What You Should Know About Magento 2 Bundle Products Extension

Magento 2 Bundle Products Extension

Knowing the desire of every merchant: “I want to sell smarter and larger”, they have come up with the bundle product to combine two or more items in one place, which provide more convenient for customers for example a computer along with free USB or computer screen cleaner. Online shoppers are familiar with this concept, hence, before taking advantages of bundling strategy, you should know what is Magento 2 Bundle Products Extension.

Get to know Magento 2 Bundle Products Extension

As its name, bundle product is a bundle or a package of products with many simple products or virtual products without custom options. These are called children products which are gathered in sections for customer to customize their choice.

Here are some examples for Magento 2 Bundle Product type: a computer system, yoga kit, camera set, etc.

magento 2 bundle product extension

As you can see from this Magento 2 Bundle Products Extension:

  • The first option shows a Yoga brick and this brick options are displayed in a drop-down box. Buyers can choose one option in the box and change its quantity.
  • The second option is a Yoga ball with various values in checkbox type. Buyers can choose more than one products in this option, but they can not change the default quantity of these products as they are set up in the backend by store owners.
  • Furthermore, Magento 2 Bundle Product Extension can include options in multiple select boxes. The third option – the Yoga trap. This is the multiple select option type which allows customers to choose many products in the box at once time. It is like the checkbox type in selecting many products and not changing the default quantity of products.
  • The final option represents a Roller, or called radio button type. This is quite similar to drop-down type as it allows selecting only one product and changing its quantity.
  • Besides, there are some required fields marked, which means purchasers needs to select options in these fields to complete order a Magento 2 bundle product but they don’t need to select the non-required fields to order the bundle product.
  • The quantity of a bundle product is not available until the value is determined for each item.

Some of you may confuse that bundle products are quite similar to grouped products. In fact, they are still different in some ways, mostly in how the children products are shown on the screen. While the grouped products provides a pre-composed set of items without variations, Magento 2 Bundle Product Extension includes a set of children products with possibly unique prices, quantities, etc.

Next, you may concern what are features that can get from this extension. Here are some outstanding features that this Magento 2 Bundle Product Extension can satisfy you.

Magento 2 Bundle Products with Fixed or Dynamic Attributes

magento 2 product bundle extension

As mentioned above, the child options of Magento 2 Bundle Products Extension are built in the bundle way. The admin are free to define the SKU, Price and Weight either fixed or dynamic value.

More specific,

  • The SKU of bundle items can be set Dynamic or Fixed. For example, if you set SKU as Dynamic, each bundle item SKU will be assigned by adding a suffix to the default SKU. Or if you set SKU as fixed, you can assign a unique SKU for each bundle item.
  • About the bundle product weight, a Fixed weight setting lets you set a determined value for bundle products directly. But the Dynamic weight, you can not set a weight value for bundle products as the weight is calculated from the selected bundle items.
  • With the bundle product price, if you set Fixed price, you can enter a base price with applied taxes for it. For Dynamic price setting, the bundle price and tax class attribute are disabled and the price is composed of the item prices in options. Furthermore,you can set the price viewing on the category page and the product details page when using the Dynamic setting price. Then, the Price Range calculates the lowest and the highest prices from option items to be displayed. If you set As Low As, only the lowest possible price of the bundle will be shown. Of course, the final price will be depend on the price of products that purchasers choose.

Magento 2 Bundle Products Shipment

There are 2 options for the shipment of Magento 2 Bundle Products Extension: shipped together or separately. Shipping together is to create one shipment for entire bundle items and it is different with shipping bundle items separately so you need to notice while creating the shipment for each bundle item.

Magento 2 Bundle Product Extension

Drawbacks of default Magento 2 Bundle Products

With all functions above, bundle products will definitely bring your store many advantages. However, there are still some drawbacks to improve. The default bundle products are not appealing enough to drive customers to purchase. Customers want to make their own customization so they want to have closer look at each children item instead of the bundle image. Since the default Magento 2 Bundle Products Extension fails to live up to their expectations, they may click back and turn away forever. That is the important point many online merchants are wondering to improve the default function to earn higher customer satisfaction and their sales.

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