What’s New In 2018 Innovative Web Design Trends At Space Odyssey [2024 Updated]

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Web design trends define what customers will prefer in 2018 and to what essential aspects developer have to pay attention. Times changes, and the digital world challenges web designers to competitive struggle for the most stunning, user-friendly, SEO optimized and usable website ever! The 2018 web year promises to be very technological, inspirational yet simple and flat.

As a rule, web design trends are based on technology, media tools, user experience and usability. These essential facts determine users’ preferences, their vision of a handy and friendly online platform. Most web trends stay popular for 2-3 years until newer and more innovative requirements substitute them. However, some trends go through serious updates getting newest version and staying still popular. At any rate, professional designers always monitor the latest trends in order to produce high demanded and extraordinary products.

For your attention, here is fascinating Space Odyssey infographics below carefully crafted by Template Monster creative team. Design-oriented specialists working on building efficient and eye-catching templates and for instance, Magento templates have tried to point out the key web designing factors of the upcoming year. 2018 promises to be rich of technologies like machine learning, virtual reality, and triggered animation and voice user interfaces.

So, let’s get on the ball and start this space journey right now because New Year is near!

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Combining human intelligence with artificial one allows civilization to flourish and develop technology to the supreme level. Over the years communicating with bots is becoming more and more popular. They have been significantly improved, for example, Facebook has learned users’ reading habits and knows what ads, info, and promo to show them in order to hit a “like” button. In the upcoming year, it is anticipated that technologies will be perfected and thoroughly incorporate into company sites.


Chatbots or conversational agents are highly engaging and conversational experiences that can be easily customized and widely used especially on mobile devices. More and more brands incorporate them into their chat systems. Today’s conversational agents are smarter and more useful, and we are likely to see many of them in the coming years.

Natural Language Processing

NLP presents one of the sides of artificial intelligence. Natural language processing is used to analyze and understand human language. This innovative technology makes the chatbots really intelligent providing them with fully-verbal features. Thanks to NLP, conversational agents can understand misspelling and poor grammar and syntax.

Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps or PWAs are responsive, app-like, installable and fresh looking web experiences. They combine web norms and standards with best practices for the purpose of delivering better experiences. Additionally, they make mobile web using easier and handier.

Seamless Interactions

Seamless Interactions or micro-interactions are another innovative trend for 2018. This design element is implemented throughout the website in order to improve and simplify communication. For example, a user can leave a review just by scrolling through stars without submitting a special form. The website equipped with such little things will significantly raise users’ experience.

Scroll Triggered Animations

This additional yet handy and useful feature motivates users to scroll to contact form and others lead generating elements that results in increasing conversion rate. Such a smooth transition adds innovative impression to the website and grab visitors’ attention.

Virtual Reality

2017 was the year of the huge rise of video on websites and apps that simplify the process of video creation. 2018 will absolutely change the way people used to perceive video online. Welcome to the world of 360-degree video and modeling, video mapping. Today it is hard to find specific apps to make creating VR video more accessible.

Internet of Things

With this technology, it has become easier to connect various devices to the Internet. Remember security cameras or applications aimed to find keys. IoT interface will add your website credibility and make it look more innovative and more usable.


Unfortunately, malicious hacking and malware attacks go on to cause irreparable damage to business and personal websites. So when it comes to web design trends, security is a mainstream of the upcoming year. Having a website, you have to consider about protection your customers’ information from data breach. Make people trust you and your platform so that they will interact with your site, download and share content.


In 2018, SVG format is predicted to be popular among other image extensions. Thanks to its highly scalable feature, it is easy to work with this format because it doesn’t compromise on image quality.

Typography Explosion

Clean and simple designs provide quick-loading that is great for search rankings and user experience. Picture heavy layouts will bite the dust as soon as possible, and developers and web designer in the Philippines will turn to typography. Each style of expressive typography can tell the story because they are able to trigger specific associations. Remember company logos modern typography is everywhere, just get a better look!


Cinemagraphs is now beyond the scope of entertainment sphere. These video clips slowly but steadily penetrate to various businesses. They become a powerful and captivating tool for displaying your products advantages. This innovative design approach combines video and authentic imagery into one piece. Cinemagraphs offers a 360-degree view of a product or goes with spinning or dancing effect while touching a screen. Today using of this technology is widely spread on Facebook and Pinterest for entertainment, but after a while it will conquer more serious businesses.

Flat, minimalist and clean designs become more and more popular because web designing is turning to mobiles. Developers strive for quick page loading, high SEO value, and engaging elements. Thus, 2018 promises to be extremely technological yet incredibly usable so that users will experience tricky and innovative elements implemented as well as deliberate and comprehensive website functionality.

Are you intrigued and inspired by these design trends for 2018? Take a look at our Odyssey infographics to keep up with the times because trends are the driving factors for considerable change to push an industry forward for the better.