How To Use Product Review To Increase Marketplace Popularity And Sales

marketplace product review

Do you know the reasons why some e-commerce brands such as Amazon, Ebay,etc become famous quickly and they tend to be the most ideal model for every marketplaces?

One of the most important reason comes from their rich sources of products’ reviews. There are thousands of people flock to these websites daily to research about their products by way of customers reviews and the final result indicates that customer’s reviews play the integral part in developing an online store’s branding and marketing.   

The initial benefit of having a huge amount of shopper’s reviews is to raise the future customers’ trust on your magento 2 marketplace. The more reviews you have, the more convinced a shopper feels about their right decision to choose your items among other attractive ones.

Reviews also can help to drive more and more visitors and potential customers for your marketplace. When many reviews appear in a product page, it will increase the presence of this product in the search engines via some unique keywords.

Other people when come to your products and read lots of feedback including both positive and negative side before making decision of purchasing or not. If your products have much more good reviews, they tend to purchase immediately without any hesitation. Good reviews increase sales dramatically due to that factor.

Constructive ideas from customers help us understand our products better and make the suitable improvement by resolving customer problems. This can turn out to be a great business practice to raise their loyalty on your brand.

What are strategies for you to use product reviews to boost your brand’s reputation and sales up? Take Landofcoder’s marketplace is an example.

  1.  Ask your customers directly and personally to show their experience and opinion after purchase.

The review process in Landofcoder Marketplace is very fast, simple and convenient for customers because there are clear blanks for them to fill in.

  1. Offer loyalty program to get points for each review to your customers.

For each review, you can set the particular amount of points they can receive and apply for the next purchase, helping them to save more budget

  1. Optimize your marketplace for better reviews.

First impression and experience is very important to satisfy customers. Make your online websites fast, friendly and convenient will be the most ideal way to get better reviews even when they do not belongs to product’s aspects.

  1. Approve both positive and negative reviews

A mixture of good and bad feedback will make your products and your service more believable. Customers can consider two sides and ask for your help and consultation about any problems related.

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  1. Pay attention to the negative reviews

There is no doubt that negative feedback are beneficial for you to get more and more good reviews. You should consider their ideas, problems and finally suggestions to make improvement for your products.

Product reviews operate incredibly for Landofcoder Marketplace

Product Review Function is built-in Lof multi vendor website and is always ready for unlimited customers, which can be a great tool to boost your product popularity.

There are some simple steps to manage and control product reviews in Lof marketplace. Navigate to Admin Panel → Marketplace → Reviews and Rating → Manage Reviews. There, you will find all the reviews and their status such as published, pending, spam and also trash. You can edit, approve pending reviews and display them on your front end.

Lof product review management

Lof product review management in Admin Panel

Lof product review

Lof product reviews in Seller Cpanel

You can see lots of Pending Reviews and even you can view their details

Review status

View Pending Review

To approve all desired pending reviews, you can only visit the Admin Panel. Click to choose the reviews you want and select the action of Approve. And do not forget to save the setting to display it in the storefront.

Review Approval

Lof product reviews approval

Final words

Asking for products reviews seems to be easy process and normal step in developing your online business. However, the importance of this strategy cannot be denied. You should learn how to get more and more positive reviews and make use of them to boost the reputation, customer loyalty and especially store sales.