Enhance your E-Commerce Website Marketing with Magento 2 Features


In the world of Information Technology, technological advancements generally occur to overcome the flaws of previous version. Whenever a new version of a software is released, we are always excited to know “what’s new” in the latest release. Does it eliminates the trouble faced in the previous version? Is it more user-friendly? How well does it perform than it’s is predecessor? All these questions are running through our mind, unless we try and test the latest release.

Magento is well-known as one of the most popular E-commerce platform. Its Magento 1 version has won the hearts of many merchants. As stated earlier, to overcome the flaws, Magento released a major advancement i.e. Magento 2. It has changed the entire coding structure and have included powerful features to enhance the usability of Magento based E-commerce sites.

Apart from catalog and other admin features, marketing plays a vital role in the enhancement of your E-commerce website. It helps you to spread the word around, attract new customers and retain existing customers.

Don’t miss out on these power-packed Marketing features delivered by Magento 2 platform:

Email to a Friend

There are situations where the buyer wants to seek opinion from a friend or is shopping for a friend, then the product page link needs to be send in order to view the product. Magento 2 offers such feature called “Email to a Friend” where you can easily email the product page link to your friend via email. You can set configurations from the admin panel.

Moreover, Magento 2 offers 35+ transactional email templates which can be even customised further. You can also add predefined or custom variables to these email templates.

Multiple wish lists (Enterprise Edition)

Generally, majority of the stores provide single wish list. Just imagine if your store provides multiple wish lists so that your customer can segregate their favourite products based on different category. Customers can also share their wish list to multiple email addresses with a custom message simultaneously. The Magento 2 Enterprise edition has included this advantageous feature.

Rewards System (Enterprise Edition)

This is an excellent feature to retain your existing customers. You choose from multiple conditions like product review, social media like or following, newsletter subscription and much more. Whenever your customer performs the action for which you have configured the reward program, they receive the associated reward points. You can set offers which activates when certain reward points are collected.

Promotional Rules

A customer is always in search of promotional offers. Nothing is more alluring than free and discount offers. Magento 2 allows to create catalog and shopping cart rules with many number of conditions. You can even choose store views, customer groups and time line for each rule. A single rule can be applied to multiple products at a time. You can generate coupon code using shopping cart rules and distribute over to attract more sales.

Search Engine Optimization

Magento 2 offers many SEO tools and search options to make it easy for your customers to look for their desired product. Breadcrumbs and layered navigation makes it’s easier for a customer to search through your site. Set pagination wisely which reduces customer waiting time to look for more products. You can customize the search terms in Catalog Search by accounting for synonyms and misspellings. This section play a pivotal role in your E-commerce business’s marketing strategy.

Effortless Extension of Features

In the world of Internet, more is less. You may have demands more than the default features provided by Magento 2. It is much easier to add Magento 2 Extensions to install and configure and get the work done as per your need.

Product Reviews

First time buyers’ decision usually relies on the product reviews. So, encourage your customers to leave a review for the product by associating it with reward program. It is a very crucial requirement for the success of your E-commerce business. You can decide whether only registered customers can drop a review or guest customers as well. Once a customer submits a review, it awaits confirmation from the admin and only then shown on the front end. If you do not approve the review, it will not be shown on front end. This way you can save your products from negative publicity.

Marketing Reports

After all the hard work you have done in improving the marketing of your E-commerce business, you are very much keen to know the results. The reports provided by Magento 2 helps you to get an insight about customer shopping habits and communication issues. The following four types of reports are available:

  • Products in Cart
  • Search Terms
  • Abandoned Carts
  • Newsletter Problems

In summary, we can definitely conclude that Magento 2 provides out-of-the-box marketing features to take your E-commerce business to next level.

Final Words

Is you E-commerce store not running on Magento 2? Whether it’s an older version of Magento or any other E-commerce platform a willing to do a fresh start with Magento 2, we offer services for every case. Take advantage of your Magento 2 development and migration services and make your E-commerce store bloom like never before!