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Magento Marketing Review

Thanks to the release of Magento Marketplace, the official Magento extension store, Magento users and businesses on the Magento platform have found a reliable place for applications and services that extend e-commerce solutions. Over the years, Magento Marketplace has achieved considerable achievements in the design and coding criteria to ensure users the most up-to-date and trusted Magento extension marketplace. 

Since Magento Marketplace is an open platform in which developers are free to upload their Magento extensions for commercial purposes, you can earn up to 70% commission for each Magento solution. If you are new to the market, the process of submitting an extension might cost you a great deal of time and effort. In this blog, we will show you step-by-step guidelines to submit Magento extensions for Magento Marketing Review in Magento Marketplace.

1. Marketplace Submission Process

All extensions updated to Magento Marketplace have to go through a submission process to verify that all extensions on Magento Marketplace meet certain coding and practice standards. It is a must that your extensions are qualified by the Extension Quality Program (EQP) including Magento experts, development guidelines, and verification tools to check the compatibility of your Magento solutions and Marketplace criteria. 

The submission process will follow a guideline with four steps:

Step 1: Create your own extensions satisfying certain coding and practice standards.

Step 2: Submit your extensions for Magento Marketing Review and Technical Review

Step 3: Pass all Magento Marketing review and Technical Review and the extension will be placed on Marketplace

Step 4: Waiting for payment after 3 months. 

It is noted that all steps must be followed strictly to ensure a smooth submission process. After submitted, the extension will enter a queue, and following that queue, submission emails will be sent to your email. Also, you can easily track your submission status and progress through Magento Marketplace account.  

Magento Marketing Review

2. How to submit your extensions for Magento Marketing Review

Your product can be submitted for Magento Marketing Review and Technical Review at the same time. During the Magento Marketing Review, your extension content will be checked to make sure it fits Magento Marketplace’s requirements on branding, content, and presentation.   

submission sections

In the Marketing submission segment, there are seven sections that need to be completed:

a) Extension description

Extension name, short description, and detailed description must be provided in the Extension description section. 

  • Extension Title: the name of your extension. The title should be concise with maximum use of 5 words. 
  • Short description: a quick overview of the extension, maximum 239 characters.
  • Detailed description: features and functionality of your extension, maximum 25,989 characters. 

b) Images and videos

You must provide a thumbnail 240x240px, in either JPG (JPEG) or PNG format and at least 2 high-quality images for the images gallery that describe your extension features. 

In the Video Links, you can paste the URLs linked to a Youtube video that helps customers decide if your extension is the best fit. It can be installation guides, how-to’s, or testimonials.

c) Compatibility information 

In this section, you will pick browsers that are compatible with your extension.

Compatibility Information

d) Pricing information

You can set up the pricing for your extensions and installation service in the U. S. currency. The price can range from $25.00 to $999,999.00, but Magento recommends developers to set the price of 99$ for Open Source and $199 for Commerce extension.

e) Extension support (Optional)

You can sell up to 3 tiers of support for each product. By providing sufficient information here, customers will easily contact you directly for supports. 

Extension support

f) Additional Details

You can select Beta Build or Stable Build that applied for your extension version on the Stability setting. Many other options related to your extension should also be chosen in this step. 

Additional Details

Once completed, you can wait for feedback from the Magento team. Any issues, errors, or changes that occurred need to be resolved before you resubmit the extension for review.

3. Common rejection reasons

Frequently, developers might make some mistakes in the Extension Description part, which leads to rejection for the Magento Marketing Review. Pay great attention to this section since most errors and issues will occur here. 

Some of the common errors that can be mentioned here are:

  • Using stylized fonts or colors (except for headings).
  • The long description contains product instructions.
  • Provide direct link instead of hyperlinking URLs.
  • Stating “This Magento extension” or “Magento 2 Newsletter Subscription extension” rather than “This extension for Magento” or “Newsletter Subscription extension for Magento 2”.
  • Not capitalizing the “M” in “Magento”.
  • Order proof help to make sure you avoid those mistakes. 

Wrapping Up

Magento Marketplace is a professional and trusted platform for both Magento developers and users to create, provide, and receive the most up-to-date and qualified solution for E-commerce stores. Fulfilling the submission process, especially the Magento Marketing Review to guarantee your extensions will soon appear in Magento Marketplace. If you face any problems and issues, feel free to leave them in the comment section or directly contact the Magento support team for a quick solution.

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