Free Shopify Themes: Suite Of The Best Themes Released This Year

Free Shopify Themes: Suite Of The Best Themes Released This Year

By 2021, Shopify says that millions of businesses across 175 countries are already using the platform. With revenue growth of 76% over the previous year, many brands have been trusting Shopify as an all-in-one solution to run an e-commerce store for individuals, companies, and self-service needs. by and brand.

Are you looking to develop an attractive online store using Shopify themes but don’t know which theme to choose to start with? This article will provide you with free Shopify themes that you should try.

Free Shopify Themes You Can Use This Year

The first impression is the last impression! Hence, it’s crucial to make a great impression. You can design your business platform in such a way that engages your targeted customers whenever they visit your website. Almost 38% of online shoppers instantly leave a website if its appearance is unattractive.

Most entrepreneurs always try to develop a dazzling design that enhances the user experience and helps to create conversions. But most eCommerce businesses get confused about whether to use Magento or Shopify for creating engaging business platforms. Both platforms have their own benefits and loss; brands can choose the one that best suits their needs.

Top in eCommerce Usage Distribution in the US
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Shopify has the largest market share of eCommerce platforms in the USA, it is used by one in three users (that is 32% of users), and online brands use it to power their stores. More than 2,539,230 websites are developed using Shopify, that is (28%).

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More than 1.75 million Shopify eCommerce store owners use the platform, as it helps them develop and maintain their platform more effectively. However, it becomes vital for them to select the best Shopify themes for the website that result in their business success. 

The most prominent eCommerce platform, Shopify, provides its users with 76 nicely-designed themes on the Theme Store. However, picking up a Shopify theme from these sources that best suits your website isn’t an easy task. To help you make a better and perfect choice, we have listed a few of the free Shopify themes that you can select this year.

1. Brooklyn


The top one that you can go with is Brooklyn, as it is the best theme that is perfect if you are looking to start an online store. This theme offers you two styles, dynamic and classic; you can easily choose any based on your requirement. If you own a minimum of products to sell, it is a smart option to go with a minimalistic approach and choose to go with a classic.

However, if you want to look vibrant and colorful, you can go with a dynamic style. It comes with endless customization options, from layout to fonts to general to footer settings; you can easily customize everything. You can smoothly make modifications to this theme according to your requirements.


  • Comes with a slideshow;
  • Responsive;
  • Integration of social media icons;
  • Perfect for design and fashion stores;
  • Allow you to customize the home page.

2. Debut


One of the light versions of Shopify free themes is Debut. It is the perfect option if you have very limited products to sell; it makes it easier for you to manage images, product promotion videos, and much more very easily and speedily than ever before. Debut enables you to highlight your brand products as it comes with great product recommendation features.

This Spotify even allows you to upload a perfect product promotion video on the home page. Additional white space allows you to add clients’ testimonials that drive traffic and boost sales. It has a slideshow feature that helps to showcase your business product more efficiently. Moreover, you can add more pictures to the slideshow; however, the search bar facility enables your ideal customers to easily find the required products.


  • Best for all scales of businesses;
  • Enables product banners;
  • Allows to feature product video on the home page;
  • Predictive search bar;
  • Social media blocks.

3. Minimal


You get three styles when you go for a Minimal theme: Fashion, modern, and vintage; you can choose any as per your business need and get started. A simple and minimalistic approach puts your products in front and helps you display videos, products, and other product details in an engaging manner that drives conventions and attracts more and more eyeballs.


  • Best for cultural websites and fashion;
  • Product filtering;
  • Zoom product image;
  • Homepage slider;
  • Handy customizable features.

4. Venture


The Venture theme is the best option for sports retailers. If you are hosting campaigns and events frequently, this theme is best for you. It comes with a promotional bar that enables users to highlight products that are on deals and sales you are offering right away. Drag and drop menu enabling you to feature product information and its description as well.


  • The perfect option for sport’s retailers;
  • Full-screen slideshow;
  • Minimalistic design;
  • Helps you put the promotional images and videos on the home page;
  • Supports large product pictures.

5. Vendy


New-fangled Shopify theme Vendy is a perfect choice for design and fashion businesses as it makes it easier for them to showcase the brand with smooth content integration and sleek styling. It provides varied pre-made lookbooks, homepages, products, and other pages as well.

Vendy makes it easier for you to create a business-centric site for selling shoes, clothes, accessories, etc. However, the Shopify theme is a simple solution with a ready-to-use design on the board. This design is relevant, and the commercial proposition is highlighted from the excellent side.


  • Homepage layouts;
  • Lookbook fashion pages;
  • Size guide page and pop-up;
  • Speedy and light-weighted;
  • SEO and mobile-friendly.

6. Narrative


Shopify Narrative theme enables you to convey a story to the customers. The theme is ideal for many items or small catalog shops as it enables you to feature a video on the home screen. However, a high appealing and resolution layout lets you highlight product information.

With its immense image blocks, Narrative is the leading choice for showing a single service or small products. This theme is famous among small business owners as it has more than 60% positive reviews and ratings.


  • Best for small web stores;
  • Three styles;
  • Free stock photos;
  • Home page video;
  • Fully customizable.

6. Label


The Label is a responsive Shopify theme; it can be easily adjusted to fit any device, including a laptop, desktop, tablet, and mobile. This theme is perfect for music streaming businesses and artists to sell their albums. The shop page consists of a quick view and an add-to-cart option.

The Label enables you to pick vibrant colors on the home screen and view them without being redirected by establishing a new structure and new design pattern. Many artists choose to invest in a video streaming script that enables them to change their content and more in real-time. This platform also enables them to change their profile more easily and speedily than ever before.


  • Large catalogs;
  • Best for the art and entertainment sector;
  • Physical stores, Digital products, and Visual storytelling
  • Free high-resolution photos

7. Melody


Melody is a responsive Shopify theme; you can easily adjust it for any device like laptops, tablets, desktops, and many more. It is designed for the art and entertainment sector and eCommerce sites. Diversified commodities like CD stores, Musical instrumental stores, fashion stores, and many others can use these themes. The theme of costs has been used by hundreds and thousands of people.


  • Fully responsive;
  • Multi homepages;
  • Slideshow;
  • Quick view;
  • Vibrant color;
  • Filter.

8. Mysterio


The Mysterio theme for Shopify is a flexible and powerful solution enabling you to create a top-notch online store for beauty and fashion. It is one of the most affordable and advanced Shopify themes from Zemez. The theme was created with customers and eCommerce trends in mind.

However, this solution is compatible with an advanced version of Shopify, the online store 2.0. With improved functionality and a great number of features, this update simplifies eCommerce. Both developers and merchants can enjoy many advantages from it.


  • Shopify visual builder;
  • Homepage layouts;
  • Quick view and shopping cart;
  • Complete support of Shopify apps;
  • Product compare and wishlist;
  • Call-to-action and pop-ups;
  • Great media on the product page (video, YouTube, images, 3D models, Vimeo)
  • Dynamic blocks on the product page.

Apart from the themes mentioned above, there are many more Shopify themes available. You need to find the best and most free Shopify themes that are the perfect ones to choose for your brand. Just find the one that suits your brand’s requirement, choose the new online brand, and lack adequate resources.

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