How to Generate More Sales from your Digital Products

Generate More Sales from your Digital Products

You are selling downloadable product but the result you got is not much different from physical
If you are finding solution to drive sales fast for your digital products, this tutorials will help you alots

What can be your digital products?

Your digital product can be: a song, a podcast, an e-book, poems, short stories, digital artwork, photo, tutorial video, membership to your club, soft ware site template, presentation or any other digital stuff

In this article, I will show you how to sell it on marketplace effectively. Marketplace Owner can share this articles to help your vendors sell fast.

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Best ways to generate more sales from your digital products

Without further ado, let’s explore the best ways to boost your revenue using the digital products.

#1. Upload them on a marketplace

This is one of the most effective ways for you to get sales. Selling digital products on marketplace, you can have your own store without any cost, efforts and knowledge.

If your own site find hard to generate traffic and sales, selling product on marketplace can give you several benefits such as more exposure, more review, latest promotion trends…

#2. Get Testimonials from Users and Influencers

Intangible products and digital products may have trust issues. And that would not be a problem if you have testimonials from user. Also to get word of mounth is one of amazing marketing methods for your digital products.

To get great testimonials from users, you would need to generate that kind of satisfied experiences. Hence, if possible, ask your client to write something about you or your brand, that will be a great help for you.

Another way is ask for your influencers in your field to write a few words on it. Now, your job is to post it with your product and do not forget to insert more reviewer image to get more trust

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#3. Highlight Product Reviews

Once you get amazing reviews for your products and business. It is time for you to highlight it. As you may know, online customers always check for review before making purchasing decision.

They may not click the button if there are no review or if the review look like spam. Moreover, do not let bad review take you down.

#4. Better Present your Digital Product Graphical

Whatever your product is, it is wise choice to showcase gallery image eye-catching with possible benefits or features of the products. These image will be a strong reason to purchase.

For example, if your product is digital product, software or website theme. Do not forget to show how it works, video tutorials, etc.

#5. If Possible, Build a Separate Landing Page of your Own

Sometimes, the product page is not enough to describe how your products is. If you are facing this trouble, product landing page will be a great solution for you. Take advantage landing page to have all the control to persuade customers

#6. Think of What Customers Want to Know

If you can understand what customer is looking for in your product, you will beat your competitors. So think like a customers, see their pain points, and how your products can solve their problem. Also, compare them with your competitors and make it better to shorten customers decision making process.


#7. Write Articles on your Product

Write amazing news, story, and product info, tutorials to engage customer and bring the best solution for them. Keep writing frequently or you can hire a copy writer to improve what you want to tell

#8. Keep a Refund Policy

It is not a must for every digital products. But sometimes if you can offer product refund, your customers can make purchasing decision faster.


#9. Increase Value or Offer Pricing Points

Give your customer free or different pricing points to make your products more affordable for customer without offering discount directly.

Tell us what you have found

These are all I am using. If you have already done some methods that found good results, share it with us in the comments. I will share it to this blog. Do you love that?

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