Link Building For eCommerce In 2024: Creative Strategies & Effecient Tips For Your Website

link building for ecommerce site

Are you wondering why most pages you visit online have embedded links that direct you to other sites? Most likely, these are link building efforts for eCommerce. So, if you are wondering what this is all about, keep reading and digest all this substantial information coming your way. 

In the world of Ecommerce SEO, it is highly imperative to cite various links in articles, research, blogs, and other kinds of digital writeups. Many readers love to see different resources that can direct them to more doors that can help them gain valuable insights. That is why terms such as link building for eCommerce, SEO optimization, and backlinks make a lot of noise nowadays, as they play integral roles in how the digital world and readers’ behavior have shifted drastically.

I. What are backlinks, and why link building for eCommerce is important?

In relation to eCommerce optimization and Search Engine Optimization, the embedded links you are seeing from a website are called backlinks. Backlinks refer to links from a single site you are on to another once you click them. Backlinks are also commonly referred to as external or inbound links. 

This well-known approach of incorporating backlinks to sites is what experts now call link building for eCommerce, because, in this way, you can efficiently establish the credibility of your work, expand site visits, and acquire engagements, which all can translate to more benefits.

Moreover, eCommerce link building values backlinks as hyperlinks on a single site that can direct readers to tons of different readings. Right now, Google and other search engines use these backlinks as a sort of endorsement. 

Backlinks are crucial for eCommerce websites

In essence, when you refer to another website, you vouch for it, believe in its quality, and guarantee that the audience can get something invaluable from it. For this reason, eCommerce SEO remains alive, as reflected in Google’s frequent ranking of articles with multiple backlinks in the top spots.

Picture this. In eCommerce optimization, imagine your website as your primary online storefront. When most of your articles published on your website become backlinks to other sites in their articles, that serves as a huge win for you, as you will receive massive traffic and gather more people behind your eCommerce website. 

That is why in eCommerce SEO, backlinks are immensely critical because they can easily transfer a reader to your site, gain your trust, and uplift your ranking aspects, such as authority, credibility, and importance, in a snap. 

But mind you, this is not a smooth-sailing thing to do. Backlinks are crucial, and so is the process of crafting your article properly and showcasing why you deserve to be part of the link building for eCommerce. The importance of backlinking exhibits the future reader’s habit of jumping from one site to the next. 

Based on statistics, 53% of SEO experts firmly believe that link building for eCommerce or backlinking will become as important as search in the upcoming years. In addition, eCommerce optimization will become more rampant, as according to 52% of marketers, building backlinks can boost search engine rankings.

II. Benefits of Building Quality Backlinks 

Perhaps, after what you have read so far, you might think, “It sounds easy, doesn’t it?” You just have to tap any website to link yours, and that’s it. But in actuality, it is not. You will face many factors that can make or break your initiatives in link building for eCommerce.

At this point, you must take note of the benefits that you can enjoy once your link building for eCommerce turns out well. If you have quality backlinks, then you can improve your brand’s awareness. No matter what kind of business you have or goals you want to unlock, quality backlinking has your back when you want to gain popularity, engagement, and authority. 

Backlinks can bring stronger online visibility for your website

The latter is an important term in SEO because it points out the “overall quality” of your site and its potential to be attached to various sites. If you have authority, it is easy for you to make your brand more recognized by many and form an image anchored to credibility, putting you at the top. 

And because you are now at the top, your customers will regard you as dependable and significant. You will soon start to notice titles like “popular” or “trending” on your list of keywords if you make relentless link-building efforts.

Another benefit you can enjoy is having stronger online visibility. The number of views you receive is based on where you appear in the SERPs. According to Sistrix’s data, up to 28.5% of all visits are projected to go to the top spot on SERPs. Therefore, this becomes an obvious reward because, once you have more quality backlinks, you can easily penetrate numerous sites. 

The more sites you are on, the more readers you can get to visit your link. This point now leads to the best benefits you can reap-more income and better opportunities. More traffic means more leads and sales. Your online presence becomes stronger and lasts longer, and referral locations for your site will immensely grow, serving as your main website’s endorsement. 

The more customers enter your portal, the more you successfully create wider connections online through social media sites and high domain ratings that can soon translate to revenue and opportunities to hop into.

