4 Magento Dashboards For B2B Performance Monitoring


The B2B experience should be as crisps as that of your ordinary customer. Do not assume that you are dealing with a business that understands your challenges and would be fine with mediocre treatment. Any substandard treatment equals a reason to look for another company. Magento dashboards provide the data you need to understand your business and customers well enough to serve them according to their expectations.

Dashboards offer unique information for each business operation. For instance, they may indicate your customer base of the pages visitors are clicking on once they land on your website. One website is built with multiple dashboards to serve the admin, different teams, customers, and the management, among other categories. Dashboards are designed with very unique details because everyone in an organization is interested in very particular information. Dashboards, therefore, act as filters. They present specific information to a particular category of people. Magento allows you to customize your dashboards based on your information requirements. Here are four crucial dashboards under Magento that enhance the quality of your B2B interactions.

1. Company Profile

The company profile dashboard captures information about the clients under your B2B tag. The information should not be accessible to everyone in the organization. The dashboard should, therefore, only be available to the management, strategy team, directors, and senior sales executives. The company profile dashboard captures details of the current performance of your main clients. For instance, it will tell when the company last ordered goods from you, the number of goods, payment status, and future orders. The account indicates the health of your relationship with the business.

Company profile

Details in the Company Profile dashboard should remain a secret. Most companies do not want their transaction history to be exposed to the public. Employees with access to this dashboard must avoid unnecessary exposure by securing passwords and avoiding unauthorized access.

The dashboard will help you to make better decisions when handling the said business. For instance, you can upgrade membership based on transactional history. Payment trends will also help you to make the best decision during credit.

Companies want their information and interactions to remain secure. Do not grant unchecked access to the company profile. Monitor the passwords and IP addresses of gadgets accessing this dashboard. You must also install the best security to safeguard your website against breaching. In this era of cybercrimes, you could lose credibility when it is discovered that you exposed data belonging to your customers.

2. Catalog Performance

The performance of individual items in your store is crucial when stocking your business. The catalog performance dashboard tells you the performance of different products or services in your store. The details help you to prepare a solid strategy on how to boost the performance of different products over time and to different clients.

Catalog performance

The catalog dashboard provides information from the perspective of the products on offer. For instance, you may realize that a particular sweater or shoe is popular among an age group or office-going persons. You can now craft a campaign targeting the specific market because you have better data.

The catalog performance dashboard should be available to sales executives to the highest level. They will be using the information to make decisions on the products to push to particular businesses, especially the reasons for choosing one business over another.

Merchandisers and the e-commerce team should also access the catalog performance dashboard. Merchandisers use the data on the dashboard to design better campaigns and activation methods. Once they realize that a particular approach has borne better fruits, the merchandisers can double their effort in that direction.

The e-commerce team needs data from the catalog performance dashboard to understand activity online. The dashboard indicates the source of traffic, activity on the website, and trends in growing traffic. The data will help them to shape the next campaign. Specifically, the e-commerce team will know the most productive areas to focus attention on and segments that could require resource trimming because they do not offer the best ROI.

3. Quotes Dashboard

Magento offers a dashboard for quotes. The catalog is important because it documents the process of quoting and negotiating with other businesses. You can trace the movement from inquiry to negotiations, ordering, and closure of a sale.

The quotes dashboard provides crucial information on the quote-to-order ratio. Specifically, it will tell you how many people inquired about your products and eventually bought them. As you look at the process, you can identity loopholes that are causing cart abandonment.

Quotes dashboard

The sales team also identifies difficulties in selling. For instance, if most of the clients are dropping out at the shipment phase, you can review your logistics requirements. It is one of the most important dashboards in enhancing a better customer experience. Use assignment geek for your homework to allow more time to understand dashboards and how they can be used to make your B2B operations smoother.

The dashboard is important to every sales representative, the managers, operations managers, and e-commerce managers. For the sales team, they can see the situations resulting in sales or cart abandonment. It gives them a chance to sharpen their skills or improve on the processes.

Operations managers also need information on the quote dashboard. The information will provide a clear picture of the effectiveness of operations in your business. You have a reason to enhance some of the measures taken or reduce others to circumvent the existing challenges.

4. Sales reps dashboard

The dashboard is available to the sales team, including their managers. The sales team is the lifeline of B2B operations. The actions and omissions of individual reps will result in profit or losses. The dashboard helps you to track the metrics of individuals or groups within the business.
Pexels Sales data is crucial for HR management. You can tell the best-performing reps and those that may need support. As you discuss results, you have a solid backing indicating the performance of individual members or the team. None of the salespersons will claim bias because the data on the dashboards is clear.

Magento dashboards are detailed yet easy to understand for ordinary persons. They offer credible information that will help you to make an informed decision about your operations. Luckily, they are customizable to reflect the unique data needs of your business.

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