Significance of Magento Mobile App Localization | In 2023


We are living in a mobile-first world where everything is interconnected, blurring out the border lines. There are thousands of useful mobile apps out there that make your day-to-day life easy and hassle-free. From booking a cab to ordering food, mobile apps have made your everyday tasks more convenient.

However, the competition in the app market is extremely high, which makes it quite challenging for you to generate good revenue creating apps. Mobile app developers need to create more unique and pleasant app experiences to make more people use their digital products.

So, is Magento Mobile App Localization really important? How important are they to growing your business? This article will help you better understand that.

What is Mobile App Localization?

What is Mobile App Localization?

In mobile app localization, you have to adapt your mobile app design and other components to the local user preferences. From Magento app building to formatting and designing, each element of your app should be localized to meet the needs of local customers.

You must deeply analyze the cultural values and social norms of each target market to localize your mobile app accordingly. When you customize your mobile app to the language, culture, and interests of local audiences, it helps your app thrive internationally.

In mobile app localization, you have to make slight changes to the functionality and interface of your app. Typically, you will need a team of translators and developers to carry out all the modifications to your app. You can also hire a language service provider, or buy professional linguistic software for the purpose. Using advanced tools would make your Magento app localization management simplified and effortless.

Why Should You Do Mobile App Localization?

Just putting up your app on the Google play store is not enough. No matter how interesting and useful the app features, if it does not resonate with your target audience, you can’t generate good revenue from it. Let’s have a look at the points below to understand why having your Magento mobile app localized is significant for global growth.

Reach Out to More Users Globally 

You must know that the majority of world mobile app users are from Asian countries. When your app is only available in the English language, you have already lost a large number of potential users who don’t understand English. Global success can only be achieved when you are providing a localized app experience to all users.

Localizing your app helps you reach out to maximum potential audiences. It is estimated from research that from two similar apps, people are willing to download the one that is in their local language. So, app localization is becoming more important because people like inclusivity, they want to use products that create a sense of belonging.  

Increase ROI And Magento App Downloads

If you want your mobile app localization to earn a good ROI, you have to make more people download it. Having a Magento mobile app localized captures the attention of maximum users, and there are more chances that they will download it. From millions of other options available, you have to make an effort to provide that extra value to the users. Localization increases your user base and allows you to target diversified users from different regions, speaking different languages.

Better User On-App Experience 

When you talk about online digital products, whether it is software, mobile apps, or e-commerce stores, their success highly depends on the user experience. All of your localization efforts boil down to a better user experience, which makes your users satisfied. Because it is not just about making more people download your app, they will only keep your app on their mobiles if it will provide value.

Good marketing and promotions can bring more downloads, but it is of no use if users will delete the app after a while. An effective user experience goes a long way. It doesn’t just satisfy the existing customers, but good reviews and word of the month bring in more customers – that too without spending money on marketing.

Have A Competitive Edge 

Why Should You Do Mobile App Localization?

Mobile app localization is definitely going to give you a competitive advantage against other apps that are not localized. Competition is very high in the market, and you must stay one step ahead of what others are providing. Moreover, keep your eyes on what is trending in the market. This will help you get an idea about what your user is expecting from your app, and how you can improve their experience.

Eliminating Language Issues 

Localization allows you to create an inclusive mobile app that is resonating with locales. From cultural values to language, everything should be modified to the preferences of each region. It would also eliminate that communication and understanding gap between your app and user. They can better understand all elements of the app and use it more effectively.

Using local languages in your app also helps the users to easily navigate through it and find the required features. Moreover, localization also gives your target audiences a sense of belonging to the app. They don’t see your app as a western brand.

High Scalability in mobile app localization

Digitization has made it easier for mobile app developers to reach out to a wide range of users. All you have to do is put up your app on the Google play store. However, scaling your app business in foreign marketing is not that simple. Entering the foreign markets and creating brand awareness is just the first step. To actually make your app thrive and make a good profit, it has to be scalable.

Localization actually supports your mobile app when it comes to scalability. Moreover, you must keep in mind that when you scale your business your localization needs also increase rapidly. To cope with the growing localization needs, you can use a professional project management platform or linguistic software.

Support Your Marketing Campaigns 

App developers spend a lot of money on running marketing campaigns and promotions for their apps. We know that you have to put effort and resources to get visible results from app marketing. Mobile app localization also supports your marketing efforts by capturing more eyeballs to your brand. It is important to localize your marketing campaigns for every region because one version of the marketing campaign might not fit every culture.

Localizing your marketing ads and campaigns also helps you avoid major brand mistakes because what is normal in one culture might be offensive to others. This way, mobile app localization does not just help you create inclusive marketing campaigns for diversified audiences.  


The fact that 72% of potential users of your app would not understand the English language. Localizing your Magento mobile app allows you to eliminate the language barrier between you and your target users. It would help you multiply your ROI and maximize the app downloads in every region.

However, you should have localization in your mind from the very first stage of mobile app creation. So, you don’t hard code your app elements and use Unicode instead to create the app. This will save a lot of time and effort in the localization process. You should hire the best Magento 2 Marketplace Mobile App Builder who would deal with the difficult problems of mobile app localization.