III. Creative Strategies For Building Quality Backlinks 

After knowing the possible benefits of having quality backlinks, it is high time to explore some of the creative strategies that can help you reach the quality content you are aiming for and enjoy a more fruitful eCommerce link building.  

3.1. Guest Blogging

The top strategy for entering different sites is guest blogging.This is an approach where you publicize a blog post for another website and link to their individual site in the post. Many businesses love to do this because it is a mutual agreement that can help both parties improve their respective online performances. 

Blogging as a guest can unquestionably help you acquire backlinks to your website and form stronger and broader connections with different industry experts and high-end businesses. Through this strategy, you can raise more awareness about your brand, reach out to prospective customers, and establish your reputation and authority in the field. A tip here is to present relevant, interesting, and high-traffic websites. 

But remember that you can always pitch more than one site to have more chances of securing that guest blog post, letting the readers enjoy your fresh content, and giving your connection that highly SEO-friendly material.

3.2. Broken Link Building

Expert in repairing damaged things? Then, this next strategy about link building for eCommerce is for you. You can explore broken link building if you feel like you are good at replacing failed hyperlinks with active links. Sometimes, sites experience 404 error pages, which becomes a great opportunity for some to take advantage by rebuilding these backlinks with working ones. 

So, your primary goal is to look for “dead pages” and change that into a link from your site. This will surely work because businesses that experience these broken web pages have a higher tendency to agree and allow you because they want to direct their customers to nothing, right? 

So, you better find those inactive backlinks and prepare your best replacement. After all, it is still a win-win, as you will garner new visits and the owner of broken links can avoid sending their customers to an error page. Additional tip: Maximize the tools presented above because they have some tools that can help you locate broken links, like Ahrefs’ Site Explorer.

3.3. Resource Page Link Building

Tim van der Kuip | Unsplash

Getting yourself listed on a blogger’s or influencer’s website’s “resource” page is known as resource page link building. Establishing links from pages that have maintained lists of connections to other websites is the process of this creative strategy for building quality backlinks. 

The resource page is a page that has been carefully selected to provide connections to articles, videos, apps, media, websites, and other content that your target market may find valuable. A website that writes about a particular dish, for instance, would feature a recipe resource page. 

Therefore, getting your website listed as one of the resources on the page is a smart strategy to win more visitors and site traffic. One way to do this is to search for a relevant resource page, vet the page, connect to it, and present your resource. 

You can efficiently perform this process by seeking help from different Google Search operators or from the tools mentioned earlier. One important tip for this is to email the rightful person responsible for the page you found. Do not miss the opportunity to make your e-commerce optimization a success.

3.4. Internal Linking Strategy

If you are an expert at connecting point A to point B, then internal linking is the right strategy you should practice. In essence, this link building for eCommerce means directing your customers from one site to another, but on a different page. These internal links make it easier for Google to find, index, and comprehend every page on your website. 

Internal links can also transfer authoritativeness to significant pages if you employ them wisely. To put it briefly, internal linking is essential for every website that wants to rank higher on Google. On the other hand, these internal links can help your users explore your website and discover the material they are looking for without the hassle of searching and opening a different site. 

In contrast to external linking, this strategy is customer-friendly and at the same time helps you unlock your goals by making Google know you deeply as they have already crawled your website pages multiple times.

IV. How to Monitor Your Backlink Profile

Now that you have the weapon to have quality content that leads to a number of benefits, you must not stop here. The next thing you need to know is how to monitor your backlink profile.

In eCommerce link building, broken links exist. This normally occurs when there are some modifications in the referring domain. Simply put, once you make any changes on your site, you must make changes to all the other embedded links to avoid cracks and errors on the customer’s end. However, you cannot check and verify this all the time. So, this is where backlink monitoring or tracking tools come in handy.

First, you can check Google Search Console and Google’s webmaster tool to check historical link reports and identify which domains are linked to your site. Primarily, you will see your best internal and external backlinks here, alongside the most known keywords connected to your site.

