How to change default placeholder image Magento 2?


change default placeholder image magento 2 is an effective way for you when there are too many heavy images that make your website is slow to be loaded.In this post, I wanna show you how to replace them with default placeholder.

1. Admin panel > System > Configuration


2. In Configuration page, select Catalog > Catalog > Product Image Placeholders


Here you can edit Base, Small, Swatch Image, Thumbnail placeholders

In which:
Base: shows on the product details page
Small image: appears on the product list page
Thumbnail image: used in product thumbnail galleries and blocks

When you complete uploading image, click on Save Config to end process.
After that, approve the message to get back to the site’s front-end to view the result.

This is the end of my tutorial on how to change default placeholder image Magento 2.
Hope it is helpful for you!

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