How To Get More Vendors On Your Marketplace

get more marketplace vendors

There is no doubt that customers and buyers cannot be drawn to your marketplace if yours has few sellers. It will definitely lead to the lack of choices and the poor services. So, it is really important that you should get more marketplace vendors for your prospect online store at an early stage by showing your unique attractiveness and which benefits sellers can have as much as possible.

But in fact, it rises a question of “how to achieve that goal?’ For his perspective, you will hardly find any particular & comprehensive guide. As a result, we publish this post which can guide you on different ways to attract more and more sellers for your magento 2  marketplace including both online and offline & how to connect with them to increase the effectiveness of your online business.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is adequately the most effective & most efficient online tool to polish your brand name and raise its reputation, so it is important that you make the most out of it.

social media marketplace

Create accounts on social networks such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc will serve well based on your target niche because these social channels are the most popular sharing space where everyone makes use of its conveniences. For example, Pinterest & Instagram are musts for a fashion or nature marketplace while Facebook is imperative in every sections.

Sharing informative & promotional stuff on the accounts above can be the potential way to catch more and more vendors. One more tip to help you speed up the process is spending a part of your budget to promote your posts resulting in great results it brings.

Quick tip: Public the most informative and beneficial informations on social networking sites to entice sellers to your website. Make use of the available and potential space and make your store be exposed to everyone.

Banner Ads

banner-ad- marketplace

Placing banner ads on websites wherever you think your targeted sellers can be found is another good way.

At first, you must seek for the most convenient ads networks. Among them, selection for yourselves the ones that easily allow you to publish ads on the most relevant websites based on your niche.

Keep two things in your mind when starting create your banner ad:

– Targeted people you are creating ads for are merchants not for customers

– You are inviting them to register instead of selling products. Your banner should clearly reflect these aspects, otherwise, it’s easy for every merchants to understand the provided information in the wrong way.

Offline Marketing

Offline marketing tends to face with more difficulties than online promotion of your business does. However, it is considered to be more effective when discovering vendors for your online store.

A good place to start is to apply posters on public transportation such as bus or delivery trucks of logistic services where it will definitely come in potential sellers’ notice. Don’t forget placing hoardings in wholesale markets, distributing pamphlets in trade fairs, merchant associations, etc.

offline marketing marketplace

Attractive Commission Offer

One of the key factors to attract sellers for marketplace is offering some concession on commission rates. For example, you can tell them the maximum commission they can help and explain how it works, deadlines,etc and also aspects must informed clearly with the consents from both two sides.

marketplace commission


The various tactics mentioned above can be definitely useful for all kinds of e-commerce stores where multiple vendors can do everything they want. For each type of various business models, you might choose the ways to approach things differently and suitably, but generally these strategies will work out effectively for any freshman of online business.