Secrets to Boost the Popularity of Your Online Marketplace

boost marketplace popularity

The online marketplace is growing fast and becoming the best platform for any business owner.

There are several marketplaces on the web, but not all of them become successful. Do you know the important factors that should be considered to have a competitive marketplace, it is the ‘Popularity’.

Yes, your marketplace needs to be attractive and popular as much as possible. It might sound hard for you at the beginning. Hence, if you are going to open a marketplace or owning an online marketplace, you should think about how to make it popular, and competitive.

In these tutorials I will share with you the secrets, let’s find out why online marketplaces are becoming popular among customers.

I. Why need an online marketplace

Now imagine if you could create an online marketplace through which these people can create their own eCommerce store as well as buy from other vendors selling such unique products?

Think about the numerous customers benefiting from your online marketplace.

II. Benefits of an Online Marketplace;

  • Serving Both Local and Remote Customers

As you may know, not only vendors but you will be benefiting from online customers who may have been looking for the things that you are selling. Moreover, more customers mean more revenue.

online marrketplace

  • Create a Brand Identity

An online marketplace helps you to build a brand and brand identity better. One of the most effective ways is to create your story that will touch the lives of your customers.

  • Earn a Good Amount of Revenue

With the marketplace, you do not only earn a commission from the hundreds of vendors, but you will also earn your own name and recognition when your marketplace becomes popular. Also, you can get a lot and save more than you would if you open a brick and mortar store.

III. How To Increase the Popularity of Their Marketplace

  1. Pick up a perfect theme

It is important to pick up a marketplace theme that specializes in your marketplace. Also, the theme influences your seller to publish products and promote their stores that go along with the theme.

You can also need to choose the specific theme that targets a niche market. Also, this will differentiate your marketplace in the market of online shopping places.

marketplace theme

  1. Product Image

As you may know, having clear pictures of your products is important to draw customer attention.

Hence, it is a smart choice to choose a theme to go with all product image that your seller can upload easily.

When vendors can replace that picture for their product. It will increase your marketplace’s uniqueness and aesthetics.

product image

  1. Build a strong relationship with customers

There are multiple ways to communicate with customers; especially create a better relationship with them.

Some effective ways can be mentioned are:

  • Send welcome new customers with more benefits
  • Communicates with the customer via a message
  • Let sellers give discounts and coupons to customers
  • Offer benefits to long term sellers
  • Send occasional cards and gifts also help to increase your brand value.

maketplace customer loyalty

  1. Engage in enough outreach

Let your vendors get more of their customers better by offering SEO features or suggesting search engine ranking checker.

The seller should manage and optimize SEO for their store page. They can write custom SEO meta, URL, and description from their frontend dashboard.

Give tutorials and guide so your vendors know how to make use of the different features of Landofcoder marketplace extension. the better seller are able to grow their business, the better sales you have. Moreover, complete profiles on a marketplace allow customers to trust the vendors even more.


  1. Give importance to reviews

Encourage your vendors to get a Review extension on the products so that seller can be reviewed and rated by customers. Good reviews help other customers to gain trust and enhance the brand value. As a result, it increases more your marketplace incredibility too

IV. Why Choose Landofcoder for your eCommerce venture

The Landofcoder Multi-vendor eCommerce plugin runs is one of the best eCommerce solutions. In addition, it is powered by Magento, the most popular CMS platform which runs about 27% of websites worldwide.