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Are you looking for Magento 2 Visual Design Editor? Our Magento 2 Page Builder will be the best choice. Have you heard about Magento 2 page builder? Currently, we have created powerful page builder for magento 2 that helps you save times, money and efforts to build and edit magento 2 page layout as your expectation.

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If you are wondering how our magento 2 Visual Design Editor helps you, let’s discover below helpful functionalities:

1. Drag n Drop Features

Build responsive magento 2 pages and manage your content with drag n drop magento 2 page builder.

drag n drop magento 2 page builder

It is easy to add content elements and change its position by dragging. Hence you can create the unique and beautiful layout for your magento page. Especially it allows you to create Magento 2 custom homepage extremely easy.
Once you want to change layouts, the position of blocks or rows. This drag n drop feature helps you do it easier than ever. All you need to do is to drag n drop that blocks to the position you want.

2. Bootstrap Grid View System

This powerful tool lets you create unlimited rows, column, blocks, layout. With the support of Bootstrap Grid View System, you can create blocks layout and magento 2 custom page layout in few click.

magento 2 bootstrap gridview

3. 50+ Widgets Supported

Magento 2 Form Builder allows you easily display rich and unique content with 50 content elements.


Also, you can control style, background, animation, layout, display config via widget setting.

– style
– background
– animation
– layout
– display config

4. Skin Builder

Use skin builder to make the perfect match with your brand identity. With built-in design editor tool, you can determine which part you want to edit. Our Magento 2 Visual Design Editor is the easiest ways to edit the design of the website visually.

magento 2 skin builder

5. Responsive Options For Different Devices

Magento 2 Page Builder lets you switch between different devices to check and edit how your page look on tablet and mobile devices. With the support of Bootstrap grid, you can design it responsively that meets your high expectation.

responsive option for magento 2

You don’t need programming knowledge to make responsive pages – Our Magento 2 Page Builder will do it for you. All you need to do is controlling the size of columns on different devices with few clicks that ensure to bring the best customer experience on your site while they are visiting on mobile and tablets.

6. Easy to Extend with 3rd Party Extension

Magento 2 Page Builder is user and developer friendly tool so that you can add third parties extension easily. Add your own content elements as you expect

7. Schedule Time To Display Your Page on Front end

After completing your new page, you can set up time publish it in the future. It’s convenient and time-saving for you to schedule time right?

schedule time to pulish

8. For Any Magento 2 Themes

Our Magento 2 Visual Design Editor is specially created for magento 2. No matter what matter magento 2 themes you are using, our magento 2 page builder is compatible with it. We highly recommend you using magento 2 custom page template for your store.

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