How to Set Up Magento 2 Product Custom Options?- Create/Import/Export


Creating a Magento 2 Product Custom Options are the smart idea when store owners want to offer customers a selection of options. It plays an important role, especially in a simple store inventory. In Magento 2, custom options like the beginning configuration for every store owners. This tutorial “How to Set Up Magento 2 Product Custom Options” will give you another solution to resolve the problem related to products and orders and boost your sale.

There are two works to set up Magento 2 Product Custom Options:

  • Creating Product Custom Options
  • Importing/Exporting Product Custom Options

And now, we will discover the way to set up Options on Magento 2.

1. Creating Product Custom Options

  • Open Admin Section >>> go to PRODUCTS >>> Catalogmagento 2 product custom options 1
  • Open the product => ADVANCED SETTINGS => Custom Optionsmagento 2 product custom options 2
  • Next, add new Option in Magento 2 product custom options, you can choose Add Option and add Title, Option title
    magento 2 product custom options 7
  • Click on Add New Row => Name the title. Add Price and Price type and SKU (SKU field is not required)
  • Click on Add New Row or Add New Options if you want to add moremagento 2 product custom options 6
  • After all, click on the Save button to finish and refresh your page

2. Importing/Exporting Product Custom Options

  • Click on the Import/ Export Options
  • Search and select the option that you want to Import/Export
  • Click on the Import/Export Button
  • Click on “Save & Close” to finish

Congratulation to install successfully for setting up Magento 2 Product Custom Options. Finally, if you have any concerns about this tutorial, you can feel free to leave the comment here or view more at Related Tutorial Posts on Landofcoder.

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