Magento 2 Extensions Monthly Updates – October 2021

Magento 2 Extensions Monthly Updates – October 2021

Hard to believe but October is ending now. Goodbye Halloween, hello Gray November.

It’s time to review what we have done this month. The biggest updates with a bunch of Marketplace extension’s core code as well as its add-ons, such as Coupon Code, RMA, Chat System, Blog, Face Support Live, Seller Slider and Favorite Seller features. Especially, Landofcoder has released New Add-on for Marketplace extension –Magento 2 Marketplace Time Delivery Slot.

Let’s take a journey with us to look back at what Landofcoder team has been working on Magento 2 Extensions Monthly Updates – October 2021.

I. Magento 2 Marketplace Extension

1.1. Update Featured Addons for Fix General Issues

1.2. Update Marketplace Core: Version 1.0.19 – November 1, 2021

  • Improve seller dashboard listings
  • Add Shipping Commission features
  • Add Admin configuration
  • Improve Admin Menu
  • Fix minor bugs

1.3. Magento 2 Seller Marketplace Coupon Code Update Notes – Update version 1.0.3

  • Fix issue when apply admin coupon code
  • Update new filter on my coupon list: All, Available, Used, Expired
  • Support new rest api to filte my coupon list with filer: Available, Used, Expired

1.4. New add-on: Magento 2 Marketplace Time Delivery Slot


  • Check Available Delivery Slots For Order
  • Choose Preferred Delivery Slot For Order
  • Add Delivery Comment & Notify Admin
  • View Delivery Details In Orders


  • Add Unlimited Delivery Slots In Seconds
  • Easily Edit Delivery Slot Details
  • Create Various Delivery Slot Groups
  • Map Multiple Zip Codes To Single Slot
  • Map Slots With Delivery Day
  • Add Quota Number For Slots
  • Track Delivery Slot Orders From Backend
  • Fully Control Slots Timing
  • Add Holiday/Vacation Days For Delivery
  • Set the number of orders that can be fulfilled within the specified time slot
  • Can set the visible error message if the delivery slot is not available

II. Magento 2 Marketplace: Not Only extension, We Provide Solution

Not only extensions but also solutions

You can see that we have been updating a lot for our Magento 2 Marketplace Extension for these months with the hope that our customers can get the best advantages of this module.

The trend of Shop in Shop has been increasing in the eCommerce ecosystem and more and more customers are much interested in our Multi-vendor Marketplace Extension. That’s why our technical team is making an effort to optimize the core features and add-ons.

Each business has its own requirements, so Landofcoder doesn’t not only provide extension but also provides a suitable solution for each unique industry. We do not provide the fixed package but also a flexible plan for the Multi-vendor extension module. Hence, kindly contact us and get the consultancy from our experts for our own business requirements.

III. How To Get The Updates

Please log in, and go to My Downloadable Product to download the updated extensions in your account.

If you have any questions regarding module updates, please submit a ticket here:, and we’ll help you out.

Let’s look forward to our upcoming projects in November 2021.

Thank you and stay safe!

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