3 Steps How To Develop An App For Business Without Coding Experience

How to Develop an App for Your Business Without Coding Experience

Running a business today without online tools is irrational. You definitely need a website, social network accounts, and other means to access your target audience via the internet. Even if you don’t sell online, customers’ feedback should be your major concern to maintain a good reputation in the enterprise.

Your business is small and you don’t have the necessary resources, you say? Fortunately, the times when your company needed an in-house department of IT guys to be present online are gone. Find out how to build an app for business even if you have zero coding experience.

I. Why Does Your Company Need a Mobile App?

Why Does Your Company Need a Mobile App

Have you ever wondered why Google Play and App Store have so many applications for mobile devices? Billions of people in the world have smartphones. Guess what, this could be your audience if your business builds an app for mobile platforms!

Still not impressed? According to recent research, US users spend about 90% of their time using mobile applications on their iPhones and Android devices.

Why? Because conventional websites aren’t that convenient anymore. They aren’t obsolete, but they may have compatibility issues with mobile browsers, load longer than 3 seconds that most visitors can stand, and look not that great compared to mobile apps.

Launching an online store, for example, is a great idea for a small business, and you’ll need a website. But only with a mobile app, your enterprise will look solid. The best thing is that you don’t need to hire anyone to build one.

Get to know more about starting an ecommerce online store for your business!

 II. Can I Build an App for Business with No Coding Experience?

Can I Build an App for Business with No Coding Experience?

The good news is that you don’t have to be a programmer to develop the app for business. Today, with new technologies at your disposal, you can build no-code apps with ease. No math and programming courses, no learning something you’re not good at, just craft an app for business as simple as you plan your regular operations.

2.1. The Progressive Web App (PWA)

The easiest way to do it is to use a progressive web app (PWA). To be clear, it is not a replacement for conventional mobile applications in the way people know them. The term was coined in 2015 by Google to demonstrate the functionality of their Chrome browser, which was used for this purpose.

2.1.1. What’s In It?

A PWA is a browser-based application delivered to users on mobile devices. You can use Chrome or Firefox to run the mobile app is pretty much the same way as the conventional applications from an App Store or Google Play. Despite the fact that they are built using HTML, JavaScript, and SCC, they work just fine to cover all your business requirements. 


2.1.2. Why Сhoose a PWA

The major benefit of a PWA is its price. You’ll need a PWA app builder to develop an application according to your project specs, that’s all. However, there are more advantages to enjoy:

●  Simple development. Develop an app for business and users will launch it on iOS or Android. You don’t need a special version for each platform!

●  Easy sharing. Share your app as a file or URL. Moreover, installation is not required either.

●  Facilitated access. Users won’t have to open a browser every time to use your app. It’s like a native app on their smartphones, with no difference.

●  Versatility. Anyone can use it, from your employees to customers.

●  Small size. Due to minimal size, your PWA is ready to go within seconds after a user clicks the download button.

●  Offline mode. Cashing allows PWAs to respond to users’ requests similar to native apps, so they can function offline too.

2.2. Tips & Tricks for No-Code App Developers

Before you start choosing a PWA app builder, check these 3 easy steps to avoid common pitfalls in your zero coding app development endeavor.

Tips & Tricks for No-Code App Developers

2.2.1. Identify Features You’re After

Like in conventional application development, you’ll need a carefully thought-out functionality plan and a list of mandatory features. Decide if your business app requires database integration, reporting generation, extended analytics, or a specific UI before you start. It’ll save your time and help you avoid countless pre-launch versions.

You should also consider if you need to add new features and significantly extend the functionality of your no-code app. In this case, choose a builder that supports code tweaking in the future. In time, you can hire a developer to improve your app without starting it from scratch.

2.2.2. Choose the Right App Builder

Mind performing prep work before you choose a vendor. It’s like seeking the best essay writing services, you check Writing Judge, for instance, to see your options. So, while choosing the app builder, remember to check everything beforehand:

  1. How transparent is the provider’s pricing policy?
  2. Can the platform scale with your enterprise?
  3. Are there regular updates available?
  4. What is in the provider’s portfolio?

Answers to these questions will forge a list to work with so you could choose the best solution for your company. Check the winner’s offering and see if its functionality fits your project requirements. It might occur that a no-code app isn’t the best choice, and a native app would be a better option.

2.2.3. Come Up with the Fusion Team

As in the case of building a conventional app, you’ll need a team of stakeholders for brainstorming. It’s called a “fusion team” for a reason – you blend the vision and experience of very different specialists to come up with the list of features appropriate for your business.

If you’re on your own in your startup, ask friends and family to help. You need more opinions than just yours to develop a viable app. Never hesitate to ask for help with this step to minimize the risk of crafting a useless app for your business.

2.3. Wait No More: Become an App Developer Today

Wait No More: Become an App Developer Today

Consider an app for business as your investment into the bright future of your enterprise. Especially, when you can do it yourself, having no coding experience! Competitors won’t hesitate to take your market share using any means.

You should start right away. Develop the plan, choose the right app-building platform, and help your customers become your very loyal audience. A mobile app is always a good choice to improve your business.

III. Conclusion

Online presence is vital for your business. You should always try to be one step ahead and make customers’ experience comfortable when they interact with your online shop or website. That said, a mobile application is what you need!

Zero coding experience is not an excuse today. You don’t need qualified specialists to develop an app for your business. A PWA is a go-to option, so just check the 3 steps and go for it!

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