How does SMS Marketing work in e-Commerce?

How does SMS Marketing work in e-Commerce

In any business, customers create profit. E-Commerce is no exception: the well-being of an online shop depends on its customers, their quantity, and activity. You can achieve this in various ways – competent advertising and pricing policy, as well as high standard customer service. If you are thinking of developing an eCommerce website, check the Magento commerce platform. Your e-Commerce business will be more successful with effective SMS marketing strategies.

SMS service for communication with customers

Although online retailers do not have the opportunity to communicate with the customer in person, they can arrange communication in many other ways – thanks to the development of technology. Nowadays, one of the most convenient ways for this is SMS marketing. It is possible to use phone calls or e-mail, but not everyone has access to email all the time, and it is not always convenient to speak on the phone.

Reading a received SMS is quick and convenient. Sending SMS is also one of the most convenient options for the seller. The first advantage is efficiency: an SMS can be sent from the administrative panel with a single click of the mouse or even switched to automatic mode.

The second advantage is that the seller can create the required number of standard templates, which will eliminate the need to re-enter the text of the message each time.

Last, but not least – this way of communicating with customers is economical, which is important for large volumes of information sent out. You should consider as well that SMS is much more likely to be read than the same email. It will not get into the “spam” folder.

So, how can you use SMS marketing in e-commerce?

Messages about order status

Messages that the order has been accepted, processed, and executed are among the most frequent in the mailing lists of online shops. And some of the most expected by customers – after all, not being able to take the goods into their own hands and take them to the cash register, a person starts to worry: whether they have filled in the form correctly, whether the application has been accepted, whether the processes of registration and delivery of goods have begun.

A good example of that service – online shop ASOS, they provide you with order status updates on your phone so you can be on track at all times. Very often, customers call themselves to check the status of their order. Saving customers from such worries, you will get a lot of extra points in your favor, and you can do this by simple SMS that the order has been accepted.

sms marketing in e-commerce website

Messages about the delivery of the purchased goods

The frequent choice to deliver goods purchased online is courier delivery, especially when it comes to expensive or simply fragile items. Often shops use an external courier service, but even if they have their couriers, it is not very convenient to deliver the goods again just because the customer has forgotten about the time of delivery and was not in the right place at the right time.

You can avoid such situations by sending an SMS-notice in advance, reminding your recipient regarding delivered items, place, and time of meeting with the courier. Believe me, the customer will be very grateful for such a reminder, most online shoppers prefer this way due to a busy schedule and lack of time for offline shopping.

Reports on the status of the shop’s assortment

Quite often, the goods chosen by the customer are out of stock at the moment, but the customer is ready to wait until they appear. Many shops for such cases provide the service of ‘waiting for goods’, where the customer can mark the goods in which he is interested and which he is ready to purchase once they are in stock. Or the customer may want to find out about new products in certain specific sections: for example, memory cards or photo lenses. The same SMS will still be perfect for notifying you – and it will be more helpful the more frequently your shop’s assortment is updated.

Bookmark messages

There are probably no longer any browsers that do not have bookmark creation built into them. Also, a huge number of applications have been developed and are widely used to allow users to create collections of websites, which have raised users’ interest. Meaning that they will have quick access to those pages.

However, for solid networking solutions, you may end up in sharp need of a fast and stable resource, if you are looking around we can recommend to check out “Interserver”. Here is a more detailed look at services and InterServer reviews. With the help of mobile services, the same can be done in SMS marketing- for example, sending a message to a friend with the necessary details of the shop you want to recommend, especially with modern integration of iMessage and other built-in tools which merge SMS and web messengers.

Sending congratulatory SMS

There is a large number of holidays that everyone celebrates. Here are some tips for a better holiday shopping experience. The most celebrated holidays are upcoming – Christmas and Thanksgiving, of course, Valentine’s Day and Easter. Congratulations on such holidays are a great opportunity to remind yourself and create a pleasant association in your memory.

A big con will be if you know the date of the buyer’s birthday – then you can not only congratulate them on their day but also offer them discounts on certain products (the main thing is to do it a little ahead of time so that if necessary, they can notify friends who wish to give them a gift). What you should do is to prepare great SMS marketing plans on these holidays.

Send congratulatory SMS marketing

SMS Newsletter

The purpose of all kinds of promotions, sales, seasonal or other discounts is to draw the attention of customers to your product. Therefore, SMS with information about this will be very helpful – especially since seasonal sales are always popular, and the customer will be sincerely grateful that they have been informed about the possibility of making such a profitable purchase. If you are interested in SMS newsletter creation and tools, you can find more information here.


To sum up all of the above, we can surely say that SMS marketing takes a major place in our lives. Especially taking into consideration the fact that we are always glancing at our smartphones. I hope you can make a difference for your brand with the information you have discovered today, good luck!

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