How Coupons and Discounts Rapidly Boost Your Marketplace Sales

discounts boost sales

As you may know, providing coupon code is one of the most simple way that helps you to build customer interest and persuade them to buy from you.

Special Counpon for rewarding customers

When people are shopping online, the marketplace has become much more competitive and customer always go for the most attractive one. When customer search for a specific product, they will find a lot of online similar products. These products comes with different price, benefits and incentives.

By giving away discount, coupon or free product, you can stand out from the rest and make customer choose your products.In this tutorials, we will discuss the benefits of giving coupon code and how they can increase sales and profit with the discount.

#1. Keep your discount and fulfill your sales goal by giving a discount.

Do you have a specific foal in your mind? Do you know how to achieved this by offering discount?

There are several discount strategies you can offer your customers. In fact, you can offer coupon several times per year or you can offer weekly, monthly. With landofcoder magento 2 marketplace, seller can offer and manage their own discount for customers to get more sales and reach goals.

magento 2 marketplace coupon

#2. Holiday Promotion To Keep Returning Customers

Firstly, you should research the market and your target customers and their demographic.

It might take your time and efforts but the the result will be rewarding. Based on the result you have found, you can give promotion that target the holidays and seasonal special events. These promotions can promote your store and increase brand significantly.

The biggest yearly event can be mentioned is New year, Christmas, Black Friday. You should note that event on your calendar and prepare it few days before it happens. Moreover, it is also important that you can offer amount of flat or percentage discount that customer’s interest can be build up easily.


Beside this big event, there are several holiday around the year. You can plan your coupon and increase your revenue by managing coupon well.

#3. Special Coupon for rewarding customers

As you can see, a loyalty program is one of the best solutions to increase sale from your existing customers. If you can reward them by giving coupon and discount for our customer, they will be with you for a long time. It also strengthens your relationship with customers

People tend to spend money and buy from you. Hence, never lose this chance by providing them special coupons via email or newsletters.

Special Counpon for rewarding customers

#4. Discounts To Recover Abandoned Cart

You have several customers who abandoned cart from your store everyday right? To save your cart, you can offer discount and coupon that encourages customers to complete their order.


For instance, you can give from 5% to 10% for customers who abandoned their carts.

#5. Attracting new customer with Coupon

Attracting new customers with a first time shopping coupon customers with a first time shopping coupon as important as you give a coupon to make customer loyal. You can provide coupons and discount for customer who buy from you at the first time.

For example, for customers who visit in the first time, you can offer them 5 % discount for their first purchase on your site.

Marketplace seller coupon has an outstanding management system for your sellers.

Attracting new customers with a first time shopping coupon

Here are some our bonus tips for Landofcoder marketplace user to boost sale by offering coupon code.

1. Always offer solid offer. You can either choose flat discount or percentage discount.

2. Make sure your coupon names hold a meaning and look professional.

3. Use appealing headlines in the description

4. Be specific & describe everything perfectly

5. Always comes with an expiry date and the limitation

6. You can apply a discount for specify products & exclude other products.

7. You can set the minimum number of products required to get the coupon ( use this feature if necessary)

8. Always publish coupons on the storefront.

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