online stores. Thank you for your reading and please refer to the other links for more details.

Thank you and stay safe!

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