How to add Simple Product Magento 2


For any product stores, products play an essential role. To show a detail of product is very simple for all. By this tutorial, you can know about “How to Add simple product Magento 2” within a twinkle.

Products >>> Catalog

1. add simple product magento 2

And choose “Add Simple Product Magento 2”

2. Add simple product magento 2

At the Simple product Magento¬†2 information, you can enter all information for product name, price, quantity, Stock status,…

3. Add simple product magento 2 And fill all the blank of product information: About content, Configuration, Image and Videos, etc.

4. Add simple product magento 2
Click “Save”¬† the changes and refresh you Website and Public Product and view it in your store. So congratulation you for this “Adding Simple Product Magento 2” for your own store in the most cost-effective way.
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