3 must-have extensions for your Sales Preparation

3 must-have extensions

According to studies from Acommerce, October and November are the best occasions for your e-commerce store to generate a huge revenue. However, I believe that it is never too early to thoroughly scrutinize your online store, and prepare in advance for any sales and marketing strategy in every shopping season throughout the year.

If you are using the Magento platform to sell online, it’s time for you to review and select some great extensions for your e-business.

As you know, your customers always expect a lot from your store, such as high-quality products, fast shipping, or excellent customer services. However, what drives customers to buy goods in your store over and over again is the extra benefit they can receive beyond their expectations.

To help online merchants prepare a successful sales campaign, I suggest three significantly useful tools which cannot be forgotten when operating your store. They are Magento 2 Gift Card,  Better Coupon, and Reward points extension

1. Gift Card

In special occasions such as birthdays, Christmas, wedding anniversaries, many customers struggle with choosing suitable gifts for their friends, their partners, and families. As a store owner, it is your prior duty to address this problem for those pitiful customers. One of the great solutions that we proudly recommend is the Mageplaza Gift Card extension. Gifting has never been that easy.

It is not only an effective way to rapidly boost sales and conversion rates, but also an easy-to-use tool. With just a few drag-and-drop steps, store admins can create beautiful gift card templates, while customers are able to design their own unique and attractive gift cards dedicated to their friends. Thanks to this utility module, shoppers are motivated to purchase more gift cards from your online store, and as a result, your revenues will rocket. 

In addition, this module also comes with many other powerful features:

  • Personalized Gift Cards
  • Drag and drop to design
  • Delivery methods
  • Delivery time
  • Gift Card History
  • SMS/Email Notification

Personally, if I have to vote for the two most outstanding features of this extension, I would prefer pick template personalization and the drag-drop design feature as they help boost CX for your store and also aid admins a lot. With all of the suggestions above, why don’t you give Gift Card extensions a try?

2. Flash Seles

Magento 2 Flash Sale allows e-commerce businesses to cleverly create and manage outstanding Flashsale strategies for every special occasion. Enabling this extension to organize different flash sale modules (Public Sale, Private Sale, Hide Price) that target different groups of customers, which will greatly attract buyers attention’ .

Magento 2 flash sale

3. Better Coupon

When it comes to shopping seasons, or big sales campaigns, the requests and demands for personalized coupons may peak. We cannot deny the important role of coupons in boosting sales and improving customer satisfaction, especially in these occasions. However, creating and managing coupons manually is painfully time-consuming for shop owners. To help them resolve these issues and reduce the workload in managing their online stores, Mageplaza provides a great extension with powerful features – Magento 2 Better Coupon extension.

Better Coupon module offers a great system of coupon code generator that helps reduce the workload of shopkeepers in store management as well as improve the user experience in an effective way. Thanks to this helpful module, admins can create coupon codes and send them to their customers at a glance.

Also, let’s take a look at some of the outstanding features of this extension:

Instant coupon generator

This feature allows members of an admin team to use as a quick access to the coupon generator, which takes only 2 steps to create and send a coupon code to an email address.

Auto-apply coupon link builder

This feature enables admins to create a link which, by accessing it, can help customers check out with an auto-applied coupon code.

Import coupon codes

This feature is helpful especially for stores which use a collection of coupon codes generated from another system. No matter how big the data is, admins can upload codes which are stored in a CSV file or plain-text form. I can’t wait to see the positive results that Better coupon extension can bring to your online store in your next sales/marketing campaign.

4. Reward points

The final tool on our recommended list is Mageplaza Reward Points extension, which plays an essential role in helping online store improve customer loyalty effortlessly, as well as cut down marketing spendings and strengthen branding by attracting a large number of potential target customers.  

There must be some motivations that attract shoppers to come back again and again. It can be the high-quality products, the quick-and-easy checkout, or the supportive customer’s service, but these factors have to base on customers’ personal impression. I realize that the most practical and materialistic motivation is to spend the cumulative points they receive after several previous purchases. If not coming back to use those reward points in the next purchase, buyers may feel they waste a bargain. Also, the feeling of receiving the extra benefit in every time shopping is so great!

Significantly, reward points module allows customers to keep track on their own points and the expiration date to encourage them to earn and spend points as soon as possible. Moreover, it enables store admins to control the rewarding systems from customizing the point label design, organizing point sliders and indicators, to setting the earning rate in the backend.

Below are the highlight features that are most useful to promote customer loyalty with this module:

  • Rewards point for purchases
  • Customizable point label
  • Point expiration
  • Point spending slider
  • Point indicators

More impressively, in Reward Point Pro, which is an upgraded version of Reward points extension, customers can also earn points when sharing on social channels and when referring friends with the help of a special feature called Reward for Behaviours. Store owners can help strengthen their business’ brand in social media yet save a lot of marketing expenses. Let’s look at the full feature comparison table below:

Clearly, the more points shoppers accumulate, the more interested they are in shopping and repurchasing goods on your e-store. Don’t hesitate to try this impressive extension!

In short, there are plenty of robust extensions that can support you significantly when developing your sales/marketing campaign; however, Mageplaza Gift Card, Better Coupon, and Reward points are among the most effective ones. It’s time to integrate them into your e-commerce store and experience the powerful benefits s they can bring to your business. These great extensions are right here for you. Give it a try!

Author Bio: Lynn is a content marketer at Mageplaza. A risk taker, a part-time traveler, and a food lover. Also is a bookworm who dreams of having her own library