You can also try checking Ahrefs. This is one of the best-known SEO tools when you want to gather your analytics, track your competition’s keywords, and track all your backlinks. Aside from this, Semrush can also lend you some help in monitoring your backlink profile. This SEO tool enables you to conveniently examine the status of your backlinks, explore its link building solutions, and audit your backlinks to discover the negative performance of your links that affects your SEO.

However, if you are looking for a simpler way to monitor your backlink profile, then you can go and check SE Ranking. In this tool, you have the chance to monitor the referring domains, check your linking pages, and examine your anchor texts. You can also easily dissect your backlink value and even measure your competitor’s backlink performance and compare it to yours.

Lastly, you can try to use Monitor Backlinks, a powerful SEO tool that can help you assess all inbound links and your existing keyword rankings. Using this tool, you can monitor how many backlinks you have, conduct a comprehensive examination of your backlinks, and see your current domain score. You also have the option to check your competitor’s backlinks and other relevant sites if you unlock this tool’s premium features.

No doubt, there are many more tools that can help you monitor your backlink profile. At the end of the day, it is still your call on how to foster your processes and ensure a more efficient, all-encompassing, and rewarding experience in link building for eCommerce. 

V. Tips for Creating Quality Content That Attracts Links 

The importance of quality content is determined by a number of factors. These factors include the type of material you are giving, headlines, keywords, and many more. To give you additional helpful information, here are some tips for having quality content that attracts links and connections.

5.1. Engaging Topic and Presentation

You have to keep in mind who needs to read your work. You must explore different topics, tap different businesses, and ensure that your write-up and materials are worth consuming and of high quality. 

You must do some thorough research, make a comprehensive step-by-step tutorial, an extremely informative article, and a compact list of tool suggestions, incorporate relevant statistics, include interesting case studies, and make your content engaging. However, these are only some of the things you can do to have quality content; regardless, it is still up to you to have a unique, new, and innovative approach to attract and secure some links.

5.2. Captivating Titles

Time is wasted on titles that are not catchy or misleading enough for people to click. Make sure that your headlines are concise and accurate at all times. Practice including the main point, or what the article is all about, to give the customers a glimpse of what they will get from your content. Remember, the titles must grab the attention of your customers, so do not disregard this part.

5.3. Remember: Shareability

Make sure that the topic itself and your way of presenting your information have a high rate of shareability. You can go full of factual data, but make it an easy read for your audience. You can write entertaining material, but make sure that it still has resources and research results.

 You can always try different ways to attract more links, and always keep in mind that your content must be shared by visitors to guarantee that you can enter more people’s digital footprint.

5.4. Add Images

Of course, people can also get tired of long-form articles and links that are overflowing with words. Hence, you always have the choice to add some useful pictures of statistics, beautifully captured and related photographs, edited visual materials like adding effects, using background remover, or a full-blown infographic if you like. 

It is up to you to level up your content for good reason. Visuals are proven to arrest people’s interest and increase user engagement. Make the most of this asset and incorporate it into your next piece of content.

5.5. Use Video and Interactive Content

Aside from images, you can always incorporate some interactive materials or video content. But make sure that all of them are relevant to the business, functional, and can sustain the audience’s attention.

VI. Wrapping Up – Recap of Key Points Covered in the Post

With all things considered, it is safe to say that it is not about the quantity of backlinks. Instead, the journey of link building for eCommerce relies on the quality of your backlinks, which will provide you with a brighter route to touch many viewers and exist on more websites.

Remember that you always have the tools to monitor your backlink profile. There are plenty of choices; make sure to assess them based on your needs and capitalize on their power to help you improve your performance. Besides, all of this e-commerce SEO boils down to the type of content you make and how your material can attract more links.

So, now, you better familiarize yourself with the creative strategies and tips presented in this article and ask yourself, “What is the next step that I can do to efficiently build quality backlinks?” Maybe the answer lies beyond this article, but one thing is for sure: You are one step ahead. That’s why you should reach out to trustworthy partners, market your site with full authority, and leverage all the creative strategies. You will be surprised that you are already winning the game and making your link building for eCommerce a sure success.

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Yen Pedrajas is a content writer for Removal.AI – an image background remover tool. She is a digital marketing and eCommerce enthusiast who loves to write and share new insights about marketing, eCommerce, and growth-hacking tips for startup businesses.
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