Best 5 Software Development Outsourcing Trends For 2024

Best software development outsourcing trends

Firms worldwide have been using software development outsourcing to enhance their project’s efficiency, speed, scalability, and cost-effectiveness.

Avasant reports that at least a portion of the application development process is being outsourced by 60% of IT companies. This highlights the importance of software outsourcing firms in assisting businesses in bringing high-caliber software to market.

However, given the rapidly changing business and technology environment, what does the outsourcing market’s long-term outlook hold? We’ll look at a few of the major trends in software outsourcing in this article.

Why is outsourcing software necessary?

Having computer experts at your disposal means that you can never again be sidetracked from your main goal.

The fact that you are no longer restricted to your town, region, or even nation is another intriguing feature. Indeed, you have enough options when looking for a reliable outsourcing partner. Any product creation is dangerous, particularly for non-techies. There are many software development service companies out there like Luxoft, that will handle the laborious task for you; all you have to do is offer precise specifications, and they will take care of the rest.

Key outsourcing trends

The latest trends of outsourcing software development
Let’s explore the latest trends of outsourcing software development

It’s time to discover some of the most thoughtful and successful outsourcing trends for 2024 and the years to come. 

1. Data science services

Businesses desire to use their data to gain competitive advantage and knowledge, which has led to a surge in demand for data science services. However, not every company has the staff or expertise to set up internal data teams. Experts in machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data science are in dire need of external collaborators. To better mine their data for useful insights, businesses will look for outsourced partners with experience in these areas.

2. Agile methods and practices

Building trust and solid communication lines is essential to any successful collaboration between outsourcing providers and the clients they serve.

Long-term relationship development has been identified as requiring the use of working approaches like Agile and DevOps. They are in line with the main objectives of software development outsourcing as they emphasize cooperation, communication, and efficiency optimization. This allows software to be deployed more quickly and be received more favorably by users. For this reason, we anticipate that the outsourced sector will continue to see growth in the use of DevOps and Agile.

3. Protection of data and security

Concerns about software development have always centered on the possible threats posed by cybercrime and the potential loss of confidential data or intellectual property. This problem is becoming more and more prominent due to the continuous growth and complexity of the cybercrime industry.

When a business decides to outsource services, it is fair to assume that the service provider would give more information on security protocols and data privacy. As a result, in order to strengthen their position on data security and demonstrate compliance with important laws such as GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA, outsourcing companies are progressively implementing strong security measures.

Data protection and security are one of the highest priority

4. Hybrid outsourcing software

Outsourcing may be approached in a variety of ways, and more and more companies are looking to take advantage of all available options. They want the linguistic and cultural alignment that comes with onshoring or nearshoring, together with the cost reductions and talent availability that come with outsourcing.

As a consequence, one of the major outsourcing trends for 2024 is the rise of hybrid outsourcing. By providing the highest degree of scalability and flexibility, outsourcing partners with hybrid models enable their clients to strike the ideal balance between cost and expertise without taking on needless risk.

5. Upkeep and support for software

The post-development services that each company requires to maintain the security, functionality, and stability of a program are software maintenance and support. In 2024, the majority of businesses will choose to outsource these kinds of services as they provide them access to a committed, round-the-clock workforce at a reasonable cost.

Furthermore, it facilitates access to help via a variety of channels, such as email, remote access troubleshooting, and live chat. Application maintenance is often included in software development services’ development packages. If your IT partner doesn’t provide outsourcing, you may still choose it.


These days, outsourcing trends and projects for software development are chosen over recruiting an internal staff. It facilitates cost savings and speedy development of commercial applications. In 2024, the majority of businesses will be outsourcing their software development, cloud-based app development, and others.

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