How To Build A Magento Wholesale Website

How To Build A Magento Wholesale Website

Magento wholesale website is widely developed to conduct B2B sales, such as Alibaba, Amazon, eBay, Trung Nguyen café, and so on. The reason why these famous firms have selected Magento to build their B2B store lies on the benefits, advantages and convenience in installing, designing, data-importing, testing for trials and optimizing anytime as desired.

1. What should we prepare to build a wholesale website?

This is quite important step in deciding 50% of the website’s success. Before configuring a wholesale website, our team must make an effort to prepare all the materials. So what should we make arrangements for building our online store? Let’s figure them out.

  • Purchasing e-commerce platform service from a prestige supplier
  • Outlining the layout of the site on drawing softwares
  • Appointing the human resource to do tasks
  • Estimating the expenditure to build, trial and operate our wholesale site
  • Planning SEO tools for marketing boost
Teamwork is great to get ideas for Magento wholesale website

2. Magento is the ideal platform to build a Magento wholesale website

Among e-commerce platforms, Magento is considered to be the best choice for configuring an e-commerce website, for both wholesale and retail sites.

In order to create a B2B site, we must learn by heart the following criteria for a perfect Magento wholesale website.

  • Simplicity and navigation
  • Data synchronization from multi-channels
  • Flexible back-end integration with third parties
  • Optimized content marketing
  • Be convenient for customer service
  • Enable mobile access
  • Flexible pricing plans
  • Payment versatility

3. Procedure to build a Magento Wholesale website 

In general, to build a Magento Wholesale website, or any e-commerce site (including retailer online website), we must complete these 6 steps as below.

Step 1. Choose the domain name

Choosing a domain name. It should be an identifiable and unique brand.

Create a professional contact email address associated with the domain. We should buy the domain name to create the email if we can. For example, our domain is, so our contact email should be [email protected]. The type of email address is advantageous in monitoring our internal information transaction.

Step 2. Download and install Magento platform

The Magento suppliers will give us the copyright to download or install the platform. The procedure to complete this step is easy. Just a few minutes for finishing the installation for our Magento wholesale website.

Step 3. Design the Magento wholesale website

This step focuses on how to design the website similar to the layout in our preparation. In some cases, we may change the planned layout after gaining a better format than we expected. But for most, we must distribute and arrange menu, buttons and parts on the website interface clearly, eye-catching and convenient for users.

Do not worry about the shortage of color, nowadays, many support software can give coloring solutions for website themes.

The main theme of Magento wholesale website

Step 4. Fulfill our Magento wholesale website with information

We must fill in the information of products or wholesale suppliers. In the case of products, we must import the name, category, type, characteristics, minimum quantity (MOQ), unit price, etc. In case of suppliers, we must import the company profile or company introduction video, dominant products, contact information, and so on.

There are some tips for organizing products and company profiles to attract viewers. We should make a high-definition image and video, list sufficient specifications of products, and list the strengths of the company. The declared information shall be not too long, not too short, compact and enough.

Step 5. Run for trial to test and measure the effectiveness

Next, we should run the trial for testing several times. And then we must measure the index of the website after each trial. The results after trials are the input data to find out the problems and fix them, and help us to evaluate the effectiveness of the website performance.

Step 6. Complete and optimize the Magento wholesale website

Based on the correction after trials, we can fix the problems, and correct the errors. Eventually, our team decided to officially launch the website on the market. It’s time to promote advertisements and broadcast for our site. In the early period of the website, we can question the users and customers about our site function and appearance. Their feedback is the key to help us to improve our site fitting the customer’s favorite.

Moreover, after periodical operation or in necessary circumstances, we should revise the performance of our Magento wholesale website and improve it continuously.

4. Case study

As mentioned above, many famous brands have chosen Magento to set up their wholesale websites. And in this part, we will point out several B2B key players.

Top Magento wholesale website

4.1. Alibaba

Founded in 1999 in China, Alibaba is the most globally well-known platform for wholesale. Up to now, it has gained impressive achievements like 779 million annual active customers, 902 million mobile users, and 509.7 billion RMB turnover. Alibaba has connected 150,000 suppliers to 10 million buyers from 190 countries and regions.

4.2. Amazon

Most people know Amazon to be a B2C platform. But actually, it supports both B2C and B2B sales., Inc. is a multinational company with headquarters in Seattle, Washington, US. This Magento wholesale website specializes in developing cloud computing, digital information transmission, artificial intelligence and e-commerce. This company is considered to be one of the Tech Big Four, with Google, Apple and Facebook.

4.3. IndiaMART

India has emerged as the number 2 technological country in the computing industry in recent decades. This is the foundation for India to develop e-commerce platforms to meet its domestic demands. Indiamart is one such platform, which provides B2B, B2C and C2C as well. According to the updated statistics, it is the world’s largest Magento wholesale website after Alibaba.

4.4. GlobalSources

Global Sources is the oldest e-commerce platform in the world. Founded in 1970 by Merle A. Hinrichs and C. Joseph Bendy, it was first established as Trade Media Ltd. After decades of development, the company has directed towards B2B sales. Global Sources has an incredible B2B sales strategy and is the reason why it has lasted so long in the game and continues to grow each day.

4.5. DHgate

A China-based Magento wholesale website, DHgate is one of the prestigious candidates that we must try for our B2B sales. DHgate focuses on supporting small and medium-sized businesses; and supplies a safe service on international payment and logistics. However, it only supports Chinese and English languages.

4.6. eBay

eBay is one of the biggest B2B marketplace companies on the globe. eBay was founded in 1995, by Pierre Omidyar with the former as Auction Web. It provides customers with flexible payment methods and shortens the customer’s checkout and shipping process. As one of the convenient Magento wholesale websites, eBay owns many effective functions for B2B business.

4.7. Trung Nguyen café

Trung Nguyen café is Vietnam’s famous brand in the food and beverage industry. Being a Magento wholesale website, Trung Nguyen has not only covered the domestic market, Trung Nguyen but also reached the multinational regions. It provides B2B and B2C sales for all clients and customers from around the world. Trung Nguyen legend is the biggest producer and distributor of weasel coffee (Kopi Luwak or civet coffee), both natural and simulated. Its café products have been exported to more than 60 countries, including US, EU, China, Germany, Russia, Japan, Dubai, and ASEAN countries.

We hope this article can benefit you in building our Magento wholesale website. Please view the other related links for more details.

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