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With all of designers and web, our testimonial becomes more impressive. But among the magento review extensions, you can realize our Magento 2 testimonials extension. Because it is on top in the result page. That is our happiness and proud. In order to bringing to you entire strong feature in this extension, our blog will demonstrate like that.

Firstly, the strong benefits brings that having wide ranges of modern styles. So you can easily to choose one of these for own your store.

1.display16layout- magento 2 testimonial

Secondly, you can freely upload any images and avatars. Besides, you can see the flexible position, drag and drop with Owl carousel on Magento 2 testimonial.

2. Owl carousel

With star Rating & Social Integrated, you can showcase testimonials more attractively. Such as: Star Rating, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Website, Youtube, Vimeo.

Thirdly, this Magento 2 Review Extension support different store view with different languages for translation:

3. translation

Besides, with front popup” submite your testimonial” helps you upload easily images and avatars. It makes you different from others. You can showing viewers comment in a twinkle.


Fourthly, you can place in any position. Wherever you want to put, it depends on your choice to make more exciting. Easily add your testimonials block to any position on your magento site with the support of widget.

Widget position

With above reason, have  you been impressed  with our testimonial Magento 2 testimonila extension yet? Fast click to take it for your site! I bet you are satisfy when you use this extension. It will brings to your a lot of amazing about our extension.

Some Highlight Features:

  • Display testimonials in 16 premade styles
  • Show star rating & social network
  • Work well with Rich Snippets
  • Submit testimonial on frontend (direct form, popup)
  • Place testimonials in any position
  • Upload image & avatar for each testimonial
  • Avoid spam by ReCaptcha System/ Google Captcha
  • Add testimonials on multiple stores
  • Show testimonials widget by Owl Carousel
  • Add testimonial widgets, filter by categories
  • Show testimonials on Related Product
  • Choose multiple categories for each testimonial
  • Show relevant schema for rating on Google Search Engine

Compatibility: Magento CE & EE 2.0.x, 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x

We are welcome you to our website and view more others extension:

Frontend DemoBackend Demo (testimonials/landofcoder1)


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