Top Magento 2 Delivery Boy Apps | 2024 Updated

Top List of Delivery Boy App | 2022 Updated

The delivery boy app is quickly becoming one of the most popular modules for improving the e-commerce user experience. The market has become extremely competitive because of the increasing demand of users for fast delivery and the increasing demand for delivery management by store owners. In this article, we’ll provide you with a selection of the best delivery boy app to help you find the ideal product for your business. 

I. Why should use Delivery Boy App for eCommerce?

What motivates users to purchase a product is undoubtedly the value that it provides. In these difficult times, when the world is combating Covid-19, managing delivery is not easy if you are receiving many orders at once on your online store. To make the door-to-door process easier, you’ll need a delivery agent or delivery person that can take care of your deliveries and organize them. You may add numerous delivery boys to the app, allocate orders to them, and have them deliver items to clients. Delivery boys, on the other hand, would be able to manage deliveries using a mobile app. Even the customer will be notified of the delivery boy’s details via email.

To answer the topic of why you should use a delivery boy app in your business, we’ll look at two parts of the benefits of utilizing one.

For the Admin (Store Owner)

For the Admin (Store Owner)
  • You can add numerous delivery boys to your account who will be in charge of managing the deliveries of online orders on your web store.
  • You can assign orders to the delivery boy added to the app.
  • The admin can easily track the status of the delivery boy, the orders, and the shipping configurations as well
  • You can anytime cancel the orders in the app.
  • The admin can chat with the delivery boy and customers within the app.
  • The admin can approve/ disapprove the ratings which delivery boys receive
  • Delivery Boy App is available for both the platform Android and iOS.

For The Delivery Boy

For The Delivery Boy
  • Delivery Boys can install the “Delivery Boy” mobile app on their Android or iOS phones to update the order status & manage deliveries.
  • The Delivery Boy can accept or decline the order accordingly.
  • Receive the notifications with regard to orders.
  • Delivery boys can communicate with the admin and customers within the app.

For The Customer

For The Customer
  • The Customer can track their order via google Maps on Order Detail and view Detail of Delivery Person, Order OTP code.
  • The Customer can also chat with the delivery boy and the admin within the app.
  • The Customer can add a review, rating for the delivery person.

II. How does a Delivery Boy APP basically work?

How does a Delivery Boy App bassically work?

Top List of Delivery Boy App



Main features


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Magento 2 Delivery Boy App

The Magento 2 Delivery Boy App enables admin to build, maintain & track the entire database of items being shipped from their platforms. It enables the admin to assign orders to the delivery operator so that orders can be delivered efficiently to the customers.

Admin can use chat to connect with the delivery boy. The delivery boy is given his own login to manage all of the orders that the admin has assigned to him, as well as to indicate his presence or absence. In addition, the delivery boy can also access the sales and order information. This module also allows merchants to contact the delivery boy in order to track the delivery of their orders.

Key features:

- Add Numerous Delivery Boys At Once Time
- Easy To Track
- Easy To Communicate
- Push Notification Alerts
- Accepting Or Declining Order
- Available For Both Android And IOS


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Magento 2 Mobikul Delivery Boy App

Magento 2 Mobikul Delivery Boy App is a native app that helps both the admin and the delivery boy. Through the tracking and messaging features, it creates a bond between them. By checking the availability status, the admin may quickly manage the delivery of lads. The program, which works on any Android/iOS device, provides a significant benefit in terms of order monitoring by the administrator.


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OpenCart Delivery Boy Mobile App

- The delivery boy app for OpenCart makes the delivery and order management seamless and quicker.
- Both Android and iOS Delivery Boy App are fully native and will be published on Google Play & Apple App Store.
- The store admin can add multiple delivery boys and login credentials will be forwarded to the delivery boy via email.
- The delivery boy can log in to the app using the credentials and check the orders dashboard.
- Once an order is assigned to the delivery boy, the person may accept or reject the same. In the case of choosing a former option, the further delivery process is carried out simultaneously.
The store admin can track and manage all deliveries from a single admin panel and manage the deliveries of all orders without any hassle.



Delivery Boy App

Elitemcommerce also launched a Delivery Boy App that works in the same way as other delivery applications and has the same functionality.

Key features:

- Login Authentication

- Order Status Updates

- Push Notification Alerts

- Track Active Orders



MageNative Delivery App for Magento 2

The MageNative Delivery app allows administrators to create, maintain, and track a database of all things dispatched from their platforms. It allows the administrator to assign orders to the delivery operator so that they can be delivered to customers quickly.

Key Features:
- Add Unlimited Delivery Man
- Add Unlimited Sub-owners
- Mobile database enhances collaboration
- Unique Ids remove duplicacy
- Streamline process encourages efficiency
- Efficient delivery process


III. How to choose the best fit?

You should take advantage of the time to get the demo of the apps in order to get the one that best suits your business. It’s important to keep in mind that you should only use apps that meet the basic requirements.

We are confident that this list will not let you down. Finally, we would like to express our gratitude to all of the developers that contributed to this list.

If you know of any good shipping apps or have any questions for us, feel free to leave a comment below. The article will be more complete when there are positive contributions from you.

Have a nice day!

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