Top 5+ Best Job Search Websites For A Web Developer | 2024 Updated

Job Search Websites for Web developers

If you are pursuing a job as a web developer or maybe you want to switch your job from freelance to fulltime, this blog is your solution!

Searching for entry-level developer jobs can be overwhelming, especially for a person who is new to an industry. Furthermore, it is even quite possibly making the biggest career shift in one’s life if he/she can’t find a suitable job.

Fortunately, there are tons of job websites that are ready to offer developer positions – including junior or entry-level developer jobs. Here, you’ll find the 5+ best job search websites for a web developer out there.

1. Jooble


Jooble is a job search engine created for a single purpose: To help you find the job of your dreams! You will find all job postings, vacancies and current openings available on Jooble. Have you ever heard something like that? Expect to find many job vacancies in the USA on Jooble.

And this is not because Jooble is “the largest job site in the USA”, “leading world employment resource” or something like that. This is because of Jooble’s operation features; in the same way as any other search engine operates, Jooble does not compile all the information in its own database, but searches it out and does this much better than any other search engine.

When you perform a search with Jooble, you’ll get links to job postings from more than 24195 different job sites throughout the USA that are the most relevant to your search terms, for example ”web developer”. Jooble is in the top 1000 most visited sites in the world, and as of December 2019, the second most visited job search site with 90 million visits per month on average and roughly 950 million visits during 2019.

Jooble was created to save your time and energy, enabling you to your desired job from a single query. Even for “gourmets,” for instance, we created a variety of tools such as Advanced Search and a lot of filters. Compared to perusing the newspaper or using a regular job board, job-hunting with Jooble may seem unusual, initially. Although if you fully learn how to master it – you are guaranteed to find the job of your dream. The only condition, in this case, is the existence of your dream job.

2. Jobsora

Jobsora is another job search website which makes the process of job hunting quick and easy to do. You can avoid the laborious process of contacting a recruitment agency, searching newspapers, asking sirens and acquaintances, or applying directly to firms to apply for a job.

3. RemoteSalt

Remote Salt is an excellent platform catering specifically to remote job opportunities, including those in IT services and development. If you’re seeking a job that offers flexibility and the freedom to work from anywhere, Remote Salt is the place to explore.

With RemoteSalt, you can browse through a curated list of remote job positions tailored to your preferences. Whether you’re seasoned or just starting your career, RemoteSalt offers a diverse range of opportunities suitable for all levels of expertise.

The platform focuses on remote opportunities, allowing you to find positions that align with your work-life balance needs. Additionally, It provides resources and insights into remote work culture, ensuring that you have all the information you need to thrive in a remote role.

If you’re ready to embark on a remote career journey as a remote nomad this is your gateway to discovering exciting opportunities from top companies around the globe.

4. Authentic Jobs

authentic web developer

Authentic Jobs is a popular website for those who want to find a job online. They will easily search full-time, internships, and more as its interface is very gorgeous. Their clients have included in many of today’s most high-grown industries, such as technology, media, and social media. Whether you’re a job seeker or a recruiter, Authentic Jobs is ready to help you achieve your goals.

5. Indeed


Indeed is listed as one of the largest job search websites, with numbers of postings culled from around the internet. You will easily catch a chance while using Indeed in your job search – for example web development or otherwise. Categorize your desired location and keyword that encapsulates what you want to do and let the opportunity appear.

6. Jobbatical


The concept of Jobbatical is based on a “sabbatical” – a period of paid leave (mostly common with professors). Jobbatical manages paid international job placements, mostly at startups. It is a perfect job site for globetrotters or those who want to live in a new country just for a few months and still get paid while doing so. All kinds of jobs (for example: web developer,…) are listed. It takes about 2-12 months due to its teach-based predominant.

Jobbatical provides a lot of high-qualified jobs that can meet the demand from any job seekers. A job can have a good salary, equity options, and a solid relocation package. A budget for books, gym, and Uber rides for when you want to treat yourself a night out. A computer, monitor, headphones are also provided to help you work comfortably. Therefore, you don’t need to worry but just freely pursuing your dream.

7. Krop


Krop is a great job search website we would like to suggest for web developer. Basically a job site for web creatives, including web developers. You can easily search for a job by a tag or key term. The list of jobs is categorized for full-time employment. Furthermore, Krop helps you to build a portfolio and show your work – unlike others above.

Check 5+ best job search websites for web developer and find many more opportunities for your job.

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