SugarCRM vs Salesforce: Which CRM Software Is Better in 2023

SugarCRM vs Salesforce

CRM software plays an important role in customer relationship management. So, choosing a good CRM software is something that every company wants.

Currently, we can find many famous CRM software on the market. Among them is SugarCRM vs Salesforce, which is the two most popular software today.

This article will help you compare SugarCRM vs Salesforce in terms of pricing, data warehousing, implementation methods, online support options, Applications and integrations, sales, marketing, experience user experience, etc., and find out which option is better.

Let’s start!

I. What is SugarCRM?

SugarCRM is one of the powerful CRM software that provides a number of third-party integrations. It simplifies the communication in your team so that your team will be coordinated and organized.  SugarCRM has SugarExchange with a public API code for those concerned about its ability to integrate with other software. It brings emails, contacts, calendars, reports, etc. to one place.

What is SugarCRM

II. What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is an advanced CRM software. It is designed for large businesses.  It provides integration with popular business applications. It will help the companies that already use this platform make a smooth transition to Salesforce with less interruption. If you are a professional seeking to build your career using Salesforce, you can check out the Salesforce Training programs.

What is Salesforce

III. SugarCRM vs Salesforce

Now let us compare both the CRMs Sugar vs Salesforce.

3.1. Data storage

SugarCRM offers 15GB of disk space for data and documents in its Professional Edition, 30 GB disk space in its Corporate version, 60GB disk space in its Enterprise version, and 250 GB in its Sugar Ultimate edition.

Salesforce offers 1GB for data storage and 11 GB for documents in all its editions. This is as per the number of clients. 

3.2. Price

Both these CRMS offer various prices as per the features we choose like per user and per month, etc.

SugarCRM offers Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate plans for $40, $65, and $150 per month per user respectively.

While Salesforce offers essential, professional, enterprise, and unlimited plans for $25, $75, and $150 per month per user respectively.

3.3. Deployment methods

Coming to Deployment options, both Salesforce vs SugarCRM differ.

Salesforce has single-tenant architecture while Sugar has Multi-tenant architecture. As Salesforce has a single-tenant architecture a single URL is used by everyone whereas SugarCRM gets multiple URLs for multiple users to log in to the system.

SugarCRM has multi-tenant architecture it can be deployed on-premise as well while Salesforce cannot be owned by anyone as it can be hosted on the cloud.

3.4. Online support options

SugarCRM provides a number of in-app as well as interface support tools. Every package includes community, forums, support portals, and blogs with certification programs.

Salesforce also contains community, website help, and a strong knowledge base. The Trailhead learning community of Salesforce is also popular. Service Cloud Voice allows the customers to provide new pre-integrated voice services by Amazon connect.

3.5. Configurability

SugarCRM vs Salesforce

SugarCRM integrations and Customizations result in robust growth in the business. In SugarCRM, a developer can perform the code-level inspection for every element and can augment or replace it if required for the business. When compared to Salesforce, SugarCRM gives much more value and control to the company.

However, Salesforce can be set up to align with the business processes of the implementing organization. Salesforce also provides various cloud solutions to fulfill the business needs of various industries increasing the CRM functionality. Although this solution solves business problems, it will not provide customize-ability nor flexible integrability like Sugar.

3.6. Apps & integration

Salesforce can be integrated with all popular applications in the industry as well as native AppExchange applications. It enables the companies which use these platforms for migrating to Salesforce.

SugarCRM marketplace SugarExchange provides very few solutions for technology partners and Sugar Enterprise will not meet the requirements of the customer who looks for a robust ecosystem of self-service CRM apps.

So, Salesforce is better than SugarCRM with respect to Apps and integration.

3.7. Sales & Marketing

SugarCRM is intended for businesses for managing the whole customer life cycle. All the system information like accounts, tasks, products, etc can be accessed by all the sales representatives from a customized homepage available on-premise, online, or through native mobile applications. 

SugarCRM is one of the best CRM software with outstanding marketing tools. All the editions of SugarCRM offer complete features for the marketing teams like lead routing, drip campaigns, a landing page builder, web form, campaign dashboards, and newsletters. There are plenty of Marketing tools in SugarCRM.

Salesforce Sales cloud is developed for contact and opportunity management. It is designed to make the salespeople productive from anywhere may be from a smartphone, or laptop or even a smartwatch. Apart from Lead management, marketing tools of Salesforce are available in different applications in the marketing cloud-like social studio, Exact target, Pardot, etc. That indicates that you need to pay an extra amount. You would also get powerful features like predictive intelligence, social listening, ROI reporting, and lead scoring.

3.8. User experience

From the very beginning, Salesforce has emerged as the industry standard. Businesses in search of a trustworthy CRM solution without any attractive features would immediately go for it. There are even hidden costs, lack of control, and complexities associated with Salesforce.

In addition, Salesforce is developed on a closed-source platform. Since Salesforce relies on a closed-source platform, the users have very little to say about how the system is deployed and managed. 

In contrast with Salesforce, SugarCRM provides customization and creativity. It is featured to be more responsive to the actual requirements of the businesses. It enables companies to integrate customer-facing business processes for developing more profitable relationships.

Moreover, apart from the ability to change the CRM as per your own requirements, it provides a number of choices related to hosting, deployment, and enhancement giving more control to the Customers. So the businesses will enjoy the benefits that are offered by SugarCRM.

IV. To sum up

We have compared the SugarCRM vs Salesforce. Which one do you think is best?

SugarCRM vs Salesforce: Which one do you think is best?

The answer to this question may vary as per your requirement. But choosing the correct CRM for your business is very important.

Salesforce is best for middle-sized companies and for large-size enterprises as it is having a single-tenant architecture. The Salesforce platform provides many important tools like account and pipeline management, user permission, lead scoring, collaborative forecasting, and team management.

While SugarCRM is best for Freelancers, small startups, and public administrations as it is having multi-tenant architecture. It is also best for companies searching for a CRM solution on-site with enterprise-quality features. I hope you know Which CRM will best suit your needs. 

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