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Free Extension Installation End

Landofcoder has been established since 2009 and provides the customers with a great number of effective products especially a variety of extensions. These extensions becomes useful tools supporting their life and business.

That’s not all!

Each extension will be a good friend to provide you with functions to tackle a problem in each aspect of life and business. For example, if you want to turn everything into an automatic online marketplace like Amazon and eBay, Magento 2 Marketplace Extension will the best choice for you to confront with that problem above. In some cases, when you are not clear about any information, you are fully supported with videos, guides and tutorials provided by Landofcoder. Furthermore, admins always hear  from you to answer all the questions related to Magento 2 Extention, and with 12 months receiving the support, the customers can be comfortable with the services from Landofcoder.

The best part is…

This blog written announces users about the expiration of free extension installation for all the extensions provided by Landofcoder. The special offer lasts by August 30th, 2017.

Why don’t you install some extensions released from Landofcoder to receive enthusiastic support?

But there is a catch!

It is a pity that you cannot install any extensions from Landofcoder by August 30th, 2017 to receive free extension installation; however, after this day (when the special offer ends), Landofcoder is willing to support you as well as possible until you install any extension successfully.

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