Top 8+ Magento 2 Subscriptions an Recurring Payments Extensions | 2024 Updated

Top 8 Magento 2 Subscriptions & Recurring Payments Extensions | Latest Updated

Surely, e-commerce store owners using the Magento platform, as well as customers who frequently purchase on e-commerce sites, are familiar with the concept of Subscriptions and Recurring Payments. Today, Landofcoder will expose you to a list of the top Subscriptions and Recurring Payments Extensions that will significantly benefit your business.

I. What are the Subscriptions and Recurring Payments Extensions?

What are the Subscriptions and Recurring Payments Extensions?

In a sentence, this extension allows you to take recurring payments for repeat orders on your site, which is a very effective revenue model if you sell subscription boxes or things that are used frequently.

For suitable items, subscription options will be displayed on the basket page, and once consumers have selected their preferred delivery frequency and payment date, they may checkout using the regular method and complete payment through debit/credit card. Customers will be charged instantly for their first order, and then on an agreed-upon payment schedule for subsequent repeat orders. They can also use their Customer Account to see, change, or cancel their subscription/repeat orders.

Your admin system will create repeat subscription orders at the customer’s specified intervals (e.g. monthly), and the order value will be paid to their debit/credit card – all you have to do is fulfill each order.

II. What benefits does it bring?

What benefits does it bring?

The functionality is fully configurable with your store’s admin system, allowing you to: 

• Specify which products can be purchased on a subscription basis

• Set subscription rules, such as the sign-up price, trial term, frequency of payment/dispatch (e.g. weekly), and total subscription period (e.g. 6 months, a year, until customer cancels)

• You can make a sale that is subscription only, and then apply it to a certain subscription rule.

• View/edit customer subscription details

• View a list of active, suspended, and expired subscriptions

In addition to enabling easy installation and administration for administrators, this extension saves your own customers time and provides a faster, better user experience. One of the ways to compete in a crowded low-margin market is to introduce continuity, thereby increasing Customer Lifetime Value (CLV). Offering replenishable products on subscription, at discounted prices creates stickiness with customers and simplifies customers ordering process as no action is required to buy products they need on a regular basis. Once customers subscribe and like the product, they tend to stay. This is what most business owners strive for. These advantages demonstrate why you should include this application in your toolkit of business tools.

III. List of Top Magento 2 Subscriptions and Recurring Payments Extensions

Take a look at the table below to see what products are available from the best vendors on the market right now!



Main features


Detail links


Adaptive Subscriptions for Magento 2

Adaptive Subscriptions go beyond the restrictions of Magento 1's recurring profiles to provide a solution that addresses the needs of growing organizations. Adaptive Subscriptions is a Magento 2 plugin that offers a variety of features that give consumers more flexibility and make subscriptions easier to manage. This Magento 2 extension was created by certified developers to ensure smooth integration and improved user experience. Adaptive Subscriptions now accepts three common payment methods: Authorize.Net, PayPal Payflow Pro, and Braintree, thanks to a recent update. This list will almost certainly grow over time.

Highlight features:

- Subscriptions for visitors should be enabled.
- Allow customers to choose the frequency of their subscriptions from a range of product possibilities.
- Subscriptions can be paid for using a variety of payment methods.
- Make each subscription's pricing unique.
- Customers should be allowed to manage their subscriptions.


webkul logo


Advanced Subscription Products for Magento 2

The module is the most effective way to generate numerous subscriptions for your Magento store and supply your customers with the most up-to-date product or service information.

Highlight features:

- Integration with Reward Points, Web API, and GraphQL support

- Quick subscription setup on multiple products

- Extending, updating subscriptions available for the customers

- Single-order delivery for same-day subscriptions

- Customers can control every aspect that you allow them to


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Magento 2 Subscribe Now Pro Extension

If you are searching for a subscription model to let you increase recurring purchases on the store, Magento 2 Subscribe Now Pro Extension will be your best choice. It comes with advanced subscription recurring payments & supports major payment gateways!

Highlight features:

- Track & manage customer subscription on Magento itself (No Payment gateway dependency)
- Supports PayPal through Braintree standard Magento payment method
- Compatible with 100+ payment gateway extensions with Magento Vault support
- Easy development of orders for the subscription products from the admin panel
- Let the customers subscribe to products from the cart itself



Subscriptions & Recurring Payments

Amasty's Subscriptions and Recurring Payments is a wonderful option for businesses who want to offer products with recurring rates and subscriptions. You may use this extension to create a variety of subscription plans to match the needs of your clients. Customers can purchase subscriptions in addition to ordinary products.

Highlight features:

- Sell subscriptions to generate stable cash flow
- Create custom subscription plans to cover any demand
- Accept payments via PayPal and Cash on Delivery
- Accept recurring payments with Amazon Pay via addon
- Allow multi-currency transactions with Amasty Stripe



Subscription and Recurring Payments

This extension allows your customers to subscribe to products or services and gain stable recurring payments with Magento 2 Subscription & Recurring Payments.

Highlight features:

-Fully compatible with Magento 2 Commerce (EE)
- Support Paypal payment method (Paypal supports both initial fee and trial fee)
- Create subscription plans and choose which products they apply to
- Choose whether customers can choose a start date for their subscription or not
- Manage customers and subscription profiles



Recurring And Subscription Payments

Customers can collect timely payments for subscription, rentals, renewals and other recurring type of payments easily with this Magento extension.

Highlight features:

- It provides subscription order management for admin

- Alert email notifications for both customers and admin

- A subscription order once placed can be activated on any of the following events

- Subscription billing can start on any of the following events, as defined by the admin

- Admin can change status of a subscription manually to the following



Recurring Payments & Subscription for Magento 2

The webstore's admin will be able to manage subscriptions and recurring payments for his store's products with this extension. Customers will also benefit from this expansion since, by making future payments automatic, they will no longer have to log in to their accounts each billing cycle.

Highlight features:

- The admin can check all the subscriptions for various subscription products and can see the recurring payment details for a particular customer as well.
- Create duration types for the subscription that will be applied to the products later.
- It supports online recurring payments using PayPal and Stripe as well as offline recurring payments using(Check/Money order).
- Setup the online recurring payments using PayPal and Stripe. 



Paypal Recurring Payment

The PayPal Recurring Payments extension will not only save you time, but it will also help you retain consumers, which will eventually lead to long-term connections, lower billing expenses, and more simple payments.

Highlight features:

- Easy and quick to install.
- With Paypal express checkout, all online recurring payments can be managed.
- Enable/disable recurring payment per product.
- The trial period, initial amount, auto bill, can be defined by the admin.
- View/active/suspend/unsubscribe any customer subscription.
- Free support and updates.


IV. Last words

The list above contains a summary of the top Magento 2 Subscriptions and Recurring Payments Extensions available. They come from reputable vendors and have extensive experience in developing Magento extensions. Rating review on websites, The price, The vendor’s reputation (SER), Social media metrix, Landofcoder team and expert review are the 5 variables we use to summarize and evaluate.

We would like to express our gratitude to the Magento 2 Subscriptions and Recurring Payments Extensions vendors. Thanks to the contributions of the suppliers’ products, which have resulted in such a comprehensive summary of information. It will significantly help users in selecting the appropriate product, even if they have no prior expertise or specialist knowledge.

Feel free to leave a comment or contact us if you have questions or add other Subscriptions and Recurring Payments Extensions to this board. Thanks!

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