What’s New in Magento 2.4.1? Features, Enhancements & Requirements

What’s New in Magento 2.4.1

What’s New in Magento 2.4.1?

A brand new version of your favorite eCommerce platform is here, so it’s time to check it out and see what’s new in Magento 2.4.1.

We are sorry to say that there are no groundbreaking changes, but the latest Magento comes with a wide range of fresh features that make the platform more solid and strengthen its already powerful set of functionalities. As a matter of fact, it is hard to find an area where Magento hasn’t improved at least a little bit.

The developers took care of minor security issues, but there are also novelties in the field of performance, integrations, media gallery, and so on. We need to discuss a lot of details here, so let’s dive straight into the topic and see the current state of Magento.

Key Magento Facts in 2020

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Magento is one of the most popular online retail platforms worldwide and it wouldn’t be possible without constant improvements and system upgrades. The 2.4.1 version of Magento has been released in October and it will surely make the platform even more attractive, but here’s how it currently stands:

  • Magento currently powers more than 250 thousand websites.
  • The platform is used for 12% of all online retail stores.
  • On average, merchants using Magento grow three times faster.

Magento is already strong and versatile, but how does it keep getting better? Let’s check it out in the next chapter!

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Improvements in Magento 2.4.1

Magento developers came up with a plethora of improvements, so we cannot mention all of them in one article. What we can do, however, is to concentrate on the most important changes that solidify the system and enrich the user experience. Here are seven key areas where Magento made substantial improvements:

1. New security features

Magento understands that the number of hacker attacks is growing steadily, so it makes sure to include new security features to the latest version. They focused on three segments in particular:

  • CAPTCHA protection is now available on the Place Order storefront page, GraphQL, and REST. However, the function remains inactive before you enable it.
  • Magento introduces additional layers of protection related to Google Chrome enforcement.
  • Magento Scan Tool is now better and more comprehensive. Jake Gardner, an IT specialist at the essay review service, says the platform is now able to show real-time cybersecurity results and pinpoint possible threats instantly.

2. Performance upgrades

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Magento has always been a top-performing platform, so there aren’t too many upgrade opportunities. This is exactly why the system introduces only two major improvements in October 2020:

  • The system functions slightly faster and minimizes cache size thanks to the optimization of network transfers between Magento and Redis.
  • The consumption in consumer queue CPU has been reduced because Magento introduced a new type of configuration setting.

3. B2B system novelties

Magento 2.4.1 pays a lot of attention to B2B companies and so it adds a whole range of corresponding features. The most significant novelties are:

  • The ability to customize shipping solutions
  • Approval workflow enhancements
  • Faster cart management and requisition list creation
  • Adding shopping cart items directly to a requisition list
  • Making orders from the Admin on behalf of customers
  • A merchant can see all user-related quotes
  • A merchant is able to filter the Customers Now Online grid by Company

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4. A new media gallery

Magento 2.4.1 also comes with a new media gallery that enables a broad scope of additional Admin functions. Some of the most important features include:

  • Effortless deletion of bulk images if necessary
  • Superior optimization of media storage because it’s easy to identify duplicate photos and unused images
  • You can filter images based on the storefront area
  • An overview of image-related metadata has been improved significantly
  • Magento also releases upgrades that focus on image searches, so you can find content based on metadata

5. Tools and integrations

You will notice a number of smaller enhancements in the field of tools and integrations. Magento 2.4.1 is now giving you the following abilities:

  • An entire set of functions dedicated to Amazon Pay, including details such as the checkout, button placement, cart, language translations, and many more
  • Multi-address shipping for Braintree
  • The validation process for admin orders has been improved in Vertex Cloud
  • A dedicated Page Builder support for Dotdigital Engagement Cloud
  • Advanced system synchronizations with Yotpo
  • It is now possible to use Page Builder in the full-screen mode

6. GraphQL

There are also a few additions to the GraphQL, so let’s see what Magento 2.4.1 has to offer here:

  • Product reviews have been upgraded in a way that allows every customer and/or guest to leave a review and check out the entire history of earlier reviews
  • Magento allows guests and customers to add gift messages when placing orders
  • Every purchaser can now explore order history to see details such as prices, discounts, invoices, shipping information, and similar.
  • The same control and management function is added to the reward point system
  • Magento activates the function of adding product bundles to the shopping cart

7. Miscellanea

Finally, we should check out a variety of unclassified improvements that make the new version of Magento more convenient and user-friendly. Here are the finest novelties:

  • Easy deletion of all shopping cart items
  • Usability improvements related to the catalog, cart, checkout, customer account, and similar
  • The system is updating the Venia style guide
  • 150 fixes to core code

The Bottom Line

In case Magento is your favorite eCommerce system, rest assured it will remain so when you see the 2.4.1 version of the platform. Magento made a lot of improvements to strengthen the system and provide more functions for detail-oriented webmasters.

In this post, we discussed how the 2.4.1 version addressed the following areas:

  • Security
  • Performance
  • B2B features
  • Media gallery
  • Tools and integrations
  • GraphQL
  • Miscellanea

What do you think about these changes and do you believe new functions will make Magento a much better eCommerce platform? Let us know in the comments!

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