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Top Magento Developer Skills You Need To Have

In the emerging world of technology, Magento is considered one of the leading eCommerce platforms across the globe. Therefore, whether you want to be a Magento Developer or looking for a Magento Developer to find your own commercial solutions, you must also have a good understanding of Magento Developer skills.

This blog can help you not only know how to be a professional Magento Developer but also hire the most suitable Magento Developer for your platform.

I. Who is a Magento Developer?

In fact, Magento Developer is in charge of developing, maintaining, and improving customers’ e-commerce websites. To take a wider view, before exploring the necessary skills for a good Magento Developer, let’s take a look at the work of a Magento Developer.

Who is a Magento Developer

II. Magento Developer Job Description.

The answer is simple- a Magento developer essentially develops Magento websites but there is a lot more that they do.

Magento Developer Job Description

Typical Magento developer tasks include:

  • Installation and configuration of Magento commerce
  • Building Magento themes from provided designs
  • Setting performance tasks and goals
  • Configuring Magento’s stores to support multilingual and multi-currency setups
  • Installing, testing, and configuring payment gateways such as PayPal, SagePay,, etc
  • Integrating other business systems into Magento 
  •  Implement audits of Magento websites for search engine optimization

The type of work also should be included in the job description: full-time engagement, covering only a certain set of tasks, the project work.

III. Required skills

3.1. Technical Skills

technical skills of Magento developer

Knowledge of programming languages

Magento is a platform written entirely in PHP. This requires Magento developers to have full knowledge of all areas of terminology and techniques. However, When a web developer has to get his hands dirty, you can always require HTML, CSS, and Javascript to play a crucial role in the development of an eCommerce website.

Magento uses its own abstraction layer for communicating with the database and MySQL is a common choice on that side. Also, understanding PHP will help you to look to exceed using Magento, and Modular Development, familiarization with MVC architecture. Besides, web development languages and query languages are also very useful for a Magento developer. Moreover, it is important that the Magento developer should have knowledge in coding directly to mobile devices.

Knowledge of various e-Commerce integration

Magento is a two-way channel between a company’s eCommerce website and its inventory. So Magento web developers must know about eCommerce integration. Only then will they understand the requirements of the customer. So that, you can save your time and can focus on other significant things.

In addition, you must understand how Magento organizes and applies these concepts to the code. When you need to customize additional features beyond the default, they can still do it well without breaking the natural structure of the core Magento.

Strong widget development skills for Magento

Nowadays, Widgets have become an essential part of all E-Commerce sites. Due to the different innovations brought by widgets in the eCommerce business, it becomes elementary to attract as well as reach the potential customers with maximum numbers and lesser period.

So a Magento developer must know how to create them, make them interactive, and deliver a unique and engaging experience for the users. From there, make it accessible to as wide an audience as possible

Working with themes, modules, and extension

A Magento developer must know how to work on different platforms, work on hybrid development, and create a website that demonstrates high-end skill sets and knowledge and different levels. Because, a creative Magento developer knows the advantages and benefits of using different modules, themes, and extensions to improve the functionality and scalability of your Magento website most effectively.

Clean development and testing

Maintaining system integrity is always important for a website with many users. Via clean development, Magento developers will help that particular problem can be solved in a more convenient and comprehensive way.

To ensure the performance of your website, force it to be tested multiple times. System testing with GitHub can allow you to develop smoother, highly functional websites. So you need to find and learn from people who are experienced in these areas and know the best practices in that area.

3.2. Personal Skills

Personal skills of Magento developer

Innovation and creativity

Innovation and creativity are basic skills for every developer, but for Magento developers, it is an especially must-have skill. Nowadays, creative thinking on many levels and great coding are the factors that most Magento developers have to think about in the process of building and perfecting a product. A creative Magento Developer will build highly innovative online stores to retain customers.

Besides, along with the day-by-day development of Magento and e-commerce, a Magento Developer also needs to innovate. That is shown through the long-term strategies that a Magento Developer can bring to the customer’s website and implement that strategy.

Problem-solving skills

Coding and design issues when developing or upgrading an e-commerce website are common. To have a good product in the process requires Magento Developer to have extremely effective problem-solving skills.

Ability to multitask

Every business and customer has a unique requirement for their website. This means, to be a successful Magento Developer, you have to fulfill those requirements at the highest level.

Just learning a programming language or just being good at it is not enough. This requires you to combine many knowledge and skills at the same time to achieve the highest efficiency.

Communication Skill

Simply say, you won’t achieve an ideal outcome if you don’t communicate effectively with your customers. So communication skills are indispensable here.

Throughout the product development process, you will have to continuously communicate with them about the implementation, innovation, upgrading, and completion of the project. Especially, when working with foreign customers, grasping and understanding the customer’s requirements right from the beginning will help the work go smoothly and save a lot of time, says Emma Flores – a professional writer at the educational platform


As previously mentioned, being a Magento developer is a difficult job and requires many skills. However, just the above skills are not enough, this job requires each Magento Developer to have a sense of responsibility for his own work and the client’s business.

Every project delay increases costs. Ensuring the project is done on schedule requires Magento Developer to effectively implement project management tools.

IV. Magento Developer Training courses

If you are just starting to learn about Magento Developer and don’t know where to start, the following online courses will be of great help to you:

Magento Developer Training courses

4.1. Mastering Magento for E-commerce Certification Training

This program is for individuals who want to earn a Magento developer certificate or are simply trying to configure their own platform. 

  • Platform: Edureka
  • Duration: 30h total length
  • Price: 160$

4.2. Magento Training

Magento U is an official resource for Megento learners. This course is for everyone: beginner, intermediate and advanced learners. It’s especially suitable for beginners who want to learn basic knowledge and don’t want to spend too much.

  • Platform: Magento U
  • Duration: Depends on each program
  • Price: Free

4.3. Open Your First Shop Step by Step Magento 2 Free

This course is for those who want to open a Magento 2 online store easily and make a lot of money from it but don’t know where to start. It will be a key to solving that deadlock problem.

  • Platform: Udemy
  • Duration: 6h37m total length
  • Price: 18.99$

4.4. Simplified Magento 2: Video Course From Beginner to Expert

This course goes from beginner to advanced level in Magento Developer. In this, all concepts are well explained with appropriate coding examples to reinforce them. In addition, the instructor also provides examples from real situations.

  • Platform: Udemy
  • Duration: 12h22m total length
  • Price: 13.99$

4.5. Max Pronko’s Youtube channel

As a longtime member of the Magento community, Max Pronko is known for sharing his experience and knowledge through videos related to the powerful transformation of Magento and e-commerce. His videos always give tips and share them as intuitively as possible. I think you will learn many practical skills in his channel.

  • Platform: Youtube
  • Duration: Depends on each video
  • Price: Free

V. Conclusion

So, these are the essential skills that a successful Magento Developer needs to have. Hope this article has helped you have a better overview of the Magento Developer skills as well as their jobs. Hope you will find your way to become a professional Magento Developer and also find a suitable Magento Developer for your company.